25 Nov 2004 donscarletti   » (Master)

I have my last exam for the year tomorrow. Since my usual sleeping pattern totally prevents me from waking up early enough for such things I elected to stay up last night, in the hope of going to bed this afternoon and awaking a couple of hours before dawn.

This time I tried employing a method of prolonging my waking status for longer. Coffee. I got the strongest coffee I could by in the local supermarket and made up a plunger with triple the recommended amount. All up I have consumed a litre and a half of espresso strength coffee, containing 16 or so teaspoons of the strongest preground beans I could find, and this was all consumed over the period of an hour.

This resulted in an odd, dreamlike state, where I was totally incapable of doing anything except for playing UT, which I did fantastically well. Possibly better than I have ever played it. I guess the stuff improved my reflexes. However this effect only lasted a few hours. Now all I feel is an upset stomach and a strange chill all around my body. Well, that and a huge feeling of remorse. You know the type if you've ever had another pleasant tasting liquid unsettle your stomach and change your state of mind. My heart is now going at about 100bpm (by my poor attempt at taking a radial pulse), faster than average, but nothing crazy.

All up, my excessive consumption of coffee was pretty stupid really, but it was fun to try. After all, people put far worse things into their bodies and live long enough the regret them. If I had to binge on anything, I guess coffee is a better than average thing to do so on.

But back to UT for a second. UT2004 has an awesome port to Linux. It actually comes on the disk. I never actually knew that, but it's kind of sad that I hadn't seen it before. I just downloaded all the bonus packs and patches that I could. It's really nice to see such an awesome game for Linux. Kudos to Epic, Icculus for porting it and Sam Lantinga, SGI, Nvidia (in my case) and the dudes behind OpenAL for making the libraries that makes it all possible. I had a little trouble with it first. It couldn't find the OpenGL library, but I preloaded it with LD_PRELOAD and everything worked fine.

Well, I've been up for 24 hours so far, so I'm not talking or typing the most sense. I talked with my flatmate yesterday about writing a realtime raytracer. Sounds like a fun project. Useless but challenging, a bit like my work with brainfuck a while ago. I'm quite in mood for a little bit of optimisation in librsvg, when sleep grants me the mental powers to do so. Uraeus has been talking a lot about liboil of late. Apparently there is nothing it can't do. I'm a little uneasy about introducing new dependencies but I sort of see this as a possible gain since with liboil we could manage optimisations quite well. It won't ultimately be my choice anyway, technically speaking it is cinamod's project to maintain and I wouldn't have the gall to just start adding dependencies without consulting him. I'm quite excited, mainly because I've never used SSE2 before, and I am itching to use it for filters. Especially gaussian blur. liboil seems to be a way that I could do such a thing without filling librsvg with messy and unportable inline assembly. The problem is that I could get the same degree speedups by just doing logical little tweaks that don't require any sacrifice in simplicity of compilation to do, so I should be doing them before I start linking to cirtain things. One such optimisation is pre-multiplied alpha: a simple process but would save us so much time all up.

I'm sure I've said something dumb, inacurate or downright silly due to my sleep deprived haze. I'll edit this later.

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