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GStreamer :

- I m halfway done rewriting the X11 video plugins for GStreamer. Our goal is to have some ximage and xvimage plugins with some ranking system trying to use the best one available on the system. It's a tough job... Not really because of real coding but just because of some design issues, caps renegotiation looks buggy and it seems i will have to fix a lot of other plugins to get that working. I m also trying to implement interactivity catching events on video overlay and forwarding that upstream in the pipeline. That seems to be buggy too.. Oh dear, where will of that end up..

- The player is still broken, i don't want to fix until we arrive to a clear design on the video overlay interface. That would be useless time.

- thomasvs was here this week and he has been very lucky to find a flat that fast. I was a bit afraid it might take longer but everything seems to go problemless. We had a long and interesting discussion about the company i m about to create for GStreamer related projects. I think we both agree that this project is very interesting and that could be a big hit for the free software community. We still have to find a name for that company and build a website. I should start writing the business plan for it ASAP... Why are those days only 24 hours long .. ?

Home :

- I ordered a new Dell computer for my home use.. I hope that one will build GStreamer faster than my powerbook so that i can get things done quicker... Damn those 19" Flat panels look awesome.

- My 2 little dogs are doing just fine but i m a bit annoyed that they try to play with everything they find in the garden such as lights and water irrigation system :-(

- Next week i ll go to France to train one of my new employees and i will enjoy that time to meet some friends and family there. Barcelona is not that far but still you tend to loose contact with a lot of people.

Just released version 0.6.0 of the player. It features stuff like video effects, visualisation, lot of bug fixes and a very nice about box from jimmac (thanks Jakub).

Just commited some fixes in totem's cvs HEAD for gstreamer backend. Visualisation is fixed and scaling should work correctly. I hope we can have a release soon for people who want to use the GStreamer backend.

Getcontrol is doing fine. The photo listing is 80% implemented and that's the starting for a lot of listing (mp3, oggs, divx, etc..) The toolkit is quite stable now and i can really start integrating features inside. Though i still need to do a lot of work to get DirectFB support in both xine-lib and gstreamer.

We have done a lot of fixes the last week end. I have implemented subclassing for video sink. That will unify API for sdlvideosink, xvideosink, aasink, etc... Also made some changes in libgstplay in 0.6 branch to get a really stable background library for both totem, gst-player and getcontrol.

That week end has been quite poor in sleep hours but very rich in meeting interesting people. Our house hosted GMUADEC 2003 and it was a pleasure to welcome the GStreamer core developer team in our spanish castle ;-) I still need some days to get back to normal eyes opening but the week end has been very productive and GStreamer is on a good track in my opinion.

That's it for today


Rewriting Getcontrol from scratch has been a long and very interesting task.. It is now fully based on Glib and GObjects with its own toolkit. It is higly modular giving a huge flexibility to people who might be interested using Getcontrol as their dvd/divx/etc.. embedded player. I am actually finishing some input plugins for joystick and lirc. I hope xine-lib integration will be easy with DirectFB. If not i will have to write a DirectFB sink for Gstreamer sooner than i planned.


Just back from a 5 days week end, feeling relaxed and ready to read 500 e-mails... Noelle and me decided to buy some mountains bikes next week end to enjoy some tracks in the hills..

Been a long time with no diary entry here..

I finally started porting totem to GStreamer. It starts to be functionnal and very cute :)

Company fixed a very big bug in GStreamer which makes that libgstplay is now rock stable in HEAD. We will really soon release 0.6.2 so that we can push players based on GStreamer into GNOME.

So many time spent on GStreamer and Getcontrol still awaiting me to release 0.1.7

I should be able to do it soon now that crashes are going away...

I finally decided that i won't go to GUADEC as i have so many trips planed for June already.

That's all for tonight..

8 Mar 2003 (updated 8 Mar 2003 at 13:31 UTC) »
Gst-Player :

Visualisation works better and better. ape monkeymedia format is now supported by the playlist. I just need to dig in Xv stuff to handle the non Xv enabled screens (actually they might see horrible things). Once this is done i ll start working on a BaconWidget for Totem using GStreamer like i promised to hadess.

Getcontrol :

I've been cleaning the automake stuff so that building is easier and safer. Also integrated gstvideowidget in the cvs module as a dependency with gst-player would hurt. I just need to make some test to fix critical bugs and 0.1.7 will be released.

GStreamer :

This week i employed a new techie in my team, his name is Jorge Robles and he will work full time building a video streaming server based on GStreamer media framework. This server will not be opensource but all contribs and fixes to GStreamer will be LGPL.


Discussing with my boss we agreed that we could offer a part of our offices in Barcelona's World Trade Center for a Free Software Foundation Spain agency... I need to talk with Matthias Saou to see if the project is still on the way... We would provide : phone line, fax line, desktop, internet connectivity, meeting room.

Personal stuff :

Winter holidays started today. Taking the plane this afternoon to go to France for a week skiing in French Alps. My wife and me are really happy to go there :)

This week end has been focused on integrating visualisation plugins in Gst-Player.

I m a bit sad that i will miss Oslo's summit but winter holidays are around the corner anyway :)

Integration is not finnished yet but a big part of it is done already :)

Here is a screenshot of what it looks like


Time to go back home :)

I m just back from abroad and i just seen that Uraeus made the release of Gst-Player 0.5.0 :)

Rock n Roll !!!

Some people are pushing me for the release 0.1.7 of Getcontrol... Patience it will come soon...

I've been quite busy these days and the next week ends should be more productive than past ones :)

21 Jan 2003 (updated 22 Jan 2003 at 09:32 UTC) »

I am now in Slovakia and it's quite cold there :)

I enjoyed the plane travels to remove a lot of bugs from Getcontrol and to improve GstVideoWidget from gst-player (GStreamer).

The widget now has a logo and it scales nicely :)

Plane travels are good for open source programming, you have time, silence, a nice girl bringing you some food and coke when you want...

Good conditions isn't it..

thomasvs pointed me to my buggy homepage on advogato. It was going to a sex site of my company :) Fun i forgot to remove this VirtualHost on the servers :)

Ok Diary let's work a bit now :)

20 Jan 2003 (updated 22 Jan 2003 at 09:32 UTC) »

After 2 long weeks working on GStreamer and more especially on gst-player, i finally have the needed stuff in that project to continue coding on Getcontrol.

The video widget of gst-player now handles fullscreen in a xinerama compliant way. Tricky Xwindow embedding is now easy and no need to leak some X ressources.

I started to integrate GtkPlaylist from Totem after discussing it with hadess.

Last friday i was in a conference from Richard Stallman. It was very interesting and we had fun ! Discussing with Georg from the FSF Europe we agreed that something needs to be done in spain for the FSF.

Matthias Saou and me will try to get more involved in the FSF and my wife want to be a volunteer for administrative tasks if we manage to build a FSF Spain.

Good plans :)

Leaving this afternoon for Slovakia to check up my technical teams there. Hope everything will be fine :)

8 Jan 2003 (updated 22 Jan 2003 at 09:31 UTC) »

I ve been granted a cvs account by Uraeus on GStreamer project. I'll now be able to integrate faster some fixes and enhancements so that Getcontrol get better and better...

There's so much things to do on this gst-player thing, and i don't really know where to start with the small free time i have...

I'll first try to see why XEvents are not sent back to GTK apps embedding gst xvideo in a gtk_socket. That could allow some nice features...

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