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jdub: Depends on your point of view, really. Personally, I'd say Ballmer's right; for Microsoft, it is about a viable business, not a viable industry. Personally, my motivations are: a) viable industry, b) good times [the people are fantastic, by and large], c) disposing of spare time while having fun, d) fame, e) fortune. Of course, it would be nice if everyone worked together and had a nice, viable, industry built on love.

But these are *people* we're talking about.
nymia: aseigo is a senior KDE developer, indeed.
30 Oct 2003 (updated 31 Oct 2003 at 01:00 UTC) »
a debian developer, and some responses
So, a few days ago, I became a Debian Developer, after three and a half years. Yay, and stuff. Unfortunately, I got my secret decoder ring right as exams started, ugh.

liedra: Aren't green P's for primary producers, who can't take passengers?
sxpert: Please take it off Advogato.

Random rambling: Been using GNOME (not by choice), trying to like it, failing. The "let's hide away anything useful in GConf" attitude, the buggy autohide on the panel, gnome-terminal ... it's way too obnoxious to be able to use regularly.

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8 Oct 2003 (updated 9 Oct 2003 at 12:19 UTC) »
pyblosxom->{advogato,lj} propagation working
So, I finally got around to looking at my Pyblosxom stuff again, and ended up fixing my propagation script to work. It sorts through all the day's entries, works out via the #propagate header where they're destined to, and sends them to my Advogato or LiveJournal diaries (or both), depending on said header. It's probably buggy as crap, tho. My script to do GnuPG mail entries (slightly different from jdub's) also works; this entry originated in mutt and will end up in both Advogato and LJ; word!

I'll clean the scripts up a bit and post them up on my site soonish.

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8 Oct 2003 (updated 19 Oct 2003 at 12:22 UTC) »

(yay pybloxsom fun)

6 Oct 2003 (updated 6 Oct 2003 at 08:48 UTC) »

(more pyblosxom fun, to be replaced with real content later tonight)

6 Oct 2003 (updated 6 Oct 2003 at 08:48 UTC) »

(pyblosxom yay)

6 Oct 2003 (updated 6 Oct 2003 at 08:42 UTC) »

(pyblosxom testing entry removed, soon to be replaced with real content)

dwmw2: "BBQ Chicken's", indeed. It's generally quite depressing ("whose an idiot? your an idiot!"); thanks for pointing out one of my pet hates.
I really don't like the word, and I've avoided using it for as long as it possibly can. However, I finally managed to set up Pyblosxom (through reading the source, Wikis, and guessing a whole bunch of stuff). It's running on my home machine (more or less disconnected from the real world), and also triplehelix (thanks Josh Kwan!). As soon as joshk gets apache2 set up with mod-xslt and such, and all the vhost setup sorted out, I'll have a setup similar to jdub's, only my Pyblosxom propagation script can also propagate to LiveJournal, depending on the content of a header. I'll post it here when it's nice and configurable and stuff.

Keith's been moving xwin.org and freedesktop.org services to the new machine - x2.cs.pdx.edu - and that seems to be going quite well. The new machine will give us enough capacity to host a whole bunch of projects. Unfortunately, I had to filter out a moron who kept trashing the Xouvert wiki; he was using a script to restore the content to utter crap. *sigh*.

Kopete 0.7 (and, subsequently, 0.7.1) got released, and unsermake is quietly bubbling along. Unfortunately, I don't have the time to start working on it again. The conference in Nove Hrady is on right now, with havocp and clee in attendance.

XFree86 4.3.0-0pre1v1 was released to experimental a while ago, and preparation for pre1v2 is underway. I hope to find a few hours to work on it soon, so I can add in the Synaptics touchpad driver, the SDK, and a couple of other interesting systems.

"I wanna tell you a story/and you know the story I'm about to tell you is true/do you feel alright?/do you feel alright?/let me hear you say it louder, do you feel alright?/do you feel it, children?/I just want you to do whatever you want to do/don't worry about what the next brother's doing/just do your thing/whatever's good to you, then you do it/if it's good to you, good for you" - Plump DJs, The Funk Hits the Fan

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