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10 Sep 2000 (updated 10 Sep 2000 at 11:57 UTC) »

    Looks like I've got an INS/AIESEC issue. I've got this funky pink piece of paper (IAP-66, and here), that states that I'm "in good standing" with my workplace. So when I want to leave the country (at max 28 days, let's not forget that), I have to mail this paper to AIESEC, get them to sign that it's ok for me to leave the country, and then them mail it back to me.

    So ideally, when I return to El Statos, I can show this paper plus my visa and they'll let me in.

    The issue is, that I haven't gotten the paper back yet, and I'm taking off tuesday morning. As far as I can remember, my visa is invalid without said paper, which means that if I do not get it, I can be denied reentry... blech.

    This could prove interesting...

    And my temporary drivers license expires while I'm gone, and the friggin DMV haven't gotten their finger out of their collective big butt yet and mailed me my real one.

    Så evt. bliver mit besøg længere end planlagt, nå de smider mig på det første og bedste fly tilbage til europa og jeg må tomle vej fra Athen til Kbh.

    (summary for the danish impaired : fuck off).

    Ack. Since the usable milestone is probably going to end right after I get back, I have to finish my hard tasks (libeazelinstall) before I take off. Basically, it's the tasks that require knowledge of all the library's parts, and thus would be timeconsuming for the others in my group to fix.

    So therefore I have to close an estimated 32 hours of tasks before monday. Today I got around to the worst ones and have closed almost 20 hours (luckily some of them were far less then the estimate), but it's bloody 4:30 and I want to go home and sleep.

    So now I'm down to one ugly bug that looks like gnome-vfs chokes on my rpm search urs...

5 Sep 2000 (updated 5 Sep 2000 at 04:50 UTC) »

    We had an earthquake just last saturday. Fits well, since Robey at work commented that the weather was earthquake weather... I was at the kilowatt with my neighbors Andrew and Guatam(sp?). But apparently it could hardly be fejt in SF.

    Weekend almost over (three-day weekend, Labourday (ala første maj, bare uden øl eller hygge). Spent yesterday at the San Gregorio Beach, doing nothing, mmm...

    Got the my irda port running, so I can now try and track down the gnome-pilot problem with irda ports.

Oh I also feel the need to tell about a funky native ritual. Whenever it drizzles a bit, (we're not talking hard rain here, we're talking det drypper), the natives begin to believe they've angered the gods. So they begin a series of human sacrificing on the roads, where they drive at normal speed, and they normal distance (which even in dry weather is way to short). So oddly enough, going down the 101 means passing a few accidents, whereof one had closed all lanes in the northbound direction.

Imagine how scared the natives would get if they had snow.

The natives here are not the wisest on earth... de' faktisk en bunke tumper som kører 10m fra hinanden ved omkring 120km/t på en regnvåd motorvej. Og bagefter brokker de sig i avisen over at vejdirektoratet ikke sørger for ordentlig sikkerhed på vejene, heh.

Other then that, it was nice having a few days with clouds and light rain, ala, now it's back to blue sky and sun...

Kimusan pas hellere på, eller jeg pifter dit s-tog og vælter din nabos kat. Jeg tror du officielt skylder mig tre guld tuborg nu.

(summary for the danish impaired : fuck off).


    Survived the trip Lassen National Forest. We (robin, george and I) left Eazel around 17 and arrived at the park around 1 (ugh). It was pitchblack, so our initial plan about leaving the parking lot (a gravel pit) and camping at the head of the trail were abandoned, so we just set up camp immediately.

    Next day we headed out, and we camped a Big Lake (or such) around 17. It's a really nice area, neat lake, trees and you can see the stars (haven't seen the milky way since I moved here). George and I harassed the Happy Camper family on the next peninsula by skinnydipping to get the days grime of us. This night it was bloody cold, more then we had anticipated and/or had gear for, guess the lake played heatsink plus the added elevation did the trick - but we survived.

    Next day (sunday), we headed back by an alternating route, fed live frogs to snakes (had to get some amusement out of those little pests), and ended up at the parking spot, did the skinnydipping trick again (that lake had the most gross sludge at the bottom) and then began our gruelling 7 hour drive back to SF.

    All in all nice way to spend the weekend, other highlights were

    • "why did I take off my underpants ?" George Lebl, 2000.
    • spit that made wood burn
    • dry...
    • boots that needs repair (guess the CA dryness finally got to them)

    Back at eazel, the required-featuers milestone for Nautilus loomed, and it's been 14 hours workdays since I got back, ugh.

    Yesterday the police dropped by, since the alarm went off. Apparently me puttingmy hands in my pockets made them uncomfortable, so I was "asked" to take them out again, not entirely as friendly as the ye good olde FalckSecuritas guards at DBC, handguns and sticks vs. pipe and a flashlight...

    Okæh, vores nye chef er en vist nar. Han startede for nogle uger siden og har vist haft svært ved at vænne sig til den anderledes kultur samt at finde ud af hvad vi egentlig laver. Så idag (et møde i morges kl. 11, som jeg selvfølgelig ikke dukkede op til da jeg først kørte hjem kl 5) fik hele holdet en balle for ikke at lave fremskridt nok. Shane fik en balle for at tage to (to!) dages ferie i næste uge, efter at han har arbejdet 14 timer om dagen i snart tre måneder).

    Så der skal til at ske noget chef-irettesættelse nå vores overhoved kommer hjem...

    Og ja, han var self irriteret over at jeg ikke dukkede op (til et møde kl. 11, duh!)

    Men lad os give ham en chance til...

    Bixen er forresten ved at blive mere og mere formel, flere politikker og et distribueret kalendersystem.

    (summary for the danish impaired : fuck off).

    Much more libeazelinstall and nautilus-installer hacking going on. I've been spending a lot of time making the installer nicer, eg. using the nautilus-druid widget and whatnot. I can now only agree with Shane : "gtk hates you".

    But it looks like the library will shape up nicely, still have a heap of things to do, before it can handle all the dependency conflicts I can imagine (as in, now it detects them, but doesn't handle them in a userfriendly way).

    Yum, blight send me the two remaining red warszawa albums.

    Ugh, LWE is over. While it was great to see so many businesses take linux seriously, it was bad karma to see the commercialism rule at the trade show, half the booths did not even have any technical staff to answer technical questions, all they could do was point to their webpage blablabla.

    yakk was here for the week. That was pretty cool. He flew 26 hours from Perth to SF for just one week, getting his contract with eazel and attending the LWE.

    We got up at the crack of dawn on tuesday, to make it to the keynote speech by Michael(sp?) Dell (ceo of dell. We wanted to see it, since he was supposed to demo nautilus. Well, the demo consisted of launching his presentation from nautilus and took about 10 secs - and we missed it. The rest was an hourlong commercial for Dell. Gah.

    Thereafter I strolled around at the trade show, didn't feel well, and was tired. I met a lot of the helix people again and some of the rhad labs people. 'twas good. Also got intercepted by campd, whom I haven't seen since the 99 guadec.

    At 13, the gnome press conference was on, where the shaking news of sun, ibm and hp adoption of gnome as the default desktop (instead of CDE) was revealed, plus their place in the newfounded Gnome Foundation. All good news, though some people understandably are nervous about it.

    But anyways, after strolling around a bit, it was time for my boothbabe duty. So I sat for some hours doing the same 10 min demo of nautilus over and over again, while being bombarded with either good questions or hostile kde evangelist questions and the amusing questions from marketing drones who didn't get the free software thingy at all.

    Well, at the end I truly felt like crap, so lucky we got home rather early.

    Next morning we didn't go too early, I was defintely running a low fever now and wasn't really feeling like another tour of boothbabe'ness. But I did it, but still got to sneak away to actually bond with the various hackers present. Later that night was the Eazel/HelixCode LWE party, which was good, loads of hackers and free beer - good combo. Luckily I was feeling much better at this time. rebecka came up with the idea of using the suite we had at the hilton for an extended after-party. So there we were, in the suite with loads of beer (roomservice, ah...) and hackers. There was loads of the Redhat guys, some Helix people and others, highlights were

    • Maciej being groped on by some girl
    • Komrat Judy - you will drink for the party!
    • seth singing to his rootbeer under the table
    • getting hugged by josh (wah!)
    • Martin Baulig wanting to get out of the car on the 101 to piss - two times!
    • ordering wakeup service for 7 o'clock (I wasn't staying there...)
    all in all, successfull.

    So finally on the last day, it was loot gathering time - got four t-shirts and random crap. Bought some cool mints for Bjerregaard. All was good.

    On friday we didn't get to work till noon, and then there was marathon meetings followed by post LWE beer bash. So all in all, I didn't get any work done this week. Also dropped the car of at a mechanic. My heat problems was probably related to the fact that the radiator fans didn't come on - so now I get to exercise my 12 month warranty, yay. Later that we ate at Ruth's Chris Steak house. Pricy but excellent steaks, it still goes Moo whenever I go to the shitter (lidt som den 1200g culotte jeg delte med Jacob på Bryggeriet).

    Saturday evening, Frederik and Rebecca(sp?) showed up (old komrade from Studenterhuset). So we went for food, chitchat in our highspeed encrypted communications systems (danish) and then for beer at the Kilowatt. It was real good to have a dane by again. They crashed at our place (which meant I got to sleep in the futon with george - eek!). Next day we went up to the hill at the top of 16th, great view. Then we went to Haight Ashbury for some food, dropped of Rebecca who needed a shopping fix, while Frederik and I went for the Lombard Street experience. Of course this was in the car he had borrowed, wouldn't go up that hill in my car with manual...So after that, they took off, we'll hopefully go for the usual highway 1/santa cruz/highway 84/35 drive on wednesday or such.

    Back home, it was satellite dish assembly & mounting time. All went well, and we've now got access to unlimited amount of crap on the tv. Bliss!

    Tænk, ingen har rigtig generet mig denne uge, hverken folk jeg bor med eller kolleger. Dvs for at holde gennemsnittet, bør denne uge have en høj koncentration...

    (summary for the danish impaired : fuck off).

    LWE took a lot of time, but I'm prepping the nautilus bootstrap installer.
    Still didn't meet up with Frederik. On his way down to SF, the Ford truck he borrowed died in a cloud of blue smoke. But we'll try again next friday.

    We got the last piece of furniture from Ikea, and I assembled my computer desk, thus making weekend homehacking much more pleasurable.

    Yesterday, my neighbor popped by and asked if I wanted to go to a Wu-Tang Clan koncert. So me and Steph ditched George and drove to the Miramar and I got to experience american hip hop crowds in action - amusing.

    And a big fat ugly woman hit on me and wanted me to buy her a drink - No.

    Today yakk is in the Eazel office, finally getting his contract and getting to attend the LWE this week (where I'll be playing boothbabe for Eazel).

    I think my car is out of coolant, it hit full heat even on the short drive from eazel to the car rental spot I took yakk to. So later George will take me to a gas station so I can pick up some coolant.

    And Jürgen, our übersysadmin today presented me with my housewarming present A nice heave viking sword replica. Kewlbeanz, now I can try and make the DMV gimme my parking permit.

    Intet slibrigt at rapportere, passer gaden.

    (summary for the danish impaired : fuck off).

    Added gnome-vfs support to libeazelinstall, never go around to the scheduled gnome-pilot .55 release and gnome-pim this weekend.
    yay, Frederik from Studenterhuset just called. He's in .ca.us now. We'll get together this friday and have a beer or two.
Endelig. Blødte lige knap 7400dkk for en retur billet til hjemlandet.

Afgang d. 12 september og ankomst Kastrup d. 13 (nej, hold jer væk fra lufthavnen, jeg vil ikke tale med mennesker når jeg ankommer, kun buschauffører, de' nok ca i ligeså godt humør som jeg er efter den tur).

Jeg skrider fra landet igen d.27, saa der burde være tid til en guld tuborg eller syv...

Så må vi se om min danskebank konto har overlevet. Tror jeg hellere må chekke den før jeg prøver at bruge den...

(summary for the danish impaired : fuck off).

    Ah well, the danes left, mathieu left so noew we're just stuck with george.

    Nothing interesting has happened the past few days, except that I've discovered that this country is like Kafka's the Process. I cannot get a SF Residential Parking Permit without my car registration paper, and I'm still waiting for the DMV to mail it to me. This is all very nice and whatnot, the issue is just, that all the streets around where I live require this permit, if you want to park for more then two hours between 08 and 19 on weekdays. Without the permit, slambam, 30$ worth of parking ticket is suddenly staring through your windshield.

    That blows.

    Of course the arsehole at the office that handles it (which I found after the DMV prick sent me to the wrong office... across town...) was of course complete unwilling to negotiate anything...

    So basically, I'm likely to pay 30$-60$ a week because the DMV is a batch of nikkelforstyrrede kvægdrivere. Or I can try not to pay them, a thing that might have worked in a any civilized country.

    I say we nuke Washington DC...

    Jeg tror ligesom, at ovenstaaende udgyldese daekker mine irritationer for idag...

    (summary for the danish impaired : fuck off).

    campd submitted USB patches to gnome-pilot, what a bliss. vadim found the bug in it that borked the normal serial cradle support. New release will be out this weekend, I want to spend some time first getting IrDA support working (if I can figure out how to set it up on my laptop, wanna help ?).

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