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Ok! I feel like the master now! :) I *finally* got my poor montague (my desktop Linux box) back on the Net after ripping it's modem out to give it to juliet (my "new" server I pulled out of Eliot's Closet of Antique Computers & Other Junk). juliet was being a large pain, but mainly just a big time hole. She is now running Debian 2.2 (frozen / potato), with the Linux 2.2.14 kernel, ipmasq, sshd, etc.... All that with 35 bogomips! Gotta love Linux.

Other than that... umm... nothing else got done. I did install free BeOS 5 on montague, I got it all over to it's own partition so I can get to it from LILO. Works wonderfully..... BeOS is pretty slick. I wish I had a dedicated box to play with it. There's a *lot* of similarities with Mac, so the interface has some great little features.

Now I've got to finish that PHP admin system. The owner just e-mailed me to see how it was going. Eeek.....

Laaadee daaa...

Interesting week so far.. worked on README's, man pages and the HOWTO for jabber server 0.9-final. That was released today.

I got BeOS 5 installed on my notebook. Pretty fun stuff. I really like how fast and snappy it is. Only problem is that the keyboard doesn't work. Not even a ps/2 keyboard works with it.

Sheesh.. How stupid I am!!! I just shutdown my friend's web server that I use for e-mail and stuff... I thought I was shutting down my box.. no wonder mine wasn't shutting down. Oh well, it will be back up tomorrow.

Welp, I stayed up very late last night after Jer asked me to do some changes to docs.jabber.org. I also updated the page for jabber:iq:version and added a new overview of Group Chat.

Before all that, I was over at mrOpie's house with my notebook... we watched that post-modern / punk version of Romeo & Juliet (with Claire Danes & that Leo dude). It's been awhile since I've seen that, and mrOpie hadn't seen it. I really enjoyed it... Kenneth Branuagh's version of Hamlet is far better though. :) Yes, I am a Shakespeare fan... I've read Romeo & Juliet, Hamlet, Julius Caeser, Macbeth, Comedy of Errors, The Merchant of Venus and A Midsummer's Night Dream. Love them all (except Merchant.. I didn't really care for that one).

We also worked on some stuff with JabberCentral. I'm starting to form some clear ideas of how to seperate the content from JabberCentral.com:Support and Jabber.org:Docs. As Jabber.org moves to SourceForge, we'll re-do the site to be just for developers. So I'll have one clear audience for all of the documents. As JabberCentral.com opens, we'll have all of the user oriented docs there. So there is a clear focus there too. Right now I've got to work on splitting up Dev & User docs and polishing them up for their respective new homes.

Aphrodite Mozilla rocks. I just wish there were right click menus. And I want to use *my* bookmarks!

I picked up Our Town and Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged. That was the only Ayn Rand book that Half Price Books had.... It's going to take me awhile to get it all read, but I'll just take my time with it.

Today I hope to do a lot of reading and not much computer work. Sunday. Aaaaah. Hamburgers anyone?

Ok, I forgot about updating with those links last night. Here they are:

Ok, this is the second time I've written this. Mozilla crashed for the first time today while I was writing this post.

Anyway, I'm not really sure *what* I did today. I know I wrote 9 news items for JabberCentral.. and I know I fiddled with date for like an hour and a half.. Oh, let me tell you about that.

Date is evil. Actually, date's documentation is evil. I'm going to fix that. It seems as though --date='s format is not documented anywhere. For hours I was feeding it ISO-8601 dates, thinking it was working fine. Why should I not think it works fine? When I give date a bad format, it yells at me and says it is bad format. But when I put in IS-8601 dates, it just does wierd things to them and acts normally. So anyway, deltab finally told me to try using some weird format like "YYYYMMDD HHMM" .. that worked. Perfectly. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

The big monthly Jabber meetings are over at Jabber, Inc. I still wish I could have gone. Maybe next time... erbo sent me a photo from his camera with the four Jabber, Inc. dudes. It's weird to see these people's faces after talking with them so long.

For fear of crashing mozilla again, I don't want to open another window to find the following to URL's.. I'll post a new item after I found them. They are two URLs of the new building that Webb and Jabber, Inc. will be occupying. Webb gets floor 6, and Jabber, Inc. gets like part of floor 7. It's the first new building in downtown Denver in 13 years. It's a cool looking building too. Anyway.. this week is over. Time for the weekend!

Yay!! I'm done entering in articles for Time Pieces!! I hated doing that. Now I just need to go through and do clean up work, but that's not near as bad as putting the articles in. Then I'll get the forwards and contents done... then output to PDF and tada!!! Yay! I really like my design for that project. I want to make sure it looks good for a portfolio.

I think I'm going to get a couple of friends and go to Enron Field's opening day. It'd be cool to be able to say we were there on opening day.

Got back from going over to mrOpie's house to tinker with his i-opener. He got his in today, hopefully mine will come in Monday or Saturday. We talked a lot about Jabber and JabberCentral.. always gets me more excited about things. Or maybe it was just the high suger content in my Caffe & Cocoa drink at Barnes & Noble / Starbucks.

Almost the weekend! woo!

Wee.. this week has gone by fast. I'm not really sure what I've gotten done either. I know I've worked on some articles for JabberCentral, but I'm not sure beyond that. Like I said, crazy.

Anyway, not much to say yet... I'm going to hit PageMaker hard today...

Woop.. thank goodness for DocBook!

That's pretty much all I did today! That and responded to info@jabber.org messages. So many stupid messages.... naah, they aren't really, just annoying. I also downloaded a complete BUSH album from emusic.com, that was cool. Also took up all my bandwidth all day.

temas says he's gonna take a camera to Colorado this week.. DizzyD, Jer and temas are heading up there for some meeting at Webb, Inc. All us #jabber people want to see what our fellow money makers look like in real life. That'll be nifty to see. :)

I really need to get this PHP work for ChristianAnswers.net done this week.. AND Time Pieces (a pagemaker project..)... AND Writing Forms!

Today was a decent day, especially without English class. :)

I did all the edits for newface2 for JabberCentral, updated some protocol stuff on protocol.jabber.org, looked at more Jeeps (online), dreamed about getting $1,000,000, and enjoyed the wonderful Aphrodite chrome for Mozilla.

Can you believe that Texas is the only state in the USA that you can't buy a car direct from a dealership on the Internet? How ancient is that? There was an article about it in the Houston Chronicle yesterday, they were saying that lawmakers want to protect native Texas dealerships and blah blah blah. Oh well.. not like I'm going to be able to buy a new car anyway.

I hear Circuit City is canceling all i-Opener sales. I still haven't heard anything from them. When I called my store, they didn't have any info about it.

Going to go read some... temas is bringing up some interesting ideas regarding open source experimental projects with different forms of control (anarchist, democratic and benevolent dictatorship [standard open source project])... interesting ideas there.

Sheesh!! I *finally* am able to post!!

The other day (I guess about a week ago now), after a apt-get upgrade, netscape started giving me those horrible Bus Error's. I've done everything everyone suggested to me.. But anyway, the password I had written down for Advogato didn't work so the only way I could access the site was from Netscape's cookies. Finally realizing that Mozilla uses the same cookies file format as Netscape, I copied my old Netscape cookies file to Mozilla's cookies.txt and it worked! Yay!!

Anyway, been a busy week... I've been working on some articles for JabberCentral.com.. Still waiting for stpeter's comments on that... I started working on updating all of Jabber's DTD's.. sheesh we have a lot. x-virge and I still need to finish those. I finished 1984 last weekend, it was really good. I enjoyed it. My dad and I are trying to figure out how to get a mid-1990's Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited, I'm hoping to get one soon. I really hate having to share with my parents -- I've been doing that for about 2 1/2 years.

Seems as though everyone is playing with XFree86 4.0 these days. I'm still gonna wait for X Force's debian packages. I'd be scared to try and have both X's installed at once (since it would be hard to uninstall 3.3.6 because of all the dependencies).

I'm still on spring break! Yay!!

On to looking for more Jeep Grand Cherokee's with mrOpie!

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