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Zaitcev with regard to appeasement... you are certainly correct... I heard an interview with Henry Kissinger this past weekend where the question was asked (paraphrased):

"Isn't our attack against the Taliban and Usama bin Laden going to make them hate americans?"

The response was something to the effect that there were not degrees of hatred and that these folks already hate the west in general and americans in specific. There will be no appeasement attempted... all chance of that was buried in piles of rubble on the morning of September 11th 2001.

26 Sep 2001 (updated 26 Sep 2001 at 16:15 UTC) »

having been in the IT industry now for 20 years it feels strange to be interviewing for a job which has nothing to do with IT and pays one quarter of what I was making a year ago... yikes what a difference a year makes... at this point i do not believe i will be back... but in reality what is there to come back to...?

Hey Bryce: So what does the doomometer say today?

18 Sep 2001 (updated 18 Sep 2001 at 13:41 UTC) »
Bryce: dude... what you saw in the woods was not a spider web. (re: http://ftp.uk.linux.org/pub/people/phil/seaforth/spiderweb.jpg )it was the web of a the tent caterpillar. see these links for an explanation:




just thought you'd want to know... :-)

so now you can stop trying to frighten telsa with the damn things... :-)

goingware: 250/2.2=113.6363636 kilos. you should not feel bad I am 297/2.2=135 kilos myself, though I've begun a serious routine to change the distribution by reducing body fat percentage... weights and cycling all winter for me...

about mirwin

what's the big deal? so the guy is a pedant... who cares... those folks can be fun... i used to play bridge with one all the time... matters were made worse by the fact that he was a scot and had a very exacting clip to his brogue. as to the length of his diary missives, perhaps the point that they're his is being missed somehow... surely he has the right to write whatever he feels like writing in his own diary entries?

folks could bitch about my lack of capitalization as well... i don't care... if you don't like it don't read it... no worries... it is my diary after all... perhaps we can all agree to do what we can to free dima and leave off the bitching about what we write in our diaries?

san fran: the show

i hadn't been to a show for a while. i had to go 'cause we were having an lpi advisory council meeting and it seems important for lpi's president to be there. i got to see dyork again and that's always a pleasure. he's the earthiest politician i know :-) and has been a steadfast fellow for the 3+ years i've known him!

i spent a lot of show time promoting lpi to international folks... china, taiwan, hong kong, korea in specific. hopefully with a little follow-up we will see some growth there.

today i made some middle and near east connections for lpi... hopefully those will bear fruit as well.


plan is nearing completion... having big fun now...


hopefully, internal conflicts will resolve soon... sheesh!


hopefully the fruit will be on that tree for the picking this week. we shall see... hmmmmm...

** free dmitry **

havin' big fun now... some folks have written in about our anti-Coble stuff at MoonGroup.com... i hope that sometime soon he regrets having ever sponsored that damn bill... i sent some info out to the NC Libertarian Party this morning... hopefully we'll be able to garner more support for our next "geektivist" event at the federal courthouse...

mexican project

picked up my tickets today... the presentation preparation proceeds as planned... it's a lot of work but hopefully it will be worth it.


dan: chill master barlow... so far as I can see nobody here is trying to tell you what you may or may not include in your diary... why be concerned about what other people are putting in theirs?

tired... just plain tired... gotta sleep....


Code Red Contest

Home Office Firewall
[root@gateway junkbuster]# grep -c default.ida /var/log/httpd/access_log

MoonGroup.com Primary Web Server
root@varmint:/root -> grep -c default.ida /var/log/httpd/access_log

MoonGroup.com Secondary Web Server
root@server:/root -> grep -c default.ida /var/log/httpd/access_log

LPI Web Server
[root@new /root]# grep -c default.ida /var/log/httpd/access_log

What an fscking waste of time...

This just in from the EFF:

We have just learned that the bail hearing for Dmitry Sklyarov will be held on Monday, August 6th at 11am at the San Jose Federal Building, in front of either Magistrate Judge Trumbull or Infante.

EFF is organizing both protests in front of the courthouse and a "dress-up day," which means that if you are planning on sitting in on the hearing, you should dress up (no t-shirts!) and show proper respect for the court.

More information will follow. We are short-staffed this week, so volunteers are welcome!

Katie Lucas
Executive Assistant
Electronic Frontier Foundation
415-436-9333 x104

Hopefully they will let the poor guy out of jail... flight risk my arse... they can simply hold his passport and he won't be going anywhere... not that I think he should be held for anything at all... IMHO he's committed no crime and should be simply let go... One can only hope.

busy, busy, busy... i despise incompetent real estate and rental agents (and no i will not hang any meat on the bones of that complaint...) miserable damn day...

i'm looking forward to august though... oh yeah... it's august already... :-) i'm going to mexico city on the 19th... and then Linuxworld on the 27th... should get to visit with dyork again... fun, fun, fun...

i thought that the "secret project" was dead but now it looks like it's alive again... ~sigh... the worm doth turn...

dmitry is still in jail :-(

dsifry: thanx for the kind words. hope to run in to you sometime soon... maybe in San Fran the end of august...

jmallett: passport stuff can be found here:

PassPort services at the US Department of State

no time for more now... lot of stuff going on.

kandalf: yes you can block port 6000 from the internet and still allow it locally. I do it... a lot of people do. I don't know what you're using for your firewall but go read the source for plonk and you'll see how it's done... easy stuff! :-)

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