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14 Mar 2001 (updated 14 Mar 2001 at 13:58 UTC) »

So xcyber, my partner in crime during my summer job at Linux Center (HK) finally showed up here on Advogato. Greetings.

To fork or not to fork

xcyber's entry on the idea of "forking is good" is kinda interesting. Why do we condemn others when people try to fork code? When gtkhtml forked into CSChtml (or some such), it caused quite a stir... why is that?

People were a bit unhappy when GNOME 'forked' (kinda) from KDE, or when xemacs forked from gnuemacs, OpenBSD from NetBSD. But now, these projects (GNOME, xemacs and OpenBSD) are all seen as good, legit projects... why then do we condemn other efforts to fork code (and make the code do whatever they want to do)?

I guess one could argue it is a matter of how appropriate it is. Hmm... Comments?

Something else

I'm now in Hong Kong, enjoying my senior year spring break best I can. It's a bit boring, since everyone else is at school/work. Stuck with Windows at home (only for now, hopefully), I have been testing out some neat Windows programs. I tried Blogger earlier today and was impressed with how easy to use it is. We should have something like this on Linux too, since we're no longer only targeting power users.

AFAIK, ithought is the only blogger-like program avaliable on Linux now. voltron has been working on on ithought2, so it could get really interesting RSN.

Maybe putting this into Evolution could be really nice....

Downloading Groove now, we'll see how it goes.

Un peu plus

I read somewhere (maybe Scripting News?) that someone (maybe Steve Capps) said that "the web has no standard user interface." (paraphrased) I guess things like Blogger or Manila could one day help us organize and present our web content in a clear and standardized way.

The question is: Do we want a standard user interface for the web?

Interesting conversation with voltron last night. All quite thought-provoking.

Talked to Asa of MozillaZine, started planning on workingbuildbar status page for Evolution.

Must go and do homework now.

19 Feb 2001 (updated 20 Feb 2001 at 19:50 UTC) »
Saturday, Second Day of Long weekend

Went to a concert with voltron at Bershad Gallery in Somerville. Met dto in person for the first time and also other interesting people. Listened to cool electronic music till very late at night.

Monday, Third Day of Long weekend

Went to the new office today by noon time and started hacking.

I'm busy, but this is fun. It's great to meet all these other hackers, I met iain for the first time today and also rodo, jimmac and dobey.

I'm staying till 9:00 tonight and going back to school later.

I'll have to do all my homework tomorrow.

ps. I got a bag from the office, I'm a happy person. I also got a pass card and stuff. Cool.


Had dinner with others. Too much fun.

Will have to do homework tomorrow.

Tired, as usual. It's good that I only have 2 classes tomorrow. Need to finish/start writing an English paper on Vladimir Nabokov's Lolita. Also need to catch up on Picture of Dorian Gray reading.

Contemplating whether or not I should go for a Digital camera, DC-210 or an iPAQ. iPAQ is winning right now.

Need to catch up on Evolution work.

Maybe I am feeling better, or maybe my sense are just numb.

Started to understand all full meaning of the 'Life sucks + Loneliness' journal entries posted here. Au meme temps, I also realized how sad and pitiful this all is.

Got my GNOME cvs account.


Been procrastinating all day, feeling kinda down.

Now this happened.

Heard tonight that a guy from school last year, Ben H.(lived in the same dorm as I did for two years) died last friday. Died, just like that. Found dead next to a bus-stop in San Francisco.

He was Class of 2000, I am class of 2001. He graduated last year, I'm graduating this year.

I definitely don't feel like working tonight.

On a sidenote:
The school winter production this year is the tectonic threater company's Laramie Project, a story about the hate crime that happened in Laramie, WY, 3 years ago resulting in the death of gay UW student Matthew Shepherd.

It was an excellent play, and very moving.

Somehow, however, now that Ben H. also died, this all feels kinda strange.


Life is okay. Tired.

My arm still hurts.

I have to write two papers this weekend, one for English on Lolita and another for French.

I am busy this weekend.

Planning on spending some time with voltron to do our NeXTStep rip-off services applet.

Got my first letter of rejection last friday from St. Andrews, but I got a letter of acceptance from U. of Arizona today.

That makes me feel better.

4 Feb 2001 (updated 4 Feb 2001 at 20:28 UTC) »


My name is Duncan Mak, this is my new nick. I used to be mustapha.

well, some people (like miguel and raph) still call me mustapha at times.

Anyhow, been working hard. It's good that the movie is shot, hopefully it won't come back all black. Been busy trying to help out the evolution build process.

Been reading Stopshowers!, a book about the creation of Windows NT. It's pretty interesting stuff. From what I gather, they did checkins without version control when they were working on NT ('91-'93, when i was still in elementary school) The book talked of a whiteboard in the Build lab for writing down names of files to check-in, and coders "working in the Build lab to hand in the code." How quaint!

Deep C Programming has been good. I really need to find time to code some shell stuff for Evolution now. Oh by the way, I'm happy that I got the only perfect score on my last AP Computer Science test.

Today Shot a movie today, really tired.

Saw the school's Varsity basketball game instead of coding. We lost, but the game wasn't too good. Lots of contact and fouls. People jumping up in the air and then slamming down hard on the floor.

Not a good sight.

28 Jan 2001 (updated 28 Jan 2001 at 21:43 UTC) »

Finally finished all remaining work. My Work Mail vfolder is empty once again.

Handed in my timesheet. I'll have money soon.

I have lots of homework, but it's also superbowl night with 'Matrix'-style instant-replay. Decisions decisions.

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