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OK the BT HomeHighway installation is completed. The engineer who was supposed to be there "between 8am and 10.30am" was in fact there between around 10am and 12.30pm - but what does writing off half of a customer's day matter?

Turns out it took him longer than expected because there was a DACS on my old analogue line which needed to be removed - and the old modem which I'd found lying around and had declared to be a 28.8K one after testing can in fact do 33.6K now it's got a decent line.

It seems that I get to keep all three of the numbers on the various letters I received. One for each analogue 'line' and one for the ISDN 'line'.

However, in spite of the fact that they told me last week I'd see all the incoming voice calls on the ISDN S-bus, so the computer has a chance to answer them and do voicemaily-things, that's not the case - only calls to one of the numbers appear on the S-bus, and the computer can't set its Outgoing Caller Identity to either of the other two numbers either.

Perhaps I would have been better off just getting an ISDN2e installation. It appears that BT are charging £88 per quarter for ISDN, but £39.99 per month for HomeHighway. So although I'd have to get a TA to allow me to plug in my old analogue equipment, I'd probably be better off in the long run, and I'd be able to play.

Fucking Useless Telco.

Hmmm. Bryce hasn't been in the US long, and he seems to have forgotten how to spell already. Is it something in the water? The name of the political party governing the UK is the "Labour" party.

Before you ask - No, I don't have anything better to do than sit here and be pedantic. I'm stuck at home waiting for a BT engineer to finally turn up and install my ISDN line. I've been waiting an hour and a half so far.

Fucking Useless Telco.

Happy Happy Joy Joy. MTD code is working nicely on my toy with JFFS as the root filesystem. So I made a new release and also sent it to Linus in the hope that he'll put it into 2.4 as it's "only new drivers." Now I can work on making a CONFIG_BLK_DEV option so that I can turn it off.

Managed to catch the elusive sct during a brief period of connexion and prod him for vmap_iobuf() again. He's still on dialup because BT haven't managed to move his leased line yet - only two or three weeks after they were supposed to have done it.

Fucking Useless Telco.

Tried to call BT last night at 7:45pm, to confirm that they're really not going to try to take my phone number away from me.

Got a recorded message along the lines of "We're sorry the helpdesk is closed at the moment. Our working hours are Monday to Saturday, 8am to 8pm. Please call back during those times."

I put the phone down and called back immediately, as requested, but just got the same message.

Fucking Useless Telco.

Grrr. I changed the structure presented to userspace by the MEMGETINFO ioctl, which is a pain in the arse because I can't currently compile user-space binaries for by test board.

They'll call me back, apparently. I bet that if they ever do, they've not managed to fix the problem, and probably not even managed to understand it either.

They didn't, they hadn't, and when I eventually called them back, they hadn't.

Fucking Useless Telco.

In today's second round of entirely predictable and prediected cluelessness from a telephone company, it turns out that NTL really are supplying my Caller-ID box with the Network number of the incoming call, rather than the Presentation number.

Upon calling to point this fact out to them, I received the normal "Blame it on the other end" response, followed by utter confusion when I explained in more detail.

They'll call me back, apparently. I bet that if they ever do, they've not managed to fix the problem, and probably not even managed to understand it either.

Fucking Useless Telco.

Hmmm. Three letters from British Telecom about the upgrade of my landline to ISDN^H^H^H^H "BT HomeHighway".

The first says "Your new telephone number will be xxxx".
The second says "Your new telephone number will be yyyy".
The third says "Your telephone number is zzzz", which actually matches my existing phone number.

Somewhat confused, I called BT. I thought that HomeHighway only had two phone numbers - your original one and an extra one for the data line. They categorically stated that they're not going to attempt to change my old number, which would cause me a lot of hassle and be an entirely stupid thing to do.

This is bloody annoying, because hearing that from BT, of course, means that in all probability they _are_ going to change my bloody number.

Fucking Useless Telco.

Proper non-busy-waiting code for Intel flash chips now appears to be working. I'm dumping an 8Mb FTL filesystem onto the toy to test it. Should have turned off the debugging output first...

write ret OK at 20ca5a
chip not ready yet after write. looping
write ret OK at 20ca5c
chip not ready yet after write. looping
write ret OK at 20ca5e

Lots and lots of those at 115200 baud. Well, it seems to have done 2Mb already - so hopefully, it'll have finished by the time I return to the office on Monday.

I'm off to go play boats and forget about it all.

Cool. I got my car back, and now I finally believe that Citroën really did pay for it to be fixed. Still a little concerned that Marshalls declared it needed a new engine without even moving it off the forecourt, though.

No more bloody Micra, although it turned out I'd only get about £8 back if I returned it today three days early - so it's staying in Marshalls' forecourt till Monday when the Xantia's going back in temporarily for a service. Saves me walking across Cambridge to get to work on Monday morning.

Yes, the Micra is just better than walking - although it's a close thing.

Don't seem to have produced much today.

Perhaps something to do with not bothering to go to work until about noon, because Mum came over last night and didn't arrive till past 11pm.

Got an M-Systems ISA flash card - now I have JEDEC flash in a PC where it's easy to muck around with. Shame it's not CFI, though.

Also upgraded X server to 4.0g and spent half an hour trying to work out why the V4L stuff wasn't working - turned out that it was, but now my code is sync'd with XFree86 CVS and the debugging's turned off, so it just wasn't printing anything about it to the logfile.

Hello Ali. You've reminded me - I think I forgot to mention last week that BT were booked to come and install the ISDN line, but they didn't turn up. I probably forgot t mention it because, being BT, it was entirely unsurprising.

So unsurprising, in fact, that I didn't even bother to stay home in case they did turn up. :)

Managed to get Caller-ID almost working on my NTL (née Cambridge Cable) line in the office, at last. I say 'almost' because I bet it's still displaying the network number instead of the presentation number.

Did I mention that 'fucking useless telco' is a tautology? Present company excepted :)

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