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FreeCraft isnt Dead
The old FreeCraft engine is being reworked and now resumes activity under the new name Stratagus. Also, my own project, Project Inferno, is somewhat of a fork of FreeCraft, though I havent actually intergrated any FC code in.

Shadow Conflict and Project Inferno
Up, still working. I may infact hit the 0.1 release date 5 months away from now.

Still dont have one. Still looking for one.

16 Sep 2003 (updated 16 Sep 2003 at 11:05 UTC) »
VeriSign Can Bite My Shiney Metal Ass
The bastards seem to have set up some sort of wildcard DNS entry, so it picks up all typo'ed urls, and forwards it to the VeriSign SiteFinder website. What did I want? Oh yeah... Bloody Vengance!.

Not only does it fuck up spam filtering systems that dump mail based on if its coming from a valid host or not, its costing some companies millions of dollars. And really, I would rather Microsoft and AOL get the money, instead of VeriSign. I urge sysadmins at ISPs all over the world to block the SiteFinder website.

iRATE has download resuming now! No more being left out because you're on dialup!... Okay, really, Im the only dialup user on iRATE. -_-;;

On the whole, iRATE is shaping up quite well. CVS has a different download metric, one similiar to "Download files until X files are unrated". The only major thing left for it is Vorbis support, which, for some odd reason, isnt high up on their todo list. Go figure.

Yup, still looking for one.

Shadow Conflict and Project Inferno
Yup, still working on it. Im still trying to aim for the 0.1 release in 5 months, but I probably wont make it.

In addition to what I said in my last post, I think iRATE should drop the use of external players. Yes, I realize this may be very hard in Javaland, but it would allow easier intergration of the player system into the UI.

Also, the use of BitTorrent would also be nice. It could be used to take a load off the download servers. Though, it would be an optional external dependancy.

Also, I think it should be downloading using a different metric. The only two acceptable ways I can think of are "Download files until X files havent been listened to yet" and "Download files until X files are unrated". People could just set it to some really high number, and run the client overnight.

The last thing is somewhat of a requirement. _RESUMING OF DOWNLOADS_. Im on dialup, so I'd rather not waste time restarting a download at 90%. If you add one thing I've asked for, it has to be this. ;)

Also, similiar in nature, I want to be able to rate partially downloaded files. Since I just started using it, I tend to get files that I rate "this sux". Why should I have to download the whole thing if it sucks? This would, of course, require the ability to play partially downloaded files.

In addition to _all_ of this, it would also be nice to have a simple download speed/eta meter like most downloading apps have.

And theres more! iRATE currently doesnt try to do simple file size validating to see if the file was correctly downloaded. This will be needed to be added.

(Yes, I know, its a long list.)

Rootless Root
The set of koans mrorganic pointed out are very good. This should be manditory reading by soon-to-be hackers. esr is a very smart man, but I have to admit, this is one of the better things he has written. (Not that his other stuff was bad, or anything.)

10 Sep 2003 (updated 10 Sep 2003 at 06:15 UTC) »
iRATE is pretty cool. I never realized this many artists released their music like this. However, I think iRATE needs a couple things to really take off. The first thing is an online database of all music in the database. The second, going well with the first, is the ability for people to submit entries for the database. (That is especially good for artists who want to add their own music to the database.)

The database could also list information about the artist (like website or email), and other songs he/she/they made. Even an Amazon-ish "people who highly rate this song also highly rate..." type of metric could be nice.

Jobs (still quite nonexistant)
Sadly, the job hunt is still going. Even the local McDs isnt hiring. I would rant about the sad state of the economy, and that the war in iraq is killing it off, but why bother: I'm preaching to the choir.

Shadow Conflict and Project Inferno
This is where I insert a comment about how progress is going slowly. But you should be happy that there is any progress at all. ;)

The Giant Advogato Think Tank
Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to think of a good name for an R-Type clone. (Please, no names that I could get sued by Irem for. That means to *-Type submissions.)

Shadow Conflict and Project Inferno
Work is slowly progressing, though I'm kind of taking a break.

Jobs (nonexistant)
Yup, still dont have a job. Doesn't anyone need a clueful fellow to do stuff? Web/Graphic designing? Coding? Anything?

Older Articles
Wow, times have changed. I was reading madhatter's diary entry mentioning older articles. And look what I found: CScope released by SCO on SourceForge. SCO released software under the BSD liscense, only one of many nails in SCO's coffin.

Another good one is Misclassified Master Requests Reclassification. Did self-certification ever come to pass? Also, I'm about a year behind on the conversation, but do certifications really mean what they are stated to mean? Lilo is basically a social engineer of sorts, so hes important to the open source community as any of the other masters are. Being rated master is something that people cant take lightly: If the community says you are a master, then you are one; and they will look to you for guidance, etc.

In line with the previous article I mentioned, is Advogato stats, and seems to touch on my question of, "do certifications really mean what they are stated to mean?" Different people think differently, and they think about different things. Strange humans. ;)

And, as I read further, it seems this is/was a big subject. Certifier Nullification and the Advogato Trust Metric seems to answer my question about certifications actually meaning what we think they mean.

Jobs (eg, still lacking)
The job search still continues! And, as you have guessed, I havent found any. Too bad there wasnt a system to get payed for coding on open source projects.

Jobs (or lack thereof)
First, I would like to thank President Bush on wasting tax payer's money, which could be used to enrich the American job market.

I would like to ask, what is everyone out there, the ones who are jobless, doing to survive? Seeing as I personally have been without any job for almost two years now, I have ran out of ideas on what to do anymore. The job market is dead, no one is hiring, a large number of companies are firing people, and money is vacating the United States for parts unknown. What are us geeks supposed to do?

So, does anyone know any jobs for a graphics artist or C programmer?

Seems that one of the project website hosting servers blew both its disks. This effects a lot of projects, including my own. I was going to put up a link for the new beta version of the Gnome Gel Logo, but due to what has happened, this is now impossible for the time being.

Shadow Conflict and Project Inferno
I said a while ago that I may be releasing version 0.1 of both within the next 6 months. Seeing as I am investing even more time into the job hunt, I may no longer have time to work on code any longer. The project isn't dead, just somewhat suspended.

Since everyone is talking about trust lately, what happens when someone that you know (say, a fellow developer) breaks your trust? I've had this happen with one of the projects I used to work on.

But it makes you wonder, what stops someone from saying that you never contributed anything to a project, and just tearing your code out of cvs just because they dont like you, even if it effects thousands of users who know nothing of whats going on in the background?

More importantly, why should one developer trust another developer? I no longer see a reason to do so. Most people code for the wrong reasons, for their own personal glory instead of just helping other people, or just doing it for fun.

After something like this happening to me, Im not sure if I can trust other developers anymore. What stops this from happening again? What stops other developers from just accepting my patches, and then telling me to fuck off?

I think after today, Im taking up the policy that I do not code on other people's projects. Its not worth the abuse.

Shadow Conflict and Project Inferno
I think Im going to take up another new policy. Anyone who says that Im not working fast enough, or that I should be working on something else are going to be on my perminant ignore list. This is my project, and I do this for my own personal enjoyment. Unless any of you are willing to submit code, or donate money or hardware, or give useful or advice, or even just words of enchouragement: Go away. I dont want to hear the flaming, the trolling, or any of the other forms of stupidity.

I agree with ChipX86 that trouble users should be taken out and shot. This is _my_ project, you are not willing to help, nor provide any support at all, so shut up and go away.

For those who have done the Right Thing (tm): I thank you, and I wish more people were like you. Developers get burnt out and quit because of the vast ammount of stupidity that comes from idiot users, and if they would all go away, this world would be a better place.

8 Aug 2003 (updated 8 Aug 2003 at 10:51 UTC) »
Gnome Background
I wish more people would tell me what they think of the gnome background. I need to know if it sucks or not, and if I should continue working on it (or even release as is.)

Shadow Conflict and Project Inferno
I should be releasing 0.1 of both within the next 6 months hopefully, though don't expect it to "do much". The framework, LUA interaction layer, user input layer, and OpenGL interaction layer is a lot by themselves, but the code to access them doesn't... do much.

I think may be we should thank SCO for all the publicity they have given to Linux. Because of them, many companies are now considering Linux as a viable alternative to whatever commercial OS they are using now. Of course, everyone still gets to laugh at SCO. (See jdub's Aug 7th post.) Also, it seems that the Zero SCO joke earlier of mine has gained a life of its own: I saw someone on IRC posting a URL to the joke.

Holy crap Furi Kuri (also known as FLCL and Fooly Cooly) is so damn cool. I mean, wow. I'm speechless, I've never seen an anime that damn cool. Its possibly the coolest anime I've ever seen. Wow. (Yes, I'm watching the English dub of it. And yes, Id rather be watching it subbed.) Did I mention Furi Kuri is cool?

I'm not entirely sure what makes it so cool. The animation is very impressive, especially in it's ability to represent the scenes perfectly. The music, done by The Pillows, absolutely rocks; the lyrics themselves somewhat of a rich tapestry of rich Japanese and odd parings of English words. And the plot is insane, and the entire series is very fast.

Though, I want to know something. Why do we Geeks watch anime? Is it the fast pace? The complex plots? The large robots? The big weapons/explosions? Japanese schoolgirls and their misadventures with tentacles?

Anime (and in turn, modern science fiction) has a huge influence on Shadow Conflict. The story (which hasn't been released yet) is anime and science fiction oriented, and many other aspects of the game are heavily influenced by anime.

trs80: I didn't know that Advogato only showed the top entry. I also didn't know it could remember previewed entries. Ill probably wait until my top entry scrolls off the recent log until I post again now.

MichaelCrawford: I personally think people who use older browsers and aren't smart enough to upgrade deserve every bit of punishment. Especially since 90% of people are smart enough to be able to install newer versions of software, or in the case of MSIE users in Windows, they are smart enough to use Windows Update. I also think anyone using a browser that is more than a major version older than the newest version needs to be taken out and beaten with a cluebat.

For my webwork, I require a standards compliant web browser. (Which some believe is the same as "best viewed with MSIE" or "best viewed with Netscape" which was popular in the mid to late 90s, but it isn't. If the browser isn't up to the task of browsing, why are you using it?) Id hate to see what the Shadow Conflict website or the Project Inferno website would look like in NS4 or MSIE5.

And for those people out there who think about money, it is no longer cost effective to support MSIE4 and under, and NS4 and under. Businesses evolve, software evolves, standards evolve. When either of these three don't evolve, they die. And as such, large businesses change their battle tactics, software version numbers go up, and people rethink ideas.

I should read insert credit more...
Even though I link to insert credit from the Shadow Conflict website, I always forget to read it. So someone asks me to go read an article (that was posted 7 days ago) about game piracy. Its really really really funny. And sadly, quite true. (You cant make this stuff up.)

7 Aug 2003 (updated 7 Aug 2003 at 00:48 UTC) »
People Suck
Well, it seems no one thought the zero wing joke was funny. Infact one person (you know who you are) decided to seek me out on irc and told me to quit posting on Advogato. Well, thanks a lot. It means so much when someone insults me. I feel so loved, you know?

Also, it seems everyone has agreed that my gnome logo background sucks. Well, thanks a lot everyone, its so nice to belong to this community.

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