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Been a long time. Stuff is going great with gnome-db. I need to get around to doing report proposal. I have a holiday coming up and plan to get caught up.

My project at work is about at its peak. However, it looks like I may have volunteered myself for more than I am willing to chew. It will be great experience and hopefully I can give some of it back to the community. If those lawyers allow it. : )

Short on time. Long on ideas. Adios.

GNUe is getting big. : ) However, that means harder to keep up with. : ( Missed jamest by a few minutes on Friday so dont where things sit although I imagine not all that great as I didnt see any cvs mail come across the wire.

Might make question as to whether to move CVS to our servers and get bonsai and lxr installed on the repository. Also, probably need to institute bugzilla, gnats or one of the other bug tracking systems at some point.

Have lots on my mind but no definite task list, which is bad for me. I do much better with direct mission other ways I skate around unproductive as there seems to be an overwhelming feeling which would rather be avoided than embraced...

So many things so little time.....

Well the BDAY is here... Whooo HOOO... NOT!

Been having computer withdrawls.. Less than an hour a day will do that to me. Hope to get some work done this weekend. As I will be swamped all next week with real work. : (

Strategic training is over... It was very good learned some principles I can apply to free software projects. Also, allows me to align my strategy for working on government agencies to use free software. : )

I think this may become my mission in life. To get local government to use free software tools and solutions. Please give me wish and luck.

LONG time no entry. Been VERY busy with project at work. Plus Wednesday through Tomorrow I have been in strategic planning meetings. Very interesting stuff. I have taken quite the interest in the business side of the fence. I think more programmers need to understand their customers to better serve them.

Tomorrow I turn a whopping 26 years old. Wow, how time flies I can not believe it. Finally got v0.0.1 of proposal template done, but not on web site yet. I also go tarball of v0.0.1 of gnue forms bundled. Ian gave me source for jforms, but still need to handle getting in cvs and to the web.

Andru @ Treshna has been busy. Wish I had more time to focus on what is going on there and with Gnome-DB. I trust their judgement and am sure things are going well though. : ) Learning some interesting stuff at good ole strategic training, but I suppose sharing here would get me in trouble with some. : ) Muhahaha...

Jamest should be off tomorrow and get some serious work done. YEAH!!! I am jamming along on the PO module stuff. Just waiting for table defs we created a while ago that have been mis placed and then I am off to the races... yippie....

Today spoke with Kenny some from Gnome Documentation Project. Looked at their template stuff. After discussion with Andru from Treshna I will be starting the templates this week. Shouldnt be too much too it. : ) or so I am telling myself.

Appears there is good tool http://www.conglomerate.org for doing docbook stuff. : ) This will be a big plus. Several have asked. I am considering taking the GDP handbook and reworking it fit GNUe as it is under the FDL and makes for a nice start to such a thing.

Anyhow, its time to code. Saw The Whole Nine Yards other night with Bruce Willis. It was pretty funny.

Crabby day for me about GNUe. Need to fix documentation. I can only imagine the stuff Stallman must go through in being a purist to free software. No wonder people think he's incorrigible, I am sure the crap he puts up with makes him less than excitable to deal with people wishing to flame him.

Tomorrow I am home alone with kids, so I should get some hacking done during nap and play times. : ) The question is where do I want to focus my time...... I will have to think about it.....

Well playing with eggdrop and bots a bit. Accidently did a fsckem on #gnue when trying to get help on it. : ) Bad Masta, no donut. Ian has bugs kinked out of JForms a bit so java port is moving forward.

Jamest has been very busy moving client and me with life, but hopefully things get back on track quickly. Have a boat load of mail to respond to. I have done well keeping it all read, but been horrible about responding.

Grabbed Evolution last night. It is nice looking but as advertised heavy ALPHA stuff. So not very functional. I will limp along with what I have for the time being.

Man its been a wild day. Things have been going well other than chatter on the GNUe mailing list. Must ignore and stay focused on goal of GNUe not the details of how to collaborate.

Jade returned today. : ) Reinhard made presence on gnome-db list and I think things are looking up. It's about time!

Thanks to jamest and chewie for their support today...

Been out ill a few days and then forgot to make any entries..

Talks have gotten even better with gnome-db team. Rodrigo has really made excellent efforts to remove gtk dependencies. Also we have been discussing report engine which would be great to get extra help.

Trying to get more organized. With a bit of reluctance put sourceforge site up. What a tangled web we weave. :) It is time to roll up sleeves and start getting dirty baby. :) Well time is short hope to keep better journal rest of week.

Talks with red hat continue for the county too. Should have conference call with senior engineers tomorrow. :)

Today was not a good GNUe day in many respects. : (

I wont talk about it. However, I did get off my ass and get the links section working and a postgres account set up for gnue. Bout damn time!!!!

Before getting ready to close out my day swung by irc and found ^chewie and idstewart which brightened my gnue day. Will be busy during coming week, but plan to try to work like hell on gnue.

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