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School is fun. I'm very excited about my classes. I have Philosophy, Chinese, Physics, and Math. Wow, its going to be lots of fun this semester.

Still no work on gnap. I really suck.

This morning I woke up, took a shower, then looking in the mirror. My rat's nest of hair was going off in every direction. The brush looked especialy evil this morning. So I just went to school with messed up hair. On the way back on an impulse I stoped at the haircut store and got it shaved. Yey. I also took a shower, and did massive self-cleaning thing to celebrate no more hair. I feel very clean and good right now.

Last night I went to see a movie with kalani. The movie is called "Magnolia". This movie is the absolute wierdest movie I have ever seen. I really have no idea what the movie was about. I've been looking for a web site to explane it, but that doesn't seem to exist. Shit. I think I'm going to have to go again just to figure out this movie..

Oh yeah, and I discovered This guy... This guy must been a genious or something. He is freaking eleet.. But he is also totaly wierd... :/ People who break sterotypes are cool.

Dang it, I haven't been keeping up to date with this thing. :(

Ok. Gnap's frontend is done, and supposedly the backend is done, so all I have to do is hook them together. Should be easy right? No, its a pain in the butt. Infact its so lame, that I haven't been working on it for 3 days or so. I'll finish it eventualy. Here is a screenshot of the frontend.

In personal life, me and kalani have hooked up as of last sunday. We went to see a few movies and just hung out in general. I spent the night with her (not what your thinking) on sunday at verity's house. so that seems to be going pretty good. We are schedualed for a date tonight after my classes. I think the movie is called "Next Friday", it looks pretty good.

School started today, I have only had my physics class so far. Its going to be lots of fun. However the teacher looks like a woman, infact I thought it was a woman until it uttered some words in a deep masculan voice. -_- ... Anyway, we got in lab groups. Me, Ken (my friend) , Mona, and some other dood. Mona is in me and kens' math class, so its all going to work out really well. I'll have a large study group to work with.


Yes! I got a video card, a good one too (because I couldn't stand console anymore, i just had to go buy the first one i saw).. Its a Voodoo3.. Now i can play quake and stuff, not really sure how to set that up, but maybe i'll try to do it some day :)

It was a good week for gnap, I got alot done. Starting to work on the gui now. I think I am on track to have a release out by the time I go back to school (about one week).

During this week i became completely nocturnal. It was fun. However, I don't like the fact that everyone keeps calling me at noon and waking me up.

Kalani called me two days in a row now. On thursday we chatted for a good couple hours (shudder.. phones suck) and on friday she asked me out (!). I of course said yes. She is busy today, but tomarow we'll chat and find out a good time for a date or something. Hrm. New dates make me uncomfterable. *sigh*

Ok back to hacking.

Still no video card to work with. Got a trident 1mb, i've been in console all week. Arg! Haven't been getting much done. I feel unproductive.

Making a GnomeDruid widget type thing for gnap. Client and Session classes compile (no idea if they work). Should support login, register, log off, search/results. Going to hold off on the download stuff until I get some GUI working because I'm getting rather bored with hacking the same old code. However, I need Xwindows for GUI hacking, for which i need a video card. Its 3am. In 6 hours I will wake up and go in search for one yet again. I'm at the end of my ropes here, I'll buy anything.

Its year 2000. I feel like I'm in the future or something. Where is my flying car?

On the software front, I'm having a damn hard time figuring out signals and GtkObjects. God damn it, I just want to know this stuff so I don't have to keep rereading havoc's book.

Oh boy, days and days of nothing to do, I absolutly love it. There can't be anything more refeshing then waking up and knowing there is absolutly nothing to do that day :). In my doing nothingness I seemingly have slipped back into my natural nocturnal sleeping schedual. Go to bed at 6am, wake up in the afternoon. Problem with being nocturnal is that the sun wakes up up during the day, my room has a window facing east, the sun just glares in in the morning. I had to hang some towels around my window to allow me to sleep, ordered some new "dark blinds" that will allow me to sleep during the day, I guess they have some sort of tin foil on them?
Working hard on the gnap rewrite, learning a lot about how gtk works, all that object stuff. The one thing I don't get though is why GtkObjects are not in glib? It seems projects like evolution could benifit from having the object system not depened on the GUI (because camel uses GtkObject). I really want to get a code base for gnap going so I not just dealing with pieces, as of yet I have not even touched any graphic stuff, its all been developing the network classes.
I'm about two days into coding this thing (I have decided to drop c++) and its really taking shape. Maybe in a week or so I will have a first version.
Yesterday my video card broke. I was trying to reconfigure X with XF86Setup (because I got a new trackball pointer thingy) and when I went to the "try" or whatever my monitor just went into powersaving mode. Rebooted, tried a bunch of stuff, couldn't get it to come back. It was a nice card too g200. So I have been stuck in console for the past 35 hours or so. Must get new card.
I have been invited to a new years party by that chick from the snowboarding trip (kolani). Apparently its a sleep over........ However my one of my friends will also be attending with his girlfriend. Interesting. Problem is that I promissed my step-mom that I would drive drunk people home from some party... :( I will not be able to spend the night at Kolani's house, I'll have to leave after the new years. CRAP.
Ok. Its 5am, I should go to sleep.

oh man.. im stuffed. so much food :P~~

i scored on presents this year, got some really cool sweat shirts.. Now i can go out on a date in something other then tshirts :)

no one is online to help me with my code ! dang it

it is _early_ christmas morning. spent the day looking at c++ code and attending parties at relative's houses.

in my quest to learn c++ i am rewriting gnap in it :)
i must be a complete idiot.. oh well. its lots of fun. however i'm having lots of trouble learning this crap... it is so frustrating to not have code flow from me... I feel so limited.
i've mostly been working on the protocol classes. my friend has been doing some code review for me, hopefully he can look over this stuff i've done today and tell me what im doing wrong :)
On another c++ note, i ordered a new book today called c++ standard library... it was recommened by the same friend.

After tomarow, im going to become a complete noctunral person for the first time in my life.

this advogato needs a spell check :)

8 Hours of driving today!!! Back from Mammoth Mountain snowboard trip!
I had a lot of fun. The people who I went with were mainly beginner snowboarders, however one guy was really good. I hung out with that guy all week, we went on some really freaky runs that I would never have done by myself.
There was this one run that was at the top of the mountain, it was so windy on the face that I had to cover my mouth so I would not get burned by it. You could lean into the wind and it would hold you up! We also went to the snowboard park and did the jumps there, that was pretty fun.. I tired the half pipe thing, but it was too hard :(
It was really nice to get away from all the parental units for a while... Got to hang out with all my friends. Yeah it rocked. We rented like 10 movies.. went to the spa.. and the chicks made food :D

In other news I got my check from VA Linux. It was kind of a fantasy until now... oh god... VA Linux is cool. :)

Just saw this movie called "Man On The Moon" it is opening night for it. The house was not sold out, I was somewhat suprised. The movie was really really good. It is about Andy Koffman (sp?)... Very interesting stuff.

I got an 'A' in my math class. However it was very very close to a 'B'..... Oh well.

All these christmas presents that I bought online at Yahoo Shopping.. only 2/7 have shown up. I'm going to go freaking insane if this shit does not get here tomarow.

Cool Song of the Day: Tool - Eulogy

I have been studying for finals all week. Chinese final really sucked hard, I think I will not keep a 4.0... If only I could be good at school. Oh well. Calculus 1 final today, I think I will get an 'A' (ah, I love self-confidence, no matter how unjustified)...

I have actualy been reading this book on C++ programming. I'm very excited about this "new" language. I think it will be very fun to learn and use. I hope it will help me clean up my code a bit. One of the coolest things I have seen all week was the Gnome UI Hitsquad whom I have never heard of before. They go around and make the user interfaces in gnome look better and more functional. The screenshots they have look really really nice, I cannot wait for the stuff to be commited to the CVS.

Went to a financial adviser yesterday, she told me what to do with all this VA Linux money that I got... I guess I'm going to start my retirement fund now at 18 years old. HEH. Apparently I'm going to be a millionare if I can but so much money into this IRA (?) account every year... *Shrug* as Long as that lady takes care of everything I don't care :)

I'm off to Mammoth Mountain today. I am going there with my friends: Bobby, his girlfriend Verity, Steve, his fiance Tera, Kolani (I think this chick likes me), Patric, and Verity's roommate who's name I forgot :O ... I think this will be really fun, this is actualy the first time I can get away from my whole family and go off with my friends for so long. :) I'll be in Mammoth until the 24th.. Yes at last I can snowboard after 2 years!!!! I can't wait. When I get back just do the christmas thing (I've already bought presents) and then I can be a programmer bum for a whole month!@#!@#!@

Life is good

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