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met ilan



1. the taliban ambassador to pakistan says the US military is targeting civilans.

2. they say we've killed about 170 civilians now...

uhm... is it just me or do others see a problem with those two sentences? i posit that if the US military is targetting civilians they're doing a damn poor job of it. it seems to me that 170 people (and more) could be killed in a single strike if our military wanted it that way. ~sigh...


going to a trilug meeting tonight. it's been a while!


getting squared away for Comdex in Vegas... augh!

getting squared away for my trip to Linux West in Japan... double augh!


i was thinking this morning that the prez's statement about "smokin' 'em out of their holes" was a bit deeper than it at first appeared. without really thinking about it i presumed it was nothing more than the rhetoric to be expected of an angry texan. but then i started listening and reading news about what's happening in the streets of countries other than afghanistan. hmmmm....

all over the world people willing to use or support terrorism to promote their cause are making themselves known... very interesting! what is also interesting is that just like here in the west the east has cannon fodder... but just like here the cannon fodder is generally poorly educated and disadvantaged. ~sigh... it never changes. i guess the principle difference is that the economic advantages of the advantaged few enjoyed by the west have, thus far, out weighed the economic advantages of the advantaged few in the east. so the advantaged few in the east are using their wealth and superior intellect to convince those who are more easily led to commit horrific acts in the name of god. do they really believe this will bring equity? somehow i think they don't... i think their motives have nothing to do with righting wrongs... i think their goals are much simpler... they want power and are willing to sacrifice anyone but themselves to get it!

it's frightening to see the eastern cannon fodder saying publicly that they want to kill people like me and what is worse still is they've been convinced that god is encouraging them to do so. lunacy.

on the other side of all of this it's been nice to see some of the other responses from easterners. one of the best examples was a young pakistani woman at a concert making a few comments about how everyone in her society wasn't a radical who hated the west. it made for a nice contrast after being fed a steady diet of street violence for 3 or 4 days. i already knew that the entire hemisphere was not insane but it was nice to see it any way.

so what's it coming down to? is it east vs. west in a global game of tag? will we spend the next 10 or 20 years counting coup? makes me wish i could find base and stay there... but... like the man in the cowboy hat said... "you're either with us or against us"

so what to do...? if it came down to simple mortality i'd certainly choose life for me and mine... i don't want my wife or my 10 year old son dead at the hands of some undereducated savage grinding a rich asshole's axe (while said rich asshole hides out in a cave and makes maniacal videos). so... if i have to choose and there's no safe place left because the combatants have made it that way then i guess if it comes to it i will choose to be a combatant as well... at least that way i have a chance of influencing the outcome for myself and my family. it's been a long time since i've owned a gun... i guess it's time... better safe than sorry. at least, in this country, i still have a right to own a gun (for now) and just maybe the troubles won't come down my street.

are these the kinds of thoughts the folks on flight 93 had before they made their decision to fight?

funny thing is... 10 years ago i was being shot at by people who made the same kind of noise about jihad for all the same reasons... it was all about power then too! when it was just me i didn't much mind the danger... and even though i thought we left the field too soon that was okay at the time... but now it's not just me anymore... we shouldn't leave so soon this time... we should finish it.

conclusion: they've miscalculated the breadth and depth of western resolve. the west is not perfect but it's not craven either. we have an old adage i've heard all my life... "the squeaky wheel gets the grease".

Zaitcev with regard to appeasement... you are certainly correct... I heard an interview with Henry Kissinger this past weekend where the question was asked (paraphrased):

"Isn't our attack against the Taliban and Usama bin Laden going to make them hate americans?"

The response was something to the effect that there were not degrees of hatred and that these folks already hate the west in general and americans in specific. There will be no appeasement attempted... all chance of that was buried in piles of rubble on the morning of September 11th 2001.

26 Sep 2001 (updated 26 Sep 2001 at 16:15 UTC) »

having been in the IT industry now for 20 years it feels strange to be interviewing for a job which has nothing to do with IT and pays one quarter of what I was making a year ago... yikes what a difference a year makes... at this point i do not believe i will be back... but in reality what is there to come back to...?

Hey Bryce: So what does the doomometer say today?

18 Sep 2001 (updated 18 Sep 2001 at 13:41 UTC) »
Bryce: dude... what you saw in the woods was not a spider web. (re: http://ftp.uk.linux.org/pub/people/phil/seaforth/spiderweb.jpg )it was the web of a the tent caterpillar. see these links for an explanation:




just thought you'd want to know... :-)

so now you can stop trying to frighten telsa with the damn things... :-)

goingware: 250/2.2=113.6363636 kilos. you should not feel bad I am 297/2.2=135 kilos myself, though I've begun a serious routine to change the distribution by reducing body fat percentage... weights and cycling all winter for me...

about mirwin

what's the big deal? so the guy is a pedant... who cares... those folks can be fun... i used to play bridge with one all the time... matters were made worse by the fact that he was a scot and had a very exacting clip to his brogue. as to the length of his diary missives, perhaps the point that they're his is being missed somehow... surely he has the right to write whatever he feels like writing in his own diary entries?

folks could bitch about my lack of capitalization as well... i don't care... if you don't like it don't read it... no worries... it is my diary after all... perhaps we can all agree to do what we can to free dima and leave off the bitching about what we write in our diaries?

san fran: the show

i hadn't been to a show for a while. i had to go 'cause we were having an lpi advisory council meeting and it seems important for lpi's president to be there. i got to see dyork again and that's always a pleasure. he's the earthiest politician i know :-) and has been a steadfast fellow for the 3+ years i've known him!

i spent a lot of show time promoting lpi to international folks... china, taiwan, hong kong, korea in specific. hopefully with a little follow-up we will see some growth there.

today i made some middle and near east connections for lpi... hopefully those will bear fruit as well.


plan is nearing completion... having big fun now...


hopefully, internal conflicts will resolve soon... sheesh!


hopefully the fruit will be on that tree for the picking this week. we shall see... hmmmmm...

** free dmitry **

havin' big fun now... some folks have written in about our anti-Coble stuff at MoonGroup.com... i hope that sometime soon he regrets having ever sponsored that damn bill... i sent some info out to the NC Libertarian Party this morning... hopefully we'll be able to garner more support for our next "geektivist" event at the federal courthouse...

mexican project

picked up my tickets today... the presentation preparation proceeds as planned... it's a lot of work but hopefully it will be worth it.


dan: chill master barlow... so far as I can see nobody here is trying to tell you what you may or may not include in your diary... why be concerned about what other people are putting in theirs?

tired... just plain tired... gotta sleep....


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