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Lago di Garda

I spent three great days at the lago di Garda in Italy and felt like seeing the sun the first time this year! We did a lot of climbing. It was a great ending of the semester break after I passed all exams.

To come to the things you are really interesting in: We are planning an anjuta release the end of this month. It will feature a lot of nice things and might even include IComplete if it gets finished until then.

Seb is also working on a new debugger which will not be included in the release but will replace the current (buggy) debugger in long-term. You can have a look at it in the anjuta-new-debugger branch.

31 Mar 2006 (updated 31 Mar 2006 at 17:18 UTC) »
Code completion, finally

A screenshot says more than thousand words:

I also tried to show the complete argument list of each function but that cluttered the screen to much and I switched it off again. It is, by the way, a real challange to create such popup windows in gtk but with the help of many people on IRC I finally managed it.

Why gnome network tools suck!

At first I have to say that the gnome system tools are very well intergrated in ubuntu and gives you the feeling that everything fits.

Anyway, the gnome network configuration is really bad. It is highly unclear how to manage profiles because you never know if you change an existing profile, make changes without any profile or create a new one! If you return to the configuration it is not even shown which profile is active.

Take a look at the IBM Connection Manager and you can see how this can be done. Maybe the configuration needs more modes here: One for networking without any profiles (e.g. Desktop PC) and one for multi-profile support (e.g. Notebooks).

Another point is the network monitor: If I have selected a profile where eth0 is not active it is useless that the network monitor show me that. I should show the next active network which is much more interesting..

Also have a look at 40+ Suggestions for Better Desktop which is right in many points IMHO.

GNOME 2.14 ist out though I hardly noticed it because Ubuntu updated very smooth from the last release candidate. Anyway, it's nice to see it stable and thanks to everyone who helped getting this done!

I fixed many bugs in Anjuta last week and there are still many left. I hope we will be able be do a nice and stable release within the next months and it is looking good in the moment. We even have someone who writes an updated tutorial - thanks in advance!

While trying to implement autocompletion I have learned much about regular expressions and finally it "just worked" (tm)!

Unfortunately Gnome has not yet moved over to Subversion but I hope it will happen soon. There is a list of files which have to be moved to other locations in the tree and it is a mess to do this in CVS.

Back from Cebit

Yesterday on the `I-want-all-the-merchandising'-day I visited Cebit. There was lots of interesting stuff to see:

  • Gnome

    Gnome booth

    I needed some time to find the Gnome-booth but finally it was quite nice to talk to some people I only had known by mail or IRC before. Herzi showed me his work on the font-manager which seems great and quite stable as Josh pointed out by opening all of his 240 fonts at the same time, cluttering his whole desktop. He also asked me to confirm this bug so I did now. Anyway would be cool if GNOME-Foundation could effort some booth-girl next time ;-)

    Later I attented Herzi's talk about GNOME which was quite interesting and I really know more about GNOME now. Here's a picture:

  • Mono

    There was a talk scheduled about Mono but unfortunately Oscar Forero failed to set up his notebook with the projector and it did not take place.

  • Microsoft

    On the Mircosoft booth nearly any PC was running Windows Vista and I assume it is yet quite stable. Anyway it does not look like that it will become much more than a better Windows XP. Interesting anyway!

Of course there was much more to see but it is simply impossible to see all.

On my way home I started hacking on the autocompletion feature for the gtksourceview-editor in anjuta and I hope I will be able to finish it today.

7 Mar 2006 (updated 7 Mar 2006 at 23:13 UTC) »

At first I have to make a correction to the last blog entry. The comments in gedit are not in spanish but in italian. I am sorry that I cannot speak or understand any of these.

To refer to pbor's last blog: I renamed the files because I am quite sure that anjuta will need different solutions on some parts and I did want to make clear that these files are maintained independant from gedit. I agree that this is no good solution either and if they decide to move more gedit parts to gtksourceview, which I would support, these files can be dropped. I hope to see this solution some time in the future!

Today I spend much work on the preferences for the new sourceview plugin which involves to clearly seperate more parts from the old editor to a cleaner layer.

I was reminded on #anjuta that we should release more often. I agree with that but I am not in charge of making releases. But I hope we can get a new release soon!

Finally, I am locking forward to visiting Cebit on Saturday and I hope I will meet some people from Gnome e.V and maybe from some other projects

Finally after a long discussion on #gedit I reimplemented the whole sourceview plugin in anjuta and reused much of the code from gedit. This is a good idea and a big advantage of open-source software: You can take what you need and don't have to do the same mistakes twice. Thanks to Paolo Borelli and Paolo Maggi for poiting this out!

BTW, it's no real good idea to use Spanish for some comments in gedit :-|

Und es schneit und schneit weiter. Komischer März im Moment !

GtkSourceView is becoming useful in anjuta though it can of course not replace the scintilla editor yet and it is anyway not meant to do so. But feel free to try it! If you have a subversion repositry and want to try anjuta please try out the subversion plugin. It seems to have some serious issues but I lack a repositry to test it esspecially for the authentification mechanism.

Nach der Klausur ist vor der Klausur? Das gilt hoffentlich nicht für meine E-Technik-Klausur, darauf habe ich nämlich wirklich keine Lust

Danke an den, der die CEBIT-Stand Nummer im Wiki eingetragen hat, ich werde auf jeden Fall mal vorbeischauen!

Noch zwei Tage Fasching, ich habs fast geschafft...

19 Feb 2006 (updated 19 Feb 2006 at 23:30 UTC) »

Finnally, I had time to commit an alpha version of a GtkSourceView plugin for anjuta. Of course it is incomplete but anyway it works. Here is some screenshot:

I also tested Xgl but it is way to slow in the moment with my Centrino graphic chip. Anyway, it really looks great and promising and I hope that performance will yet be improved. Of course it is totally useless but who cares if you can impress Windows users ;-)

I haven't written here anything for long. This is due to the quite hard exam in my study which is on Februar 23.

Therefore I haven't done much others things as learning in the last days. Anyway I tried out gnucash 1.9.0 and I must say it's really good and stable. My homebanking works and it integrates much better with gtk2/gnome2.

I finnaly got the VDR for my parents working. It is really cool and you can switch it on and off with the remote control using the usbremote plugin and some nice circuit from OC-Inside.

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