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Another day of doing nothing. Been renting movies from Hollywood video every night. Got "A Brief History Of Time" from the library, seems to be fairly interesting so far.

3/4 of my grades are in. Math: A, Physics: B, Philosophy: A. I'm very happy with those results. Takashi (physics teacher) actualy emailed me the wrong grades at first.

Programming is going good. Couple of weeks might have something of use (yes, I know I've said that many times before) :)

A nice relaxing day of doing nothing. I think I have recovered from the whole Magic Mountain thing, and am ready to face the world. However, I'm not going to be facing the world, just coding, so its ok. Designed the UI of my new program, and I am currently writing code..

Not much happened today, researching my little programming project some more. Mostly I played with my new digital camera that arrived. You can see some picture of whatever i've taken here... Pretty fun to play around with that thing.

Talked to Kalani on the phone today, she was working at the high school today for some reason. I think I ignored her on the phone today a lot though, because I was really obsessed with this new camera, I feel bad. We are planning a camping trip for next week, I think.

Got back from a two day stay in magic mountain. Left early yesterday morning around 10:30am. When we arrived at 6 Flags, the tempature meter on the car read 106 degrees. Horribly hot. Standing in line for hours, surrounded by sweaty people is not fun. True, the rides were great, but the ride:line time ratio very low.

At the end of the day, my friends Steve and Terea left to go back to San Diego. Jason and I were in line waiting for funnel cake, so Kalani and Erica left in Erica's car for the motel that they had reserved. Kalani gave us directions to the motel, but it took us over a hour to find the place, it was at least 20 miles away from magic mountain, in some remote corner of hell (Ventura County).

Pulling up to the motel Kalani ran out and told me that the clerk running the place was going to get us in for a cheep price. I go talk to the clerk. The guy is some shaddy fellow who will not speak up, because there were microphones in the lobby. Apparently we were doing some under the table deal for $50 for 2 rooms. After much confusion we finaly got settled in our illigal lodges.

Bobby and Verity got to the motel around the time that we got there. Bobby had interesting storys about how he has become a drug addict and hanging around with ravers and dealers. Fairly interesting storys, I was quite entertained, however, he is being somewhat stupid, if I was to judge him. Just a little too careless for my tastes.

With a ton of people packed into each room, it was not very comfterable. At least I got to sleep on a bed. But the room apparently had no air conditioning. I slept very little, just laying there in the dark heat.

This morning we woke to the shaddy clerk giving us a wake up call, telling us that we had to be out by 7am. After hussling out the door, we went to Dennys for breakfast. We rang up a bill of about $75 between all of us, I offered to put it on my card since I had no cash, I only got a $5 bill from Erica. However, through out the day people gave me money for the bill as they got change for it. I'm a little pissed off though because I ended up not getting back all the money I spent on the bill, infact I paid $30 more (not including the price of my food or Kalani's). Not a big deal, but that somewhat makes me mad, I just don't feel like being an asshole and asking people individualy for money. Sucks.

We were planning on going to the water park at 6 Flags today, but when we got there we found it was closed, so we went to Magic Mountain again. Its not a big deal because most of us have season passes, but that ment another day of standing in sweltering heat waiting for rides. We left around 3pm. It was not fun.

Rode home with Jason, Ken, and Kalani in Jason's car. The trip home was ok, but being stuck in the back seat for two hours, it just doesn't work well with my knees. By the time we got to Kalani's house (where my car was parked) I was completely annoyed with everyone.

One thing in particular that annoyed me, was when we got to Kalani's house, Ken had to go to the bathroom. It went a little like this:

Ken: "I really need to go to the bathroom, can I use your's Kalani?"
Kalani: "er..."
Ken: "... What?"
Kalani: "My parents don't really like people in the house..."
Ken: "I just need to use the bathroom though."
Kalani: "Well, I suppose."

I don't know if its because I've been standing around in 100 degree weather all day, and crammed into the back of a car for hours on end, or the fact I got very little sleep, but I found that Kalani was being extreamly rude and I was fairly offended. I left quickly, came home and took a shower.

It's nice spending time with your friends, but that trip was just too much. I had fun, but had to endure too many sufferings for it. I rather would have stayed home.

I hope to spend the rest of the night relaxing in front of the computer and checking up on some stuff. Might even start a little programming project. Haven't completely wound down from school yet, need to relax.

I'm Back! I think that I will continue to use advogato now, because its cool and all the open source people use it :) .. So here is the update:

  • Kalani and I are still going out. Our relationship is really good, I like her a lot, we get along well. :)
  • School was very hard for me this semester, even though I had no job. My physics class turned out to be a very formatable opponite. Haven't got any grades back yet, but we'll see soon.
  • I've done zero programming between january and now. All of that code I wrote during winter break (4000 lines, I guess its not that much) on the gnap rewrite is going to be trashed, because I'm officialy abandoning the project. Gnapster is just too cool to keep up with. However, I have some new ideas for programs, and I'm researching some stuff right now trying to figure out if I want to do them.
  • I'm looking for a job right now. I have not decided if I want to be a programmer again, or if I just want to work at a gas station or something. Anyone out there in Advogato land need a student programmer type person in San Diego? Here is my resume.
  • Going to have to buy a new car soon, my car is looking pretty shitty, its a Honda Civic 1991, but it has 197k miles on it, and is about to die. I think a 1996 GTI would be a cool car. :)
Anyway, thats all that I can think of now. Peace.

hrm.. havent updated this in a while. i think im going to start using livejournal for my activity log, its more advanced then advogato's one...plus i can embed it into my webpage..
im actualy thinking about writing a simple gtk client for it.. *shrug*.. anyway.. view my activity log here:


Here is my new theory. I need to see the world. I have grown up in this San Diego enviroment my whole life, I know nothing else. I've been to Mexico, Utah, Northern California, and Long Island. I have not seen enough. If for nothing else, I'm going to make enough money to see the world. I'm going to china this summer, but that is far from enough. Before I move out of my parents house and start a life of my own I _need_ to see some stuff. Here is my list of places I want to go:

china, taiwan, japan, austrelia, new york city, canada, rest of mexico, sweden, england, swizerland, germany, france, bosten, alaska, italy

OK? So I'm going to do that. I'm going to visit them all. In the near future.

In other news today. Kalani took me out to dinner. (yawn getting tired.. time to shorten this up) she bought me dinner at the olive garden, took me to a movie ["Play it to the Bone"] and gave me a card that says she will buy me a sesson pass to magic mountain (theme park)....

Woohoo. Its my birthday. I'm 19 years old today. Neet-o huh?

Not much going on. Lets see:

  • Kalani situation is steady
  • Classes are looking good. However my chinese class is going to be hard. I need to practice.
  • Just got back from kung-fu after not going for a month. My instructer was nice, we changed my private lessons to a week day. Maybe I can start getting back into it now.
  • Gnap has no progress still. Dang it. I want to finish it but I don't feel like working on it anymore. Its becoming boring... I think That this is the fate of most projects...
  • I _finaly_ got gnome installed from cvs... My problem was that i was trying to compile gdk-pixbuf with gtk+ HEAD.. stupid me. I haven't tried out gnome-libs HEAD.. *shrug*.. gnome-core HEAD looks a lot better..
  • i can't figure out what a gegl is. can someone explane?

thats about it.

School is fun. I'm very excited about my classes. I have Philosophy, Chinese, Physics, and Math. Wow, its going to be lots of fun this semester.

Still no work on gnap. I really suck.

This morning I woke up, took a shower, then looking in the mirror. My rat's nest of hair was going off in every direction. The brush looked especialy evil this morning. So I just went to school with messed up hair. On the way back on an impulse I stoped at the haircut store and got it shaved. Yey. I also took a shower, and did massive self-cleaning thing to celebrate no more hair. I feel very clean and good right now.

Last night I went to see a movie with kalani. The movie is called "Magnolia". This movie is the absolute wierdest movie I have ever seen. I really have no idea what the movie was about. I've been looking for a web site to explane it, but that doesn't seem to exist. Shit. I think I'm going to have to go again just to figure out this movie..

Oh yeah, and I discovered This guy... This guy must been a genious or something. He is freaking eleet.. But he is also totaly wierd... :/ People who break sterotypes are cool.

Dang it, I haven't been keeping up to date with this thing. :(

Ok. Gnap's frontend is done, and supposedly the backend is done, so all I have to do is hook them together. Should be easy right? No, its a pain in the butt. Infact its so lame, that I haven't been working on it for 3 days or so. I'll finish it eventualy. Here is a screenshot of the frontend.

In personal life, me and kalani have hooked up as of last sunday. We went to see a few movies and just hung out in general. I spent the night with her (not what your thinking) on sunday at verity's house. so that seems to be going pretty good. We are schedualed for a date tonight after my classes. I think the movie is called "Next Friday", it looks pretty good.

School started today, I have only had my physics class so far. Its going to be lots of fun. However the teacher looks like a woman, infact I thought it was a woman until it uttered some words in a deep masculan voice. -_- ... Anyway, we got in lab groups. Me, Ken (my friend) , Mona, and some other dood. Mona is in me and kens' math class, so its all going to work out really well. I'll have a large study group to work with.


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