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Coffee marathon

Had a great time at the festival here. Watched Misery Loves C:o, the heaviest band that played here. God damn, that was a great concert. Overall, I was walking around pretty drunk most of the time, just enjoying the music.

Started operation Clean This Mess Up today. Looks pretty good so far. Will spend the night coding, mostly. Twiddly - there's enough coffee for you too.

Bug spraying and Great Lake Festival

Spended sunday night and monday evening fixing bugs and designing suggested features for CoolCloset. Have finally reached zarro bugs. I will probably fix a dozen more when I implement the missing functionality for having a completely usable engine. Also, as at least two of you tester noticed - speed is not really my main direction right now, will implement a better file contents caching system later.

Preparing for the Great Lake Festival (Storsjöyran), which is basically a week of party. As you might have guessed - no code will be written in my free time during these days. I have filled my fridge with beer and booze.

On a different note: why can't you americans make beer that tastes good? Really strange - great burgers, a whopping economy, but not a single damn beer that doesn't taste like something made from horse piss.

Releases and pure C hate

Sent away the "it will hopefully not do funny stuff to your files" release of CoolCloset to a few selected and brave few. Will spend some time perfecting the current documentation, correcting small bugs and implementing the currently left out features. Had to study some old C code and realized how much better the class concept is compared to the function mess. Could not come up with one reason why people would prefer pure C over C++. Well, except for that crap about C being faster, but a 1% speed increase for developing and debugging at least 50% longer...

The joy of buying stuff

Woke up today and felt like spending some of my money on useless stuff that would be neat to have. Started off by getting an eye examination an trying out lenses (I wear glasses). At the end of the day, I had bought a corner sofa made out of genuine leather with six seats. Talk about impulse buying...

CoolCloset is progressing nicely, my plan to release a pretty much working version this weekend could actually become a reality. Thank God for coffee.

Coffee brewing, Java brewing and Diablo burning

There is definitively a difference in taste when making coffee in a percolator and in a regular filter brewer. I am not quite sure about what is responsible for the difference, but there is probably something in the paper filter that gets transferred into the wonderful black fluid. Coffee from a percolator, which has a metal filter, just tastes better in every way I can think of.

Finally managed to beat Diablo 2. This means that next week will be filled with source code creation. My code does not contain bugs (yeah right), so bug fixing is not an issue right now. With a little luck, I can release a first test version of CoolCloset next weekend. Oh, joy.

Been playing this game called Diablo 2 all week. Damn, this game is addictive! Will try to drag myself away from it this weekend for some serious Java coding. I have a lot of work to do, actually...

On a totally separate note: there is a vonderful girl living in the swedish town Uddevalla, and her name is Evelina. If she ever reads this - my heart is with you...

Got my copy of Diablo 2 yesterday. Not only that, I also recieved "The art of Programming", three books by Donald Knuth. Let's just say that there will not be much coding this weekend...

Been coding Java both for work and for fun today. My pet project is coming along slow and steady. The first component, Cool Closet, will be released as soon as it reaches feature-completion and zarro boogs ( == close-to-zero bugs, you can never reach zero bugs). All other components will be released as one application, since there is very little practical use in separating them.

If any of the original MFC developers sees this note: a nice, big, warm "fuck you" for creating such a piece of crap. After working with high-quality GUI classes in both Borland C++ Builder and Swing (Java), seeing this hairy beast appear is nothing less than repulsive and/or disgusting.

Been doing some more Java coding. The half-secret project I am planning is coming along just fine. Funny thing - Java applications are no slower than usual applications, it's just the startup time that separates them.

After some time of non-coding, I have started working on Tebax again. It is now available in both swedish and english, thanks to a nifty feature found in C++ Builder 5. After polishing that and making some documentation other than the source code, a new version could probably be released. This would be the first english version.

My brother is here again. Say no more.

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