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I am one of the co-founders and former president of the Linux Professional Institute (LPI). I am now employed as the Director of Conversations for Voxeo Corporation. Previously I was employed by Mitel Networks in Ottawa, Ontario, after Mitel acquired a startup called "e- smith" in June 2001. Before that I was employed by Linuxcare .

Occasionally I find some time to dabble with code and have written several small apps, primarily in python. I used to participate in OCLUG and also help Dave Whitinger maintain the LinTraining directory of Linux training resources. I used to travel around writing and speaking about Linux-related subjects and did in the past regularly write articles for various (usually Linux or training-related) magazines and websites. My wife and I also have a daughter Chloe who makes an appearance from time to time in my entries.

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Celebrating 15 Years of "Blogging", Courtesy of Advogato!

It was 15 years ago tonight, on May 10, 2000, that I created my account here on Advogato and posted my first entry.

Little did I know how much that action would ultimately change my life. I wrote about the journey since that time tonight.

Fun to see!

Congrats to FreeBSD On Their $1 Million Donation

FreeBSD Foundation logoWow! Many congratulations to the folks at the FreeBSD Foundation for receiving a generous $1 million donation from Jan Koum, CEO and Co-Founder of WhatsApp.

And of course many, MANY thanks to Jan Koum for giving back in this way!  As he states in his Facebook post (reprinted in that link above), the FreeBSD operating system helped him get started in his career and got him to where he is today.  This is a wonderful recognition of the power of open source operating systems – and it is wonderful that Jan Koum made this donation.

While most of the UNIX-related work in my life has been focused around Linux versus FreeBSD, I’ve used FreeBSD on a number of projects and found it quite good.  From a strategic point of view, I’m glad to see this donation to the FreeBSD Foundation to help advance its own plans.  Much of the world’s attention to “open source” matters focuses around Linux – and Linux receives the majority of corporate support and donations. But the Internet thrives on diversity and it is great to have a strong set of operating systems out there.  This donation is good for the health of the overall Internet and the open source ecosystem.

Kudos to Jan Koum for making this donation now that he has risen to such a successful point in his life where he can make a donation like this.  I hope he will inspire others who are in such situations to do so as well!

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Tracking The Shellshock BASH Vulnerability – News, Tools and Links

shellshockWith all the attention today to the Shellshock vulnerability, I need a place to keep track of it for my own purposes.  If this page or list helps anyone else, that’s great, but this is primarily a tool for me to capture what’s going on.  I intend to be updating it regularly while this is all happening.  Suggestions are of course welcome in comments.

Note that I have links here to discussion threads on Hacker News.  The comment threads are often fully of incredibly useful information.

Security Advisories

Testing Tools

News about actual exploits

News about the Shellshock vulnerability in general

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Can You Please Help The Ottawa Linux Symposium?

Ols logoIf you have ever used the Linux operating system, could you please help out the Ottawa Linux Symposium (OLS)? For many years OLS has been one of the key events that has helped bring together people from all across the Linux community, and the connections made at OLS have helped to make the Linux operating system that much more powerful and useful. But… as organizer Andrew Hutton recounts on the OLS Indiegogo page, the event has fallen in a bit of a financial crunch and it is now not clear if there will be an OLS in 2015… or ever again.

Could you spare $10? $25? or even $50 or $100? (Or more?)

If so, please help fund OLS on the IndieGogo page!

I first attended OLS back in the early 2000s when I was living right there in Ottawa and working for first a startup called e-smith and then subsequently Mitel Networks. In looking at my list of presentations I can see that I spoke there several times… and the topics I covered take me back to a much different time:

  • 2004 OLS – Tutorial: Introduction to OpenPGP, GnuPG and the Web of Trust
  • 2002 OLS – Tutorial – Single Source Publishing Using DocBook XML
  • 2001 OLS – Maximizing Your Use of CVS

I still remember OLS as the incredibly passionate place where people connected…. and where I made so many connections and learned an amazing amount about Linux.

If OLS was ever important to you… or if Linux has been important to you… please consider donating to help the OLS organization get out of its financial hole and get moving ahead in future years. Organizer Andrew Hutton has poured his heart and soul – and personal money – into making OLS the incredible event it has been… now it would be great if we all can help him! Please consider donating!

Here are a few other viewpoints on the importance of OLS:

Please do donate if you can! THANK YOU!

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Code.DanYork.Com Now Back Available Over IPv6

worldIPv6launch-256pxAfter a Reddit thread started up that briefly referenced a 2011 post I wrote about adding IPv6 to Node.js apps, I was contacted by a Redditor who was surprised that my site wasn’t available over IPv6!


I was surprised, too, because this site is hosted on a dual-stack server at Hurricane Electric and has been accessible over IPv6 since June 7, 2011, right before the World IPv6 Day event.

But in checking into it… there was no AAAA record in DNS for “code.danyork.com” that would point to the server, so the report was indeed accurate. For regular users this site was not available over IPv6.

It turned out to be one of those system administration issues that can bite you.  A month or two ago, TypePad, the provider I still use for my personal DanYork.com site, experienced a severe DDoS attack that took many sites offline.  They recovered but in doing so changed the way that sites were referenced a bit.  I had to switch to using a CNAME instead of an IP address as I had been doing.  The problem there is that due to the “no CNAME at zone apex” rule of DNS, I could no longer use just “http://danyork.com” – I would have to switch to using “http://www.danyork.com/”.

The episode highlighted to me, though, the need to be sure I have “Test over IPv6″ in my list of things to check after making any major changes to any of my sites!


I didn’t want to switch and so I moved the DNS for “danyork.com” over to CloudFlare to make use of their “CNAME Flattening” so that I could still use “danyork.com”.

However, in moving the DNS info from my previous DNS hosting provider to CloudFlare, I messed up.  I didn’t bring across the AAAA record for code.danyork.com.  Also, very bizarrely, I didn’t have the “Automatic IPv6″ setting enabled for danyork.com – even though it is now supposed to be on by default for all new domains.

So the fix was simple – I added the AAAA record for code.danyork.com, and I also flipped the switch on the Automatic IPv6 gateway.  Now both code.danyork.com and danyork.com are fully available over IPv6.

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