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My eyes wear out early, gotta check out a TFT "monitor", I think...

Also a revisit to doc is today, my throat is not all that better.

Have to check out Subversion, and arch soon... Yeah, Bitkeeper is nice, but I crave for source :)

Advogato is slow sometimes, some of every ten page fetches stall for half a minute. Is it me, my country, or the site?

Another round of progress hacking. This time about triggers. It's a 4GL with some nice aspects and some terrible ones for people coming from another language...

genromfs 0.5.1 was finally released at the last weekend, after the not quite perfect 0.5 (which embarrassingly installed the man page in the binary directory). romfs finally has a web page at romfs.sourceforge.net. The release was also announced at freshmeat (unfortunately, not the bugfixed version), mirrored at ibiblio/metalab/sunsite. Right, I don't hate sourceforge :)

A few changes at work, and maybe I can stop playing catch up, and get up some speed. So, that was a hiatus. Let's see, how it goes on :)

Gosh, I'm seriously out of power to code something just for fun. Even less updating diaries, at least this one :) For the less interesting stuff, since the last update, I've been donating blood three times, went boozing about three times too (although no correlation).

romfs related todo, and mail is starting to pile up on me also. A few famous people, and a few from famous corporations are just waiting for my reply.. help! :) I start to think my project management abilities are somewhat limited.

Oh, and with a friend, we acquired a few of those 2x24 LCD's (pure HW, someone need to hack the interface); a few days later I re-discovered it is *the* common standard the lcdproc et al. is already using. I've some plans to use them what the screen is getting too small for.


Tried to catch up on... advogato diaries :) Weird, until now, only email was so information centered that I need a regular dose of it. And I feel a bit guilty for not mentioning anyone :) Well, that ChangeLog analogy is really familiar :)

Oh, this recent diary entries stuff is positively kewl :)


Not much done, seemingly just accomplished keeping everything working like it always was... Still no time to work on "real" useful projects.


Managed to get a friend help bring a TV stand home. Now that room looks a bit less cluttered, all of the non-computerized sound-making devices are nicely packed below the TV. Funny how many people are struggling to get some furniture here :) Probably the change (move) forces people to keep a diary (ehrm. I mean ChangeLog), well, obvious..

Missed a few interesting programmes, I have a hard time being awake at midnight. Waking up in the real morning is a real killer. Must avoid it :)


Long days. Yesterday I fought with a telecom provider; we have quit the contract for a few leased lines by the end of April. After we sent the fax, about an hour later, they started cutting the connections... This is the same company that is struggling with an ISDN30 connection since January, and is about to finish the project of installing about 300 feet of *temporary* cable from the closest distributing point.

Developer dreams

Did someone mention Forth? Funny. I'm also planning an embedded forth (something) for my own purposes, but it's quite unfinished. It has the most basic looping construct, and character output ready for i386 and m68k Linux. I have this weird attraction to embedded devices, and if I have some time, with a friend, we will build something capable of anything a smaller clock would do :) It's an interesting language, but these spawns later than '80 took a bit beauty of it (ehrm, postscript, GNU forth is a bit overkill too, IMHO).

I'm attracted to electronized sound making devices, starting with C64, Amiga soundtracker, I have a few Amiga hard disks stashed away waiting for saving the music from them, that's why I value the projects of data. I don't think that's wrong :)

Someone has a related project too here. He's working at a few more audio projects.

Yesterday I got Dante working. It's a nice SOCKS compatible proxy. No big deal, but I wasn't forced to use one until now :)

I didn't hope generic proxying could be so simple (although the concept is a bit hacky, via a port redirector, it could be much easier, but quite less flexible). For http caching, squid still rules, although rproxy looks very interesting :)

Oh, and I just found gorgo, he's not quite verbose in these pages..

Well, well, time to delurk. I think I went in lame mode for a few months. There are many romfs wishes and rewrites pending, but you know, a sysadmin doesn't have any time to clean up his own system :) At least the project is created on sourceforge, but being empty, that's quite useless for anyone else.


A quiet Sunday night (CET) was all I needed to discover that still noone got the linuxvideo guys' DVD stuff to compile on libc5. Oh, and nist, when compiled on another system, with the same libraries in place, on my system it still breaks with SIGILL.. Maybe that K6-3 wasn't such a bargain.. For that purpose at least. So much for fun. I think I won't get any more disks until they can be played...

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