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Deliverance, Deliverance
Thrown back at me
Deliverance, Deliverance
Laughing at me

I just got Opeth's new album, "Deliverance". It's excellent.

kbreit: You misunderstood what I told you. Pango doesn't *have* ellipsizing code that I'm aware of. I was referring to the eel ellipsizing code, which isn't particularly crappy, it's just expensive. And I didn't say I was going to "refuse" to put anything into nautilus. I just said that the particular thing I was playing with that morning was nowhere near done or ready or anything like that. (but yeah, stretched icons make a simple grid a bit tougher)

In general, I'd appreciate it if you don't repeat my brain dumps in public forums. I tend to brainstorm out loud, and it causes problems if that is repeated as my opinion, or even worse as fact.

kbreit: I didn't say that! You are lying! Clearly this is libel! I am angry! I'm going to have to sue you. This is clearly out of hand and I won't stand for it.


kbreit: did it occur to you that you *did* miss the 6:52 bus, and then got the next bus? The buses come a bit early sometimes

I'm still in mexico. I head back tomorrow.

For some reason I'm in a really bad mood. It isn't fun.


Right now I'm in mexico working with the ximian hackers here. I'm staying at Federico's place. It's all very nice. The food is excellent and the people are great to work with.

I saw Lord of the Rings yesterday. The scenery was amazing. I had a bit of a problem with actor associations ("Magneto is talking to Agent Smith while Satan from The Prophecy and the Aerosmith girl are having a touching moment,"), but other than that it was really good. After the show federico took this slightly embarassing picture.

Other Stuff

I'm working on porting anjuta2 to gnome2. I've mostly finished with it, but I've been reworking little pieces of it here and there, so I haven't gotten around to committing anything. There's a screenshot here though.

Work on the structure browser has slowed down a bit, because I've been busy with other things. There's a screenshot of that here.

I've also been doing a lot of drawing. I've ended up with this and this.

Argh. As I was working on the structure browser last night, my laptop decided to ignore the AC power and started running on batteries. I couldn't convince the laptop to acknowledge the existence of the power cord.

So I'm basically laptopless for the rest of this vacation.

I'm taking a couple weeks off for christmas. I've been at my parents' house in McCloud for a bit over a week now.

I've been using the time off to do some anjuta2 (formerly gIDE) work. I've been working on the debugger (gnome-debug), and have ended up almost completely rewriting it. I took this opportunity to move gnome-debug over to gnome2. I pretty much agree with what trow says about gnome2.

gnome-debug isn't the only anjuta2 component moving to gnome2. Gustavo has committed an initial port of gdl. When I get back to boston, I plan to start porting anjuta2 itself.

At the moment I'm working on a ddd-style structure browsing widget. I think it will be useful for things other than the debugging display. We'll see. I'll have screenshots next time I have a network connection on my laptop.

yakk: No. I'm not talking about the USA. I'm not talking about some abstract "Attack on America". I'm talking about someone slamming a plane into a building full of unexpecting innocents that had no desire to be caught up in their conflict. There is no bravery in slaughter.
12 Sep 2001 (updated 12 Sep 2001 at 22:13 UTC) »
Yakk: "Is there anything more brave than dying to save your country / people / faith?"

Yes. Doing it against someone who has a chance of fighting back.

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