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8 Jul 2004 (updated 8 Jul 2004 at 20:43 UTC) »

So, Advogato is back up finally!!! I had nearly given up checking on it!

My last post was on May 27th and a lot has happened since then. I've talked about it in my blog on blogspot and the project blogs for kaprekar and matra. Also started a photo blog and a blog for my genealogy interests.

Well I got Gmail and am comfortably using it. Got a set of invites and distributed it too. Meanwhile my email accounts at yahoo and hotmail stand neglected (though they have increased the capacity). Gave a lot of feedback to Gmail - looks like they have been overwhelmed by the suggestions. :)


Added a lot of dtdtrees on the Matra site -

1. Bioinformatic Sequence Markup Language dtdtree.

2. WAP Wireless Markup Language dtdtree.

3. Speech Synthesis Markup Language dtdtree.

4. RSS 0.91 dtdtree

5. XHTML strict dtdtree.


7. GedML.


Two releases were made for the Kaprekar application -

Released version 2.0b. The main changes in this release includes addition of a Gui interface to the application and processing of hexadecimal numbers. Other changes include a few minor bug-fixes and changes to the algorithm.

Released Version 2.1b. The main changes include removing dependency on the Ganita package (Huge and Number classes). So now the Demonstrate process uses BigInteger - and consequently can handle numbers with any number of digits! Changed the algorithm a little bit to improve the performance while seaching for Kaprekar Series.

Lots of changes to the Kaprekar project web site. The site now uses valid XHTML and CSS. Added an introduction to the UML SVG documents.

Kaprekar Site: Making it XHTML Valid.

Here are my observations while making the site xhtml valid.

1. The biggest culprit was the <p> tag. Out of years of habit, I hadn't closed any of them. Removing this problem reduced the number of validation errors to the minimum.

2. Another one was the use of the < sign in the proofs without escaping it to <

3. XHTML does not have a "target" attribute. I have used the target attribute in the navbar - this invalidates all my pages. I could not find a non-javascript alrenative for this one, so just had to delete that attribute.

4. The second problem - only on one page (release: changes) - is the use of the font tag. This one was somehow missed when I changed my site to use css. This was an easy fix for me, but many sites who use font tags will have a tough time on this one.

5. The last problem was the missing alt attribute in the img tag - again only in one page (playing with numbers). The alt tag seems to be mandatory!

Other changes to the site

Made some changes across both the Kaprekar and Matra sites.

Changed the background color of the site to floral white to make it more pleasant to the eyes. And changed the links style so that they are underlined - so that its apparent that they are links.

Added Google search and ads on the site.

Added a separate CSS for the print media. Now the navbar and ads won't print - when you fire a printout - so only the content will be printed.

A few more updates on the Kaprekar site:

Added the proof on the divisibility of Kaprekar Series numbers in any radix r.

Added the Kaprekar Series for 11-digit to 20-digit numbers to the site.

Added the Kaprekar Series for 2-digit to 10-digit hexadecimal numbers to the site.

I modified the Matra project site along the lines of the Kaprekar project site ... and it was a breeze! The whole change was done in an hour or two!

So the Matra site no longer has any frames and still retains a navbar - a dotted one that doesn't have the no-scroll problem. The site uses CSS. An the pages are php based.

I reused the tempate and CSS from the Kaprekar site with a few minor modifications.

I tested the Kaprekar site on Win ME (Firefox 0.8, IE 6.0), Win XP Pro (Firefox 0.8, IE 6.0) and Red Hat Linix (Mozilla 0.7 and Konqueror 2.1.1). The site behaved normal ... hopefully should be the same using other browsers. If you encounter a problem, lemme know. It didn't seem to work too well on Amaya ... will check on that.

I fixed the link problem (in the Kaprekar site). Now the W3C link checker reports no problem! Also validated my CSS stylesheets against the W3C CSS Validation Service.

Also, added the change history to the site.

Have a long way to go for xhtml compatibility.

Checked the Kaprekar site using W3C Link Checker. Found a couple of unnecessary redirects (it was pointing to the older cvs site) and found one 404! Will fix them soon ...

Done! I have finished all the site-redesign changes to the Kaprekar Series Generator project site!

Completed the menu changes yesterday - so now its got a dotted-box left navigation bar. The frames were removed a while back along with the use of CSS. The only thing pending is making it XHTML valid and, of course, adding more content.

Right now, you find a blurb on the Kaprekar Series - something I had written a few years back (plan to rewrite that). You'll find the Kaprekar Series numbers for 2-digit to 10-digit numbers; the patterns in the series for 2-digit to 51-digit numbers (I'll need to update this, since then I've reached upto 57-digit numbers). And the class diagrams (svg format) for the classes. And finally the whats new section and links to the various sourceforge links for the project.

Next, I'll put the release notes online, write a new introduction, update the series-patterns page ... and validate the html.

Gurney's finally sent my plants (oh! What a relief!). They had said that the plants will be sent by 13th and I had given them 1 week's leeway - promising to call them to remind about my plants on the 20th. And guess what! My plants arrived on 20th!

Now, will they survive in the 100+ degree (thats Farenhiet guys, not Centigrade) heat?

20 May 2004 (updated 20 May 2004 at 23:42 UTC) »

ok ... I've decided that I'll go for a modified dotted style for the Kaprekar Series Generator site - but will put the styles in a separate css file - this way I can change the menu style by relacing this css along (not affecting the rest of the site). This will be aligned to the way I have structured the css for the site - as descibed in the article retooling slashdot.

I have decided not to go along with the xml menu structure - if I go along with that I'll have to give up any hope for making my site truly xhtml valid - it would just close that option for me ... so now someday I'll have the site xhtml valid AND which hopefully will work cross browser ... now now thats a dreamer :)

19 May 2004 (updated 19 May 2004 at 01:20 UTC) »

I released a new version of Matra yesterday night and posted it to freshmeat today.

This is a minor bugfix release of Matra. A few bugs related to parsing within conditional sections have been dealt with. The DTDTree has been added/updated for the following DTDs: MARC, SVG, Reach, Gutenberg, and MathML.

The version is named Matra 0.8.2b. You can get more information on Matra from the Matra web site. Click on the download link on the left navigation bar to download Matra.

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