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Long time no blogging. I'm lazy, everybody knows. Besides, blogging takes lots of time, first because I have to think of something I want to write down. The second thing is, that my English could be better *g* Well, right now, there's not much to think about it, because there's so much to talk about what has happened the last 2 months. First, there's GUADEC which was a huuuuuuge success. I was quite worried the days before GUADEC, because communication could have been better (we're working on it). In the end our local helpers did a great job in making GUADEC rock! Thanks to all of them. I really love you :-) GUADEC was quite busy, I was mostly on my feets heading from one to another room. I wanted to make sure, that everything was in place. I met new people and this paid off; I'm quite happy...Everyone seemed to be happy. That's good... I volunteered to help out for next year's GUADEC again. It's been hard work, but enjoyable. I just want to make sure, that we'll do better in some areas.

I'm also very happy seeing that GNOME Deutschland e.V. is finally working. Our guys seem to be very excited about it. I think they've finally seen, what we're trying to do and that it will be for their own good :-) Currently, we're trying to get new sponsors like HP or Nokia (and others). The organisation of events has been much improved, mainly because of our superb wiki and our open mailinglists. Daniel Nümm is doing a great job designing logo's for CD's T-Shirts, etc. With the help of Andreas Müller we're now able to provide unique GNOME (Live)CD's for each event (and even more). Julius Bloch has done a nice job organizing LinuxTag. Murray also did a great job in motivating our guys. Thanks to all of you!

The next bigger shows will be Systems in Munich and LWE in Frankfurt. I hope that we'll again have lots of Ubuntu CD's and our own GNOPPIX ones. With the help of Mako Hill and Andreas Müller, this should be possible. We even might have our own unique Poloshirts; Andreas and I are on this. It'll work out :-) Maybe we'll already have our new HP laptops there, who knows. Anyway, I think we're well organized now, though we can do better in some areas. That's not bad, with the help of our members this can be solved.

Let's rock!

OK...as promised, I took some photos:

Looking out of my window in the morning

I like that :-)

...snow...finally (pictures coming soon)!

Originally, I wanted to post this as a diary entry. I just didn't pay attention. Advogato is so bad usability-wise...I feel quite bad now... :-(


I'm going on vacation today. My suitecase isn't packed yet but it'll soon.

Have a nice time! See you in 15 days.
14 days without blogging...

I am just lazy and I really have so much time at the moment. Enough said..


As I already said, I'll be on vacation soon which makes me happy. It's so cold/boring here and the best thing is to get away :-)
At the time I'm writing this (11.00 in the morning) it's 27C hot where I'm going to. Compared to 12C in Munich this sounds much better.


Two days ago I filed an application for studying to the "Technische Uni" Dresden. I'm quite late because the application deadline ends today. Hopefully, I'm lucky; those universities in Munich have really become stupid (they reject you just because they think that you won't be successful at all -- bad days!).
If Dresden won't work out, I'll either try to work in the US or somewhere here in Germany. I'm really low on money and a company for which I was working for, still owes me a lot!


I try to be there...

Visited Countries

It seems to be quite common, to post a map of visited countries. Voila, for your viewing pleasure:

World Map

In exactly 18 days I'll be in Turkey again, although, I've been there 6 weeks ago. I just like the country... :-)

9 Sep 2004 (updated 9 Sep 2004 at 15:38 UTC) »

First quarter of 2004

Nothing interesting happened in January and February. I booked our holidays in Turkey (just because Natalie didn't like to pay around 700 € for a flight to the US). On February 15th we went swimming, that's Natalie's Birthday.

On March 9th my grandmother died at the age of 81. To the day, I haven't seen her for 2.5 years. I should have visited her, but you never know what might happen and unfortunately, she died 3 months after the stroke.

On the day of my birthday (March 26th), Natalie and I went to the cinema in the evening (I had to work on the day, so there's just the evening). We watched "Lost in Translation" IIRC. Funny movie...Two days later we went swimming again (same location, just because it's cool there and -- well -- *cough* cheap).

9 Sep 2004 (updated 9 Sep 2004 at 15:39 UTC) »

What a waste of time/space. I was just trying gnome-blog here. Works fine so far. :-)

8 Sep 2004 (updated 9 Sep 2004 at 15:20 UTC) »
October 2003
USA trip + LWE in Frankfurt (already mentioned)

November 2003
Again there're the LinuxDays in Luxembourg. Unfortunately, there were just a few visitors. Our stand was quite empty. I was wondering why my girlfriend joined me...just after one week (regarding that I knew her since October 31th). Anyway, it was quite nice to see some friends again. On Saturday evening we went to the cinema with Martin Baulig and watched Matrix Revolution. Impressive movie, but there hardly isn't any story at all. Natalie and I stayed at Martin's flat for the night. We're sleeping on the floor, not very pleasant but it worked somehow.
The next day Martin guided as through Trier; it's the oldest city in Germany and thus quite amazing.
In the evening we went home again (by train). I can't remember when we arrived but it must have been quite late. Natalie stayed at my place for the night and the next day because she didn't had to work on Monday.
One week later I was on the next event. This time the LinuxDay in Vorarlberg/Austria. It's been pleasent as always except the night: I had to sleep in the same room as Kurl Pfeifle (KDE guy working for danka, CUPS and NX freak ;-), Harald König (XFree86/xorg guy) and Klaus Knopper (knoppix). They snored like hell and I finally moved to another room -- much better there :-)

December 2003
I had to go to the doctor because for some reason I had an abscess. I think it was on December 9th in the evening (around 5 pm) when he removed the little bastard (the thing was really awkward and hurt quite a lot; I was relieved the day when it was cut out). The bad thing about it was, that I couldn't write a test 4 days later. The doctor gave me lots of tablets that helped me to endure the pain after the surgery. I somehow survived... ;-)
From December 27th to January 3rd, Natalie and I went to Berlin. We were living in a nice apartment in Berlin-Spandau (it's in the north eastern part of the city). Berlin's been always one of my most favorite cities. I will upload the photos soon, just haven't had the time ;-)
I forgot, we watched Lord of the Rings - The Return of the King in the Sony Center. The movie rocks!
Just after New Year, my mom called me and said that my grandmother had an apoplectic stroke -- what a shock! Anyway, the week was pleasant and quite cheap. I liked that :-)

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