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    Wow, Vegas was a trip. We arrived thursday night and checked into the luxor, wonderfully kitsch egyption decor, inclinators (escalators that move in an angle, really amusing when you're drunk) and the vegas casino scene (no windows, no clocks, no way to figure out what the time is).

    So basically the trip involved drinking margaritas at the pool, eating goot expensive food (oh man, the steak at mon ami blabla was the best steak I've ever had</a>), and getting drunk at the roulette (yeah yeah, so I lost money, but I had a good time) and thereafter just getting a bit more drunk.

    My flight out was at 7:40, so I spend most of the night with three brits in the Nefertiti Lounge at the luxer, inflicting liverdamage with the help of whiskey-sours and corona (you can't get decent beer in these hotels).

    I of course almost managed to miss my flight home, so I got upgraded to first class (boohoo), fell asleep before we took off and didn't wake up till we had landed, excellent.

    Now I have sunburns on my legs, more sunscreen next time.

    Oh yeah, click here for the proof (bemaerk forresten haaret, naesten normalt!).

    I'm still looking for a job, have had a few interviews but still no offers. Also some more recruiters from agenciens saying "we don't want no steenkin' H1b's". So my deadline for a job is around start of june, since my employment/eazel will stop mid-june and so will my cashflow. So somewhere around that time I'll have to decide what to do with my life (og mangel paa samme).

    Heh, intet at sige som ikke taaler dagens lys i denne omgang. Tak til de folk som har skrevet og sagt buhu at firmaet doede, luner i disse haarde kolde tider.

    (summary for the danish impaired : fuck off).

    Nope, need a job first...
    It's official, here and here.

    It wasn't a great surprise to any of us at that point, we had spend the last month assuming this would be the outcome, but it still is sad. The engineering team we had was truly awesome and I'll miss the people.

    So now what ? Well, frankly I'm been more and more dissappointed with the gnome community as such, so I won't be weeping if I'm not getting a job in some gnome/linux/free-software company, even though it'd be nice. I'd like to work on setting up a server for the trilobite-install stuff, frankly, I still believe it's the coolest apt-get clone for rpm distros. If anyone wants to work on this, feel free to contact me (eskil at eskil dot dk).

    So now I'm looking for a new job, and it's not going well. Even though I've only had two interviews the outlook isn't good. Both companies turned me down for hard-to-parse reasons and I suspect that it's the H1B visa issue. Most other companies reeled backwards as soon as they realised that they would have to sponsor a visa transferral. But I have about six weeks till the cash dries up, so I won't be planning relocation for the next five weeks.

    Ikke meget at sige. Jeg vil foretraekke at blive her, da en flytning igen simpelthen bare er for besvaerligt. Men hvis der ikke er jobs at faa (industrien har virkeligt taget et nedsving), saa maa jeg vel nok se mig om efter groennere marker.

    Hvad gik galt med biksen ? Tja, daarligt tidspunkt at soege investering, ideen var ok (havde sine mangler). Derudover var der en del skidte ting, f.eks. hyrede vi alt for mange marketingstumper som bare slugte loen og saa smarte ud, brugte for meget energi paa at lave en nyserlig filhaandteringsdimmelut og alt for faa folk til at implementere de ting som vi skulle tjene penge paa. Intet som bagklogskab.

    (summary for the danish impaired : fuck off).

    Can't be arsed...
    Went to concerts with ex-neighbours, saw tricky and sigur ros at the fillmore.

    Also got to see Nightwatch, a yank version of Nattevagten. Man did they manage to dumb down the movie and put in the nessecary action stuff to satisfy the locals. If they could, there would probably also have been a carchase somewhere.

    The jobhunt is slow, have had two interviews and a no-go on both of them, not promising, but I still have a job, so it's not terminal yet. If anyone has leads, feel free to email me (eskil at eskil dot dk).

    Last night the kilowatt was closed! Horror, apparantly the staff went away on some three day drinking binge (and didn't invite me...). So instead I ended at Lucky 13 instead, where I actually managed to beat the neighbours in pool (wow).

    On thursday I'm taking of for Las Vegas for some much needed relaxation.

    tja, biksen er saa godt som lukket, men pga. min visastatus er jeg ikke blevet sagt op ligesom alle andre, men istedet for opsigelsesbonus er jeg bare stadigvaek ansat indtil min bonus er udbetalt, biksen er helt lukket eller jeg finder et job. Bedre end at blive smidt ud af landet...

    (summary for the danish impaired : fuck off).

    Did a bunch of gnome-pilot hacking, but now I'm more concerned with finding a job...
      2 May 2000

        I'm at Eazel, Inc. in CA now...

    that was one year ago... That meant drinking at the kilowatt, was it joyfull or sorrowfull drinking ?

    So another 1st May passed without any of the usual singing and drinking. I live amongst docile sheep.

    Spent a sunday climbing around at a beach up north with while star was freediving and hunting for his dinner. I also went to kilowatt every night for 15 days in a row - it's good to have achievable goals.

    This morning my room got flooded as the drain in the shower backwashed. Think it might be related to the losers in the top floor apartment who use the garden (where there's another drain) as their ashtray. Smelled wonderful.

    Kigger mig omrking efter et nyt job, det' stadigvaek temmerligt uvist hvad der sker med biksen her. Og lige nu ville jeg meget gerne vaere sikker paa at have et nyt job, saa jeg kan raese ud og koebe billetter til roskilde e.lign.

    (summary for the danish impaired : fuck off).


    Been doing a lot of gnome-pilot repair/features. Especially the restore feature got a lot of attention.

    So I was apparently even more pissed at the guadec issue than I initially thought, think I'm over it now.

    The campingtrip was good for me. The drive up north 101 is pretty neat, loads of nice scenery which is good and all and becomes boring after the first two or three hours. So in my quest for a change, I picked up a hitchhiker ; it was a big burly guy with an unkept beard, old military clothes, a unfriendly expression, a bottle in a brown paper bag and a chainsaw... He didn't talk much, but actually was just a lumberjack on the way home, but since his car was dead, he had to hitch back and forth between home and work, so no chainsaw massacre.

    So I finally came to the turnoff for highway 1, went down that about 15km and then weered onto Usal Road for another 12km or so. Usal Road is an unmaintained dirttrack, that was sort of fun to drive on that.

    Finally you come to the campground, which sucked, so I just payed my camping fee, went back the road to this really neat place about 100m over the ocean on a hillside leading directly into the unfriendly waters of the pacific pond. At this time the sun was setting, so I hurriedly put up the tent and moved in the sleeping gear and whatever food stuff I needed, cooked crap dinner and went to sleep.

    Next day the weather was bloody good, more or less just sat in the sun all day, reading Cerebus, sipping heineken and getting a good old sunburn on the back. Then spent some hours gathering rocks for a campfire and firewood. Cooked more crap dinner, watched the sun go down, watched the fire go out and went to sleep.

    Started friday morning with removing a tick from my leg (using peanutbutter, a knife and vodka..) thereafter I concluded that the weather sucked severely (rained all day), mostly stayed inside the tent except when I needed to piss or cook water for some coffee, finished cerebus vol 2.

    The night sucked, the tent wasn't as watertight as I hoped, so I had to get up in the middle of the night and put my tarp over the tent so could sleep well, froze my butt off.

    Saturday morning the weather was ok, but I was in too foul a mood because of lack of sleep and whatnot, so I just started packing and drove back to SF, stopping on the way to "rent" a motelroom for an hour so I could grab a shower.

    At this point, the tickbite had begun to look (quoting yakk:) "festy", but there was drinking at the kilowatt to be done, so I ignored my leg for that day.

    The next day it looked even more "festy", and was definitely infected, so I wobbled up the hospital, got to stare at a wall for two hours untill a doctor poked a bit at me, concluded that I probably didn't have any of the five hundred bad diseases that ticks carry (since it wasn't on me for more than 10 hours or so), but put me on antibiotics for the infection, great.

    Now I'm back at work, not that I've done any so far...

    ... og ikke at jeg' i humør til at lave meget pt. Men det kommer vel på et eller andet tidspunkt.

    (summary for the danish impaired : fuck off).



    Well, since last I've spent a weekend being slightly sick (think I got the Bolivian DeathPlague from Ramiro), watched dvd's all day with Ian ("The Filth and The Fury" and "Pi"). Other than that, it's been pretty much slacking around on my part. Been going to the kilowatt a lot (apparently so often now, that I occasionally get a free beer from Karla, what a wonderfull person!) went to a fun houseparty which was more or less in a Wallgreens parking lot somewhere on 3rd Street (party got shut down by SFPD around 4am).

    I was supposed to be leaving for .dk today, but alas Eazel must have felt my time was so valuable that they chose not to send me (røvhuller), so I'm still in my cube. But I'll be taking of for some solitude hiking over the next few days, spending my birthday in the second best company available (myself), some books, fresh air and optionally some snaps.

    We're still having fun with our property manager and the roofdeck (short summary is, that we thought we would have access to the roofdeck, but it turned out that only the topfloor appartment can use it, unfortunately our lease says we have access to it), he basically will not let us use it, so now we're at the point were we're considering filing a "reduction of services" suit with help of the SF Tenants Union to get a rent decrease or at least just to raise hell to ensure he/they don't get away with dicking us around too easily.

    The office is pretty different these days, empty and a lot of people have moved around to be closer to each other. We now also have a lounge with the bar and a fishtank, I've expanded my territory to where mfleming used to sit, so now I too have a cozy little corner in which I can sleep in my beanbag.

    And on the good side was, my muse sent me a package with two excellent items for me, that made my day.

    Tja, som sagt er jeg temmelig bitter over ikke at være på vej til danmark lige nu, der var så mange jeg gerne ville se igen... Næsten alle som skulle have været afsted til konferencen fik et nej, kun nogle få kom afsted. Begrundelsen var, at det ville være ufedt for biksen af miste så mange arbejdsdage lige nu, hvilket lyder ok, på den anden side er det ikke just fordi vi er ved at slå os selv ihjel, tværtimod...

    Men hey, jeg tager revance senere på året.

    (summary for the danish impaired : fuck off).


    Played around with writing a piece of python (evil language) thingy that talked to the trilobite-eazel-install-service corba object, I really don't like python now.

    Fixed various bugs in libeazelinstall.

    Still waiting for a pilot-link release so I can release a new gnome-pilot.

    Think I've found a bug in glibc's writev, will mail mailinglists next week.


    So we finally moved (well, thats two weeks ago now). It was UHaul action time, I took the truck down to Sunnyvale to pick up yakk and his stuff (of course, as soon as we started moving stuff out, it began to rain, duh), and then went on to Eazel to pick up jsh and his furniture (a lot less than any of us). After unloading at the new place, we went to pick up my crap and then the move was complete, yay, time for beer at the kilowatt.

    The next morning disaster struck - first off, I had to return the truck by 7, so I got up at 6. Then the truck just wouldn't start, the batteries seemed to be utterly dead. Now I was pretty sure that we didn't leave any lights on, and I had noted that the battery indicator had been on all day during the move. So I went down to the UHaul place and explained my issues, and they told me to call their repair center number. So I waddled back to the truck, found a payphone and called. It took about an hour to actually get them to send a guy by, during which I was standing in the rain, enjoying the scenery that is 16th street sunday morning at 7 till 8, really wonderfull, I'd suggest that to anyone coming by. So finally the repair dude called back and said he'd be at the truck in twenty minutes (woohoo). After a few attempts at jumpstarting the truck, he also arrives at the brilliant conclusion that both batteries are utterly dead. So he ends up replacing them before the truck will even sound like the old piece of crap it is.

    So I conclude the affair with having to search frantically for a gas station that has diesel, drive the truck back and almost have to pay 40$ for being four hours late (which I didn't). Thereafter I went back to the old apt to clean on the rest of my room, and the move was complete.

    Of course now we have do deal with a property manager who seems to be fucking people over. The add for the apt mentioned the great view from the roofdeck, even had a picture. When we looked at the place, and signed the lease, we were told we could use the roofdeck and the lease specifically mentions that we can use the roof. Of course then the people who moved into the topfloor apartment (which is a two-story apt of which the top story is on the roof) were told that the roofdeck was exclusively theirs. So now we either fight it out with them or with the property managers. In addition to that, the two windows where the frames are broken still haven't been fixed and we still miss keys for various doors. Too much shit to deal with right now...

    ... since the company also just laid of more than forty people, basically everyone but a few managers (founders) and engineering got laid off. So we release version 1.0 and lay off about 60% of the staff, that was a pretty though day for many of the eazelites. Apparently with the generel dropping stock market, some investors pulled out and therefore we did not get the third round of funding we wanted (which should also have been our last). By laying off all those people, the company can continue a bit longer, giving us a chance to raise the needed money - it's going to be a though few months now.

    This also means that I might not be able to go to Guadec, since everyone will be doing 14 hour workdays the next few months (again...) - that would totally blow.

    So Kvan just visited me for a few days, he was in the states for his annual cigar-smoking-visiting thing. Amongst things we did was getting drunk, driving down highway 1 to Santa Cruz (beaches), Fry's, go to a cigar lounge and meet with other cigar people, shopping spree in Japantown, looking at traffic accidents on Market Street. Luckily I had gotten three days off this week (after working three weeks straight), so I took wednedsday till friday off to hang out with Kvan, just dropped him off at the airport again...

    Tja, så man må sgu nok sige at nedsvinget lige pludselig ramte os smak mellem øjnene. Vi har gryn til nogle måneder, men hvis der ikke sker noget så lukker og slukkes biksen, hvilket jo unægteligt ville sutte temmeligt meget. Men jeg agter at blive ved til den bitre ende og så se om vi overlever eller om jeg skal på jobmarkedet igen.

    Det hårde smæk er at jeg nok ikke kommer til dk igenigen, det stinker unægteligt. Problemet er at så snart jeg er ude af thermostaterne skal jeg til en ambassade for at få stemplet mit pas. Og det kan snildt tage dem en uges tid (pga. deres latterlige åbningstider), hvoffor jeg skulle have mindst halvanden uge i Københavnstrup og det er lige akkurat lidt for lang tid.

    Det må man jo nok sige alt i alt sutter væmmeligt meget, finder ud af det i løbet af ugen.

    (summary for the danish impaired : fuck off).


    Slaved through the Nautilus 1.0 milestone. It was though, but it was worth it. The installer was really a pain in the butt and caused the usual few firedrills ; eg. if run on a stock RH70 with glibc 2.1.9x, rpm could hang while waiting for /sbin/ldconfig would wait for someone to empty it's stderr output, good thing anyone tried on a stock 70 before we shipped.

    Other that libeazelinstall stuff and installer testing/fixing etc, haven't done much other hacking. With the new situation, I may get to work on other things, time will show.

    Yes! So we got the place we looked at at 16th Street, moving down there this weekend. My rent will go up by 200$, but I'll have a bigger room and my own bathroom, worth it (Og forhåbentlig mere renlige sloffer). And it's several blocks closer to the kilowatt, also a big plus.

    They called us on wednesday, saying that we had been ok'ed for the place - that was fine and all, but then we had to scrape up 11.000$ for the securiy deposit+1st months rent during thursday, a 6.600$ security deposit still seems insane to me, but so be it.

    The place is really nice, all new kitchen etc. But there are some really retarted aspects to it, like electric window openers (that suck at opening windows...)

    Went and saw Traffic last week (with the good ole neighbours), and then Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon yesterday at the IMAX (mmmm, imax...). They showed the Lord of The Rings trailer, yes!

    Og det ser ud til at Kvan kommer og hjemsøger mig om nogle uger, det kan man jo ikke sige nej til - håber han ta'r en guld tuborg eller to med.

    Da jeg meddelte at jeg ville flytte ud, var stemningen en kende trykket, men allerede nu kommer jeg bedre ud af det med de to kegler.

    (summary for the danish impaired : fuck off).

    The 1.0 burn is upon us. Last weed was a series of later nighters, but we're getting there.

    Applied Kesors network sync patch, but still haven't comitted it or anything, need to do that this week so he can test it still works sanely.


    So since last, pepper has left us, relocated to Atlanta (still working for eazel). We attended his housecooling, which was a simple excuse for drinking, much. Execpt for that, there hasnt' been much "life" lately, except for the occasional visit to the kilowatt.

    Eazel is going to finance my trip to Guadec, so somewhere around 6th till 9th of April, I'll be in Copenhagen, again. Excact dates will be disclosed when available.

    Naa, i den fortsatte saga om min husholdining, de sidste to uger har haft en del underholdning at byde paa. Vi har en praktikant (herefter omtalt som knaegten) i firmaet for et par maaneder. Han skulle jo bo et sted, og da han besoegte firmaet i august, kom han godt ud af det med den ranglede. Saa han spoe'r den ranglede om det er ok at stene paa vores sofa indtil han finder noget at bo it og faar et ja. Trolden og undertegnede siger ogsaa ok - og derefter gaar det bare galt.

    Knaegten som udover at snakke for meget er ganske flink er nemmerlig en normal person. F.eks. hjaelper han trolden med at goere rent, spoer' om lov til at se tv og gaar i send paa "normale" (foer tre) tidspunkter.

    Naamen den ranglede bliver altsaa ultrairriteret paa knaegten, bla. fordi han genta'r sit tv spoergsmaal da han ikke faar noget svar til at begynde med, ligeledes vover han at spoerge om den ranglede agter at hjaelpe med rengoering, endnu vaerre, han be'r den ranglede om lov til at sove klokken tre da den han stadigvaek sidder i sofaen med sin baerbare. Hvad er dog det for en opfoersel, tsktsktsk.

    Den ranglede anvender sine fantastiske kommunikations evner til at fortaelle knaegten at han skal ud (dvs. ender paa en sofa i firmaet, selvom vores chef proever at finde ham noget). Saa den ranglede sidder paa sofaen mellem os og chatter med nogle venner om hvor belastende knaegten er - se det er jo meget nemmere end at bede ham flytte ud.

    Derudover har de endnu ikke imponeret mig med deres husholdnings evner, f.eks. ligger der lige nu en donut paa gulvet ude i gangen. Muligvis har katten flyttet den derud, men kattens foedder matcher ikke de fodspor der er over i den...

    Saa jeg har vaeret lidt ude og kigge paa lejligheder, f.eks. er nabolejligheden (2V) fri, kun syttenhundrede om maaneden *gack*. Men har ogsaa set paa en fem-vaerelses som ligger mellem min nuvaerende bopael om stambaren - se det ville ikke vaere dumt. Det ville saa vaere med tre andre kolleger som alle ogsaa traenger til at flytte. Saa snart jeg finder noget underretter jeg ungerne om, at jeg vil goere som lykkelig kaerlighed og forsvinde (de vil ikke kunne se min roev for bar' fodsaaler).

    (summary for the danish impaired : fuck off).

    The 1.0 burn is coming. Was a bit lazy after the PR3 burn, did some gnome-pilot hacking (added some gnome-vfs support and such). I'm far from doomed on the 1.0 list-of-fuckedness, but I'm sure there'll be some exciting all-nighter firedrills.

    And on a side note, GIGL!

22 Jan 2001 (updated 22 Jan 2001 at 03:00 UTC) »
    Went out with pepper, Jo, yakk, and other assorted Eazel personnel - in exciting Mountain View. Ah well, as long as the company is good, it's ok that the area sucks cold puke.

    Next day (saturday) I first wathched 5 hours of Red Dwarf on the Tivo (till my brain rotted), then went to a concert thingy with yakk and the neighbours. We went to see this dork. It was about as bad as suspected, but also as amusing as expected. The following band was a sad bunch of loser hippies who played crap music. The last band was called CIA (think it was Causing Is Awesome). First I feared it was going to be some poncey neo-gothic dweebs, but they actually played real well and had a good knack for live performance - but there was a shitload of religious crap mixed into the show, and I couldn't tell if it was sarcastic or if they actually meant it, hope it was the first.

    Today was also mostly spent in front of the tivo recovering from PR3, now it's time to check out the last bug.

    And as usual, goverment stuff works out in the last minute. I got my H1B approved, so I'll neither get one month of ballscratching TV watching vacation nor will I have to go to Denmark before guadec - crap...

    Fede nyheder, vores holdleder er blever "forfremmet" til leder af den ny gruppe "fremtids projekter" - dvs han suttede for meget som leder og da man ikke rigtig kan fyre sådan en uden at det ser skidt ud, sætter man ham til at lede sig selv og et par fantasivenner.

    Så nu har jeg atter en fornuftig chef og det har allerede på en uge sat en del tryk på udviklingen - fede tider' her igen.

    Begge unger er nu hjemme, lad os se om de kan holde hytten ren eller om jeg skal til at flytte sammen med min nyeste kollega.

    (summary for the danish impaired : fuck off).

    Well, PR3 crunch was done. robey, Robin and I had a terrible time trying to figure out what was up with the linking of rpm4. Basically, if we built the rpm rpm ourselves (which caused it not to link with both db1 and db3, but only db1), nautilus with installer stuff worked fine on RH70. If we used the stock Redhat rpm's we always got "Cannot open in DB3 format" because the binaries ended up linking with db3 last (the loader insert db3) - great horror.

    But otherwise the RH70 stuff still works, except that the rpm output has changed (and --percent still doesn't work), so the view and cli tool cannot parse the rpm output and therefore always reports packages as having failed.

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