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8 Nov 2000 (updated 8 Nov 2000 at 01:53 UTC) »
    The pain of PR2 is now over, www.eazel.com now holds the PR2 release, I can return to normal.

    It got a bit gruesome in the end, especially the last night where a load of us were sitting rooting out the last bugs/testing till 6 in the morning where the release shipped. But now the pain is over.

    I have managed some fun though, last week was halloween, that was pretty funny. My neighbors had a smash of a halloween party, pictures here. The asian guy next to me is Andrew, my primary comrade in drinking these days. Halloween night itself was just the Castro being filled with wierd people. They had blocked of a rather big part of Market street, and there was just a sea of people dressed up (and a few boring people like me, who weren't). This wasn't the tv halloween of annoying kids that I thought it would be, this was slightly more festive.

    This saturday, Steph had her birhtday party, which was held in the tiki style. So there was vast amounts of booze and drinks with annoying stuff sticking up and poking your nose (and you can choke on those small plastic mermaids btw.). But the party was fun, and the aftermath was severe, but the place is now clean.

    Other then that, it's a bit difficult to recall what actually has happened since then, it's mostly been work, interrupted by getting home, sleeping some hours and then hauling my arse back to work.

    Now we'll have to hope that the PR2 release is good enough to make it worth the pain it was.

    Og de gode nyheder er ; billetter til .dk er købt, skulle gerne ankomme til Københavnstrup d. 21/12 og skride igen d. 10/01. Andre gode nyheder, jeg får besøg omkring d. 19 af el stygge torben bjerregaard hamselv. Så holder jeg nogle dage fri omkring min fire dages thanksgiving weekend og så ræser vi til Las Vegas eller såen noget.

    Nu skal jeg vist sove lidt mere.... og ja, nu hvor smerten er ovre vil jeg prøve at skrive her lidt tiere.

    (summary for the danish impaired : fuck off).

    In case you didn't get it, PR2 was my main object of hacking these past weeks.

    Robey and I have concluded that doing dep check stuff through rpm is a pain and we can do the stuff so muchmore swiftly and with a better user experience if we skip it and do all dep stuff ourselves. So thats the post pr2 plan.

    As Max (of Sam and Max) put it "it's dark and greasy and smelly under there". Thats whats under the hood of my car. But my left headlight and left front turnlights were dead, and after twice driving with only one headlight and no left front turnlights I decided to leap into action. So this morning I cruised by the Honda shop and bought the nessecary parts. Now apparently, a headlight isn't just a bulb you can replace, but a complete lightfixture for which they charge you loads of money. The turnlights are just bulbs though. So it was a total of 20$ (!!).

    So after the parking lot emptied out here at Eazel, I started experimenting with The Stuff Under The Hood.

    Now my fingers are greasy but I have all my lights in fine working condition.

Propaganda - politics, the small kind
    If I get elected to the board (yeah right), I will recommend sensitivity training for everyone who is subscribing to the g-h list. Or at least one long deep breath before pressing send (or should that be sendMailNow ?)

    I think that about concludes my propaganda. Now start figuring out who else to vote on.

    None what so ever, well, almost, went eating & drinking with assorted eazel people last night. Arlo knows the good places to wine&dine.

    Steph is now working at Eazel (congrats!), so I guess that makes the apt in SF the official Eazel SF Office.

    Og en af de første ting hun bemærkede var 'følgelig hvordan folk sviner hinanden til udenfor arbejdstid... Mmmm, tilsvining af kolleger...

    Og forresten har en af personagerne fra biksen prøvet at køre den danske sektion af min dagbog igennem et oversætter. Men der' vist tilpas meget slang og andet hø i disse skriblerier, til at det ingen mening gav. Hah!

    (summary for the danish impaired : fuck off).

    Much nautilus bootstrap installer work. It's a mixture of fixing small libeazelinstall oddities, but mostly making the bootstrap installer use the info given by the lib, and acting just a bit sane (or at least manage to install nautilus).

    I have now completely lost track of the flow in the program...

    Need to do gnome-pilot hacking as soon as the pr2 madness is over.

    Blam - that was tough getting back. There was quite a lot to do at eazel, and as a result, I have had no interesting experiences lately that would warrent a diary entry.

    I still missing some of my stuff from the plane trip back. It has apparently been in SF since the day after I arrived. But somewhere in between United Airlines, Lufthansa and the kindergarden called US Customs, the loot just hasn't gotten further. Impressive...

    george was at the office thursday, and instead of flying back home, I persuaded him into skipping classes friday and go drinking. It wasn't that hard to persuade him. Vores teamleder dummer sig stadigvæk engang i mellem. Men han er blevet bedre. Fyren er enormt usikker på sig selv, ikke just en god evne i en sektionsleder. Dertil kommer at mit hold virkelig efterhånden bare er det mest usete hold i firmaet, selvom vi får at vide at hvad vi laver er enormt vigtigt for bixen. At have et ryggradsløs tykt dyr som chef hjælper jo heller ikke på.

    Nu har jeg en håndfuld personlige emails jeg skulle have skrevet for lang tid siden, men jeg har stadigvæk ulæst post fder går 2 måneder tilbage, suk.

    (summary for the danish impaired : fuck off).

politics - the small kind
    So I've also been persuaded to be a candidate for the gnome foundation. While my candicacy statement should have indicated that I'm not in either of the two groups that I personally think candidates normally are in. While not being opposed to being in the foundation, I just know that I 1) cannot get as engaged about it as others 2) cannot use the same amount of time (there's hacking to do). Therefore, I judge myself as not being a good choice for the foundation. But the candidacy is serious, it is not a joke.
    As we finally began to use the installer on peoples weird machines, we of course found a load of weird rpm corner-cases; the most nasty are the ones where a rpm --rebuilddb is needed, but there are also cases where people have been force installing stuff, erasing stuff, rpm's with real bad dependencies and whatnot.

    So it's been a long week of putting out one fire after the other, as these bugs are PR2 requirements, and often they block testing of the bootstrapinstaller.

    But robey has done some nice stuff in the bootstrap installer, which we now need to move into the install view.

    Also made a set of gnome-pilot 0.1.55pre tarballs, that I need to test and upload today.

    Back from .dk. Frankfurt airport still blows chunks.

    Anyways I had a real good time those two weeks. Enough to make me look forward to moving back. I got around to do all the stuff I wanted to do, and saw almost all the people I needed to see (missed three).

    Basically I was spending the two weeks seeing old friends, getting drunk and engaging myself i general debauchery, sort of like what I was doing before I moved to SF.

    The flight back was uneventfull, except that I got delayed 6 hours, ended in Chicago with half my luggage, thanks Frankfurt Main...

    Oh, and the wankers in .dk voted no on the Euro, next they'll be voting for the creepy rightwing parties, *sigh*.

    København er nu altså bare bedre når man er "en and i sin bedste alder", jeg savner at kunne vakle hjem fra louises i dejlig god brandert.

    Selvfølgelig var der meget der var ændret, nye folk på Studenterhuset og Cafeen?, men mange af de gamle. Jeg tror at efter noget tid bliver det mindre festligt, flere og flere vil være kommet videre og have forladt stederne. Men der vil stadigvæk være hyggelige Nørrebro og Vesterbro, muligheden for at vade fra sted til sted, shawarma'er, ordentlig kaffe og leverpostej.

    Og jeg vil lige pointere, at selv om Kbh er så meget federe, kan jeg nu stadigvæk godt lide at bo her, men det ændrer ikke på, at for en ung and med mine vaner er her ikke "optimalt".

    Men jeg glæder mig til næste besøg, håber på omkring 20/12 til 10/1, pul og nytår under ordentlige forhold (guld tuborg og pissekoldt).

    (summary for the danish impaired : fuck off).

    I almost couldn't remember where my cube was...

    Robey had been hacking on my bugs while I was away, and of course he had found a spiffy case (updating libtiff of all things), which libeazelinstall couldn't handle gracefully. "gracefully" means figuring out what to download and not just say "fuck off" to the user. And fixing the case proved to be non-trivial, since I've already bolted so-and-so many special cases onto the code. So this weekend has been spent remodelling a lot of the code.

    I would also like information on any ilbrpm hate clubs out there.


    Well, I finally got my IAP-66 back today, they really know how to make you feel like a second class citizen over here. But now I can go to .dk with a 80% chance of being allowed back into the country.

10 Sep 2000 (updated 10 Sep 2000 at 11:57 UTC) »

    Looks like I've got an INS/AIESEC issue. I've got this funky pink piece of paper (IAP-66, and here), that states that I'm "in good standing" with my workplace. So when I want to leave the country (at max 28 days, let's not forget that), I have to mail this paper to AIESEC, get them to sign that it's ok for me to leave the country, and then them mail it back to me.

    So ideally, when I return to El Statos, I can show this paper plus my visa and they'll let me in.

    The issue is, that I haven't gotten the paper back yet, and I'm taking off tuesday morning. As far as I can remember, my visa is invalid without said paper, which means that if I do not get it, I can be denied reentry... blech.

    This could prove interesting...

    And my temporary drivers license expires while I'm gone, and the friggin DMV haven't gotten their finger out of their collective big butt yet and mailed me my real one.

    Så evt. bliver mit besøg længere end planlagt, nå de smider mig på det første og bedste fly tilbage til europa og jeg må tomle vej fra Athen til Kbh.

    (summary for the danish impaired : fuck off).

    Ack. Since the usable milestone is probably going to end right after I get back, I have to finish my hard tasks (libeazelinstall) before I take off. Basically, it's the tasks that require knowledge of all the library's parts, and thus would be timeconsuming for the others in my group to fix.

    So therefore I have to close an estimated 32 hours of tasks before monday. Today I got around to the worst ones and have closed almost 20 hours (luckily some of them were far less then the estimate), but it's bloody 4:30 and I want to go home and sleep.

    So now I'm down to one ugly bug that looks like gnome-vfs chokes on my rpm search urs...

5 Sep 2000 (updated 5 Sep 2000 at 04:50 UTC) »

    We had an earthquake just last saturday. Fits well, since Robey at work commented that the weather was earthquake weather... I was at the kilowatt with my neighbors Andrew and Guatam(sp?). But apparently it could hardly be fejt in SF.

    Weekend almost over (three-day weekend, Labourday (ala første maj, bare uden øl eller hygge). Spent yesterday at the San Gregorio Beach, doing nothing, mmm...

    Got the my irda port running, so I can now try and track down the gnome-pilot problem with irda ports.

Oh I also feel the need to tell about a funky native ritual. Whenever it drizzles a bit, (we're not talking hard rain here, we're talking det drypper), the natives begin to believe they've angered the gods. So they begin a series of human sacrificing on the roads, where they drive at normal speed, and they normal distance (which even in dry weather is way to short). So oddly enough, going down the 101 means passing a few accidents, whereof one had closed all lanes in the northbound direction.

Imagine how scared the natives would get if they had snow.

The natives here are not the wisest on earth... de' faktisk en bunke tumper som kører 10m fra hinanden ved omkring 120km/t på en regnvåd motorvej. Og bagefter brokker de sig i avisen over at vejdirektoratet ikke sørger for ordentlig sikkerhed på vejene, heh.

Other then that, it was nice having a few days with clouds and light rain, ala, now it's back to blue sky and sun...

Kimusan pas hellere på, eller jeg pifter dit s-tog og vælter din nabos kat. Jeg tror du officielt skylder mig tre guld tuborg nu.

(summary for the danish impaired : fuck off).

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