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Fri 2010/Jul/30

  • It is not without surprise that, with an increasing frequency, people keep confusing me with Garnacho and the other way around. We have been struggling with this, since despite the similarities (both being Spanish speakers, long haired, using a beard most of the time, and being known for playing guitar at GUADEC), we consider a few facts to be good enough for people to be able to distinguish between us. So here it is a rule of thumb for all of you who are still confused about who is who.

    The guy with glasses and the camera is Claudio; the one without glasses nor camera is Garnacho.

    To help you get the rule straight, here is a picture that Berto made of us during the party yesterday.

    Claudio Saavedra and Carlos Garnacho

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Thu 2010/Jul/22

  • I'll be attending GUADEC again this year, arriving on Sunday to Den Haag. I'm specially glad because of the bunch of Chilean friends that will be coming, allowing for some catching up on how things have been in the country during the recent time.

    I'm also glad because Berto and I will be taking part on the GNOME developer training of Monday and Tuesday. We've been preparing a really nice session and I hope it will be productive and enjoyable for all the participants.

    Last and not least, this will mark my 4th time in the Netherlands (third in less than a year) and the second in Den Haag, so I'm pretty excited about getting more acquaintance with the place. After having been in the Museé d'Orsay last week, I'm also tempted to have a quick escape to Amsterdam for a visit to the Van Gogh Museum. Let's see what happens.

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Tue 2010/Jun/01

  • I've pushed support for localization in mafw-lastfm's git repository. There are very little strings, so it should be quick to translate. The pot file is here and I already translated it to Spanish. If you have some spare time, please go ahead and translate it to your language. Feel free to send me the translations directly, but to avoid collisions, I'd recommend using bugzilla.

    I also implemented on-disk cache during the last days. This is something that was really missing from the scrobbler, so I plan to make a release pretty soon including this.

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Wed 2010/May/26

  • Now that the long awaited PR1.2 release of Maemo 5 is out on the wild, I thought it would be interesting to share some of the cool improvements that you'll see all over Maemo 5, courtesy of my fellow hackers in the toolkit and input methods teams, including yours truly.

    Hope you'll enjoy our work!

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Mon 2010/May/17

  • I had been using Nokia Sports Tracker to keep track of my running activities. This was handy when I was using the Sports Tracker software for symbian in a Nokia N95 and uploading to the service was trivial. Now that the N95 I had is defunct and I actually use the N900 and eCoach, it's not that handy anymore.

    Furthermore, a bug in either eCoach or the Sports Tracker website is making it a less interesting combination – sessions imported manually from the gpx file won't be plotted in the map. No idea why and not much intention to find out the reason.

    So, dear lazy web, is there any other recommendable website that can be used to keep track of training sessions online? Importing from a gpx file, plotting routes, and so on, would be the most desirable features. A lot of fellow geek runners using it to show off would be a plus.

    Answers to my email please. I promise to be nice and follow up with what people suggest.

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Sat 2010/May/08

  • Today is the Helsinki Half Marathon. Despite how much I enjoyed running it last year and that I really wanted to do it again, I'm not doing it this year.

    The main reason is that, even when I got proper winter equipment for running in the cold during the last months of winter, I wasn't expecting weather to constantly be under –10° C. That, together with having moved out from Helsinki's downtown and the comfort of having Töölöönlahti around the corner, and having started to regularly swim again, didn't help me to get started training. Probably next year I'll give it a try.

    But on the upside, I'm quite happy with what swimming has brought to my life. I never learned to swim properly when I was a kid. In fact, when I was living in Dresden and took a Schwimmen zur Konditionierung class early on Mondays, it was a complete disaster. I could barely cross the 50m swimming pool at Freiberger Platz without feeling like dying and it was hard to keep myself going frequently. I was feeling completely awful and would rather skip it than ridicule myself.

    Situation has improved a lot since I started to regularly swim, in September last year. At the beginning, the situation wasn't much better than back in Germany. However (and I think that improved stamina thanks to running was crucial on this), I could do much better this time. By now, I'm doing about 3x500m once or twice a week. I've said goodbye to back pain, I feel way fitter, and all this without any joint pain, which is a pleasure hard to enjoy when running.

    Anyway, that doesn't mean that I don't run at all. For instance, on one of my last trips to A Coruña I ran around the city by it's seaside. Really cool place to run.

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Thu 2010/Apr/22

  • Now that I'm working from home and Igalia was kind to provide me with, among other things, a cute SyncMaster XL2370, I've been experiencing with different display setups, trying to find something that's most comfortable for me while working. I came to the conclusion that having separate X screens (the LCD one and the laptop one) is the best for me, since it allows me to run secondary tasks (like building the desktop or watching the news) without cluttering my primary display.

    Unfortunately, an annoying bug was making gnome-settings-daemon die every time I hit one of the volume keys while hovering the pointer in the secondary display. It turned out to be a bug in GTK+ that was easy to fix. Amusingly, it's exposed very easily with a multi-head setup, however it was present since ages. This makes me wonder whether people actually use multi-head setups at all or I am the only freak.

  • On a similar note, Evolution was crashing like crazy on me at random intervals. I got fed up with this so I started using it under gdb for a while to try to get a stacktrace of the issue. It took a couple of days before it crashed and I could get a decent stacktrace. This time, it seems to be another very evident bug in evolution-data-server, in which it seems I am the only one to hit a code path using a memory address out of bounds. Patch seems to be trivial but I haven't tested it.

  • All that being said, I start to miss hacking on the desktop instead of a phone.

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Thu 2010/Mar/04

  • Now that things have settled down a bit in Chile, I can write about how Saturday's earthquake has affected my family and friends.

  • First of all, all my family, friends, and people I know are fine. Some material losses, in different degree, affected to many of them, but that's about it. A huge thanks to all the people who one way or another helped me to find a way to communicate with my family and all of those who showed their support and concern. By now, I can communicate directly with all of them without any problems.

  • For good or bad, one of my sisters was in Viña del Mar on Saturday and Catalina, the youngest, was with my father in Santiago. That means that the quake found my mother alone in Talca, one of the cities that suffered the most with the earthquake. Nothing major happened to her house nor the neighborhood where she lives. The same can't be told about most of downtown Talca. She is still very sensitive about the situation, like most of the people in the area. Sisters didn't manage to travel to Talca until yesterday but, at last, they are all reunited and well communicated with me.

  • Unfortunately, my great-aunt's house in the downtown of Talca collapsed. She and her family were able to leave the place in time but, as many of the old adobe houses in the area, the house couldn't resist at all. I haven't had further updates on their status but I can imagine their suffering right now.

  • The same happened with the student-house where Catalina rents a room in Concepción. Since the semester hadn't started yet, only the elderly landlady was there and, according to my sister, she was rescued right in time out of a window before the old house collapsed. We'll need to find a new place for my sister and replace the things she lost, but luckily that's about it. Glad that no one got hurt; at the same time sad for all of those whose luck wasn't the same.

  • Needless to say, my email at codemonkey.cl is down until further notice, since the server is (or was?) in Talca. You can still reach me through my GNOME or Igalia email addresses, though.

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