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It's not ultimate frisbee until:

  • You have a welt on your left forearm that's obscuring 1/2 of it
  • You've broken a finger on your left hand
  • You've just barely not sprained your left ankle doing so

And your team still loses. Today's lesson learned: leave the left half of your body home before playing a "non-contact" sport. Oh well, I'll be on an I.V. of Gatorade and Ibuprofen on my couch for a little while if anyone needs me...

Google SoC stats:

  • AbiWord: 5 projects accepted
  • OpenOffice.org: 6 projects accepted

Take that, beotch!

Oh wait, OOo has how many full-time employees working at how many companies?

/me hides his head back in the sand... world domination will have to wait another year, I suppose

21 May 2006 (updated 21 May 2006 at 22:52 UTC) »
New Hobby

I went hiking with Shashank today. We climbed Mount Monadnock at a breakneck pace. I was impressed with our pace, since I hadn't ever really been hiking and it was his first time of the season. The weather was nice and cool for our ascent, but started pouring during our descent, making it really hard to get good footing on the rock faces.

I can't wait to try out some more difficult trails in another few weeks. I've posted pictures on my gallery.

Dobey, that's amazing. I've got the same combination on my luggage.

I was tempted to respond to Paul Bogdanor's Top 100 Chomsky Lies collection (especially to the "10 Lies About the War on Terror" section), but then thought better of it. Never argue with an idiot; He'll drag you down to his level and beat you with experience.

I hooked up support for XInclude in librsvg today (without support for the XPointer attribute). I've also been talking with Peter Moulder from Inkscape team. It seems that they forked the libcroco CSS2 engine a while ago in order to improve its selection engine. Libcroco's selector is sub-optimal now, in that it needs to operate on a libxml2 DOM tree rather than the DOM-like trees that Inkscape and Librsvg use internally. Inkscape's version corrects this, and we're working on getting the trees merged, thus eliminating the fork. Hopefully we'll get this straightened out soon, so that librsvg 2.16 will have really good CSS2 support.

28 Apr 2006 (updated 28 Apr 2006 at 14:52 UTC) »
librsvg progress

Recently, some people have been bugging me to get external linking working. It seems that they want to use librsvg + SVG templates in the pre-press business (which would have never been possible without the hotness that is Cairo, I might add).

To help these folks out (and make a few quick $$ while I'm at it), I've cooked up basic support for the xml-stylesheet standard, external entities and the CSS @import statement. Next on my list is to support a subset of the XInclude standard, and things should be peachy. I'm sure that I screwed up somewhere, so I'd appreciate if people would try this out and let me know what breaks.

For the icon theme authors in the audience, this means that the next version of GNOME will support the same sort of templating features that those pre-press guys wanted. You'll be able to share stylesheets between icons and be able to share SVG snippets between icons (eg. include the same SVG code that draws the "document" in all of your mime-type icons). This should hopefully make it easier to create, modify and parameterize your icon themes. Enjoy!

Just as a friendly reminder, there's a belated Gnome 2.14 release party in the Boston area tomorrow night @ 7ish. Relevant info in Luis' email to boston-social-list. If you get there early, try to reserve a few pool tables near the back.

14 Mar 2006 (updated 14 Mar 2006 at 13:50 UTC) »

You do know that the "P" is "Pthreads" expands out to "POSIX" which then expands to "portable", right? That Cygnus/RedHat has had a port of Pthreads to Win32 for 7 years (almost to the day) now, and it's just as complete and correct as any *NIX implementation? That Tor wants to deprecate GThread-win32 in favor of Pthread, because Pthread's implementation is more robust and correct than GThread will ever be? And that using an AsyncWorker package that requires a main loop to be running is not all that different from requiring threading inside of your library (you're just letting the equivalent of "select()" do context swapping for you instead of the kernel's scheduler, without all of the benefits of proper thread conditionals and whatnot)?

That's not to say that Tor isn't a hero, which he is. But calling the portable threads standard not-portable is dangerously incorrect. Pthread is what GThread aspires to be, and why (IMO) GThread is redundant. Pthread is the portable thread library wrapper/implementation around proprietary threading APIs. And it works properly on Win32.

I thought that one of Battlestar's neatest little subplots this season, Chris , revolved around the "real" Sharon & 6, back on Caprica. Seeing 6 haunted by Gaius was outright eerie. If Moore left any untidy loose ends around this season, that's just another excuse to tie them all together in the upcoming one.

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