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8 Jan 2002 (updated 8 Jan 2002 at 04:33 UTC) »
ishmael: I speak as an ex-OPN staffer who volunteered his time to try and further the network. I left several weeks ago, immensely frustrated. The technical side of it is fine, but lilo runs it as his own personal fiefdom, +q'ing or K:lining anyone who gets in his way. Publically, I always stood behind lilo 100% during my time as staff.opn, and took everything up with him in private. If anyone says anything that isn't "lilo rocks", they get removed from either the network or #openprojects; when 10 staff bang their heads together and come up with a large document, it's "isolated". 10 staff? Isolated? I think not. It's issues like this that led myself and others to leave OPN staff, and I can't see myself ever going back unless lilo does a triple-pike backflip.

slef: I resigned from OPN staff weeks ago, and my attempts to tell lilo exactly why have been interepreted as "trolling". (I will not state what I said, or read, here for Rob's and OPN's sake, but it's ... enough to make me resign). I've been silenced for some time, I've now given up on Rob. Also, if a ban has a % in front of it, that means it's not an actual ban, just "quiet" - you're silenced in that channel. It's the equivalent of not having +v in a +m channel.

Aah, sweet 16. I feel ... uh ... not much different to how I felt when I was 15. Ah well. Had an excellent day, but I'll be sad to leave my gf 160km behind as I go back home. :\

Unfortunately, Ivan "RevKrusty" Moore, the Debian KDE maintainer, has decided to hang up his hat, due to all the crap going on. The libpng mess was the proverbial straw, so he orphaned all his packages. I took the rest of kde (kde {base,libs,bindings,multimedia,-designer}, meta-kde, kdoc), to go with the large contingent of KDE apps I already maintain, while calc (Chris Cheney) took Qt and responsibility for KDE3; I'll be too busy to do full-on KDE maintainence on such a changing thingy as KDE3 when it finally comes into large use, so I'm happy to let him have it.

I think it's sad that Ivan's decided to basically leave, but that's life and it's his decision.

1 Jan 2002 (updated 1 Jan 2002 at 11:45 UTC) »
Return-Path: <www-data@aunic.net>
Received: from box2.aunic.net (box2.aunic.net []) by gonzo.sfarc.net (8.12.1/8.12.1/Debian - 2) with ESMTP id fBV2dPqO018035 for <daniel@sfarc.net>; Mon, 31 Dec 2001 03:39:27 +0100
Received: from root by box2.aunic.net with local (Exim 3.12 #1 (Debian)) id 16KsJ4-0006v6-00; Mon, 31 Dec 2001 13:36:06 +1100
To: daniel@sfarc.net, daniel@sfarc.net, daniel@sfarc.net
From: hostmaster@dropbear.id.au
Subject: Re: Re: [raging.dropbear.id.au|xxxx] Domain Name request for 'raging.dropbear.id.au'
Message-Id: <E16KsJ4-0006v6-00@box2.aunic.net>
Date: Mon, 31 Dec 2001 13:36:06 +1100
X-UIDL: 4@A!![`L!!W;?!!`6Y"!

Your registration of the domain name raging.dropbear.id.au has been approved by the admin of the domain dropbear.id.au, hostmaster@dropbear.id.au.

This entry will be added to the WHOIS database at whois.aunic.net, and will be visible using the command: "whois -h whois.aunic.net raging.dropbear.id.au"

You may maintain this entry using the WWW forms interface located at <http://www.aunic.net>. Delegation requests, and change of delegation details can be undertaken through this interface.

The initial Registry key for your domain is:


Thank you

Happy New Year and stuff. The party was excellent, I met a very, very nice Liz, and I'm now sitting here, 11 hours after I left, with a very large hangover. *shrug*.

lilo: "personnel changes" is not losing so many of your staff you have to ask for new staff in wallops. As for #FreeBSD, you juped it while it was still moving, leaving everyone in confusion, and K: lined everyone who asked about it in #OpenProjects. Not to mention gcc, who runs niven. He removed niven from OPN after the whole #FreeBSD fiasco, lilo asked him to remove all traces of the dancer account, gcc compiled, and was promptly K: lined. Thanks for sponsoring a major OPN rotation server, and have a nice day!

tk: Yes, but that would require even more GRUB hackery. Right now, she just needs to hit enter to bypass the two "File not found"s that pop up on GRUB trying to load the default and alternate lines, and edit the boot line. This, I suspect, would be beyond her. Typing up the whole boot line doubly so.

piro, my main Linux machine at home (in my bedroom, no less) is sitting in a solid lock, I suspect because of apache2. The only problem is that piro is the gateway for tsubasa, my other home workstation. And they are the only two machines that can SSH to boo, the main production Linux server at work. And boo is the only one that can SSH to seraphim (second production server), kimiko (mail server), and junpei (workstation at work). piro is also the sole MX for daniel@kabuki.sfarc.net, where daniel@sfarc.net forwards to, sigh.

Now, this wouldn't be too bad if I wasn't sitting 220km away from it. And if my semi-computer-literate sister wasn't the only there. And if it would actually boot without needing to hack through GRUB. I got the dude who runs gonzo (primary MX for sfarc.net) to give me POP3 access, but I still don't have any access to my Linux boxen. *sigh*.

"Terrorists can take my life, but only my government can take my freedom."

Not coping. Work has been extremely stressful lately; my head feels like exploding. It's weeks like these that make me want to get out of IT. All this shit similtaneously rolled in on Friday night, and it's just rooted. Spent an excellent afternoon doing nothing involving computers; I'm honestly tempted to go into VET Hospitality and try and get a job out of IT, preferably chefing. I dunno. If I do, it won't be a half-arsed effort, either; I'll completely bail out of IT - job, Debian, everything. I need to think.

maragato: Hallelujiah brother! I'd be thrilled to include KArchiver into Debian kdeutils when you get it even vaguely working, because ark is a piece of shit, to be honest. (Repeated segfaults on opening, etc). Email me at daniel@sfarc.net when you get it going. :)

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