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26 Aug 2003 (updated 26 Aug 2003 at 03:05 UTC) »
If I had a rocket launcher...

I spent the better part of last week fighting Sobig.F (well, looking over the virtual shoulder of the W3C systems guys as they fought it.) Forged mail interacts very badly with the first law of SMTP: thou shalt deliver mail or bounce it. Let's get SMTP+SPF or RMX or something like that out there... soon!

But here's what really pissed me off: after several long days and nights switching MTAs from sendmail to postfix to get the Sobig garbage blocked before it entered the queue, when the stormcloud/queues on our mail hub and list hub were finally clearing, the load on the end-user mail server spiked because it had to filter out all the rest of the filthy spam that was still coming in. ARGH!

Saying thanks in the gift culture

Hmm... Affero... i.e. if you like the help I gave you, you donate to the causes I support (in my name; i.e. I get the tax credit, not you, if I understand correctly). Nifty idea... I've offered money to people who gave me support in #debian and the like, and they refused; it's just not part of the culture. And I wrote a friggin check to SPI, and they haven't cashed it 8 months later. But I could see how this would work.

22 Jan 2003 (updated 22 Jan 2003 at 05:12 UTC) »

The danger sidekick is way cool; it's by far my favorite WearableGizmo. Pocket email (real email: POP/SMTP) and google. Amazon is offering the gizmo for $50 after rebates, and the service is $40/month flat rate. Hard to beat! I hope the platform takes off.

I'm (slowly) working on RDF import/export in hipAgent.py , part of palmagent.

I started maintaing my church's web site. Sigh... so much of the church's work is tied up in proprietary data formats. And I think they don't even realize it. Hmm... how to change the culture there...

Whoa! Where did these master certifications come from? I have done some large-scale closed-source software development, but my contributions to Open Source Software are pretty minor, no?.

Anyway... it was great to catch up with a bunch of fellow Semantic Web developers at WWW2002, even though my wallet and cellphone did get swiped. ... more trip notes.

just got back from linux lunacy, the most recent geekcruise. What a blast!

I started working on a photo journal, but I'm not very happy with it yet. Can't quite decide how I want to manage my photo collection.

5 Oct 2000 (updated 5 Oct 2000 at 04:49 UTC) »
Woohoo! my wireless woes are solved!. Thanks, hugo! Thanks to all the folks that keep the debian packages rolling out in integrated fashion. And thanks, Andy for the driver!

Here's the magic combination of debian packages:

| Status=Not/Installed/Config-files/Unpacked/Failed-config/Half-installed
|/ Err?=(none)/Hold/Reinst-required/X=both-problems (Status,Err: uppercase=bad)
||/ Name           Version        Description
ii  pcmcia-modules 3.1.20-2k1     PCMCIA Modules for Linux (kernel 2.2.17).
ii  pcmcia-cs      3.1.20-2       PCMCIA Card Services for Linux.
ii  kernel-image-2 2.2.17-1       Linux kernel binary image for version 2.2.17

hmm... I wonder if this would be a good place for research notebook noodling.

If I ask for help here, I wonder if anybody will happen along and provide it. Hardware problems I'm wrestling with:

  • my 802.11 card, which worked for a while, doesn't any more;
    Sep 12 19:01:52 shoal kernel: eth1: WaveLAN/IEEE,
    io_addr 0x100, irq 5, mac_address 00:E0:63:50:4D:36
    Sep 12 19:03:51 shoal kernel: eth1: Transmit timeout.
  • printing is flakey. the debian lprng package failed, silently, to install. I think it was related to the fact that I disabled the lp0 module to free up an IRQ for the 802.11 card, but I'm not sure. It really bothers me that there was no error message (that I can find, anyway).
  • burning CD ROMs doesn't work. I paid the extra money for a nice SCSI CD ROM burner -- a plextor -- and it works about 1 in 5 times. It's never worked at the advertised write rate, 2x. The low reliability discourages me from even trying
  • sound is goofy. I got the driver to work (@@details) but now sounds, played thru esd, "stretch out" as if played thru a loopback/delay for about 5x their normal duration

Hmm... this textarea interface is a little too constraining for comfort. Can I come back later and add details to these problem reports? I wonder what that wiki tag is... maybe that would be more comfortable.

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