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I'm a brazilian guy, living in Curitiba, Brasil. Used to work as Linux "developer" in São Paulo's telecenter project and in a VoIP project with Asterisk and Debian, now I'm just an Linux analyst at Mandriva who sometimes contribute with Asterisk officially. It used to be a geek changelog, not a pinkish blog... and since Advogato hasn't a comments system, you can only reply the posts through caio1982 CHANGE gmail THAT com or my Advogato's default address (which is probably hidden for ya). For anything else just go to

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28 Apr 2005 (updated 28 Apr 2005 at 09:54 UTC) »
Alive Alive Alive

Yup, it's going to be a déjà vu. "Long time no post" and all that stuff you have read already in some others Advogato's diaries :)

Nineteen Eighty-Four

This is what Advogato reminds me while I'm typing this... because I just edited all the olds posts of mine, changed the past, etc and I am not ashamed hehe in fact it's pretty curious to see me becoming part of the Ministry of Truth. You'll can never know what I changed and for what.

Free Software Festival

This is a later note but it's okay, since I'm just wanna to document that: I gave a speech on how the Telecenters of São Paulo works (and how it could or should also) two weeks ago together with Lisboa (a coworker), in Bahia, Brazil. The event was marvelous, really. We took some photographs but they do not cover the 4 days we spent in there. Thank your very much Tiago and Tassia! BTW, the slides are in several formats for download if you wish to check it out.


I'm still trying to move from São Paulo to Curitiba, yeah. I went there for the last holiday and this time was the best. I've never been so happy in another city visiting friends, beatiful places and of course, Danielle. I had an interview at Conectiva too but I'm not studying right now so it was a "no" just because that, but it's quite ok; I was too happy to think about it more than enough. Thanks for the boost, pals!

Jornada 690-E

Wee! It's coming, to me! Lucas called me last night to tell me my Jornada has arrived and right now his carrying it to me at work. I don't have enough bucks to buy a really good notebook nor a desktop machine (I certainly won't buy something to use for just months or something) then I bought this very nice handheld. There are some ports of Linux to it (right, Debian-based distros) and even ports of VIM, XFree and others apps to run inside WinCE, that comes built-in :)

It's a SH3 processor from Hitachi, with 32 megabytes of RAM and 133mhz. There's one PCMCIA slot, IrDA support and a serial device but the best of it is... a real keyboard! Yes, keys! And sure, there are some others common stuff: take a look at some photos of the Jornada 690-E. Ah, the idea to buy a handheld came while boto was showing me his HP 200lx in Curitiba :P

For me it is not a problem this Jornada be almost 5 years old... it's gonna be great, boy! I can't wait anymore, although I'm thinking right now my old motto "expectations overrated".

2 Oct 2004 (updated 25 Apr 2005 at 19:31 UTC) »
Moving Home

Just like many people have done before with an Advogato's diary, I'm now moving the not-100%-geek-related posts of mine to another site,, my webdir at Mozilla Brasil nowadays. I have a very long TODO list to write about in here but I'm going to comment only a few of them.


It could be "Telecenters" if you really prefer but, the fact is that I am loving to work in this project. I never had thought about to work in such a project, for real. Last week we did receive three Compaq CDS524 486 machines with only 8MB of RAM (you remember or not, this hardware model is more than 10 years old, at least in Brazil). So, the mission was: to create a thin client network with almost 300 of these machines with very low resources, for the kids of poor elementary schools. There was a "Windows Boy" in a meeting about this that said those Compaqs was nothing more than trash and past. So we did it. It's working, greatly :) and I'll post soon a screenshot of it running GNOME 2.6, kernel and with more info...

More of the Same

Yet about my new job, next week the "São Paulo's Cultural Centre" will through Sun Microsystems donate to us two SPARC servers to build another remote terminals project but this time for musicians that in our mind would just arrive there, sit down, search for a specific music or opera or something to study (audio files for now, in the MP3 format, not .ogg... sorry) then open up a PDF (not a open format again, sorry DjVuLibre) with the tabs or partitur then tada! :) it's going to be marvelous, just hold on...

Thanks TaQ I'm a little ashamed because my bad bad english :P in a old post I had said "Internation" instead of "International", what becames funny in time "internation" remembers something like "to intern", he suppose. You know, learning another language is not that easy, specially when the new language does not have any similar roots with yours mother language (portuguese came from latin if you didn't know). Thanks for the tip anyway TaQ :)

Mozilla Brasil

The brazilian project of Mozilla is now 2 years old! To celebrate the date, we're doing some secret things that we'll tell a bit more soon, but for now, check out my little gift for Mozilla Brasil, a cake :P

22 May 2004 (updated 25 Apr 2005 at 19:39 UTC) »

Sorry, this first part is for those that can understand portuguese. Sim, o GNOME deveria facilitar as coisas para os usuários finais imbecis mas, santa natureza... enquanto testava o GnomeMeeting (voz sobre IP, pra fazer ligações pelo computador), em alguma batcaverna de um servidor IRC:

[11:03:02] <caio1982> essa foi demais
[11:03:20] <caio1982> traduzir configuration wizard do gnomemeeting para Druida de Configuracao
[11:03:28] <caio1982> acho q minha mae nunca clicaria no icone por medo
[11:03:54] <spuk> hahaha
[11:04:55] <spuk> "o magní­fico amiguinho de configuração"
[11:05:41] <spuk> tradução ao pé da letra über alles
[11:06:31] <thefallen> tipo, nao existe mais InstallShield... eh StonehengeInstall
[11:07:30] <thefallen> tipo "seu Druida de Instalacao esta agora invocando um daemonio para
                       finalizar o processo de pacto com o capeta" 
[11:08:08] <caio1982> serio, acho q meu pai por exemplo nem sabe o q eh druida e ficaria com medo da opcao la 
[11:08:20] <caio1982> mais facil colocar "asterix de configuracao" 
[11:08:27] <thefallen> eh eh 
[11:08:34] <thefallen> Next Next Obelix
[11:09:56] <spuk> ouvi dizer que o "druida" de configuração do gnome não tem botão "voltar", pra não confundir os usuários
[11:10:58] <caio1982> nao tem mesmo 
[11:11:01] <caio1982> eh Regressar 
[11:11:18] <caio1982> o q nao faz muito sentido, mas pelo menos tem como *voltar*
[11:11:41] <caio1982> podiam ter colocado "Rever o Passado" logo

Eu odeio tradutores porcos e sem noção. Custa muito usar o cérebro? E não, o Kphone do KDE não ajudou muito... na verdade achei ele uma droga mesmo, e me pergunto desde então se ele realmente faz parte do release oficial.


The text above says about the stupidity of GnomeMeeting translators for end-users and this block is still about that mystical entity. There's a lot of nice tutorials and howtos around the Internet, but when the user need to understand how exactly a thing works in the interface of a program such Mozilla it becomes a little problem, at least for me. So, I decided to create a kind of "real tutorial", using a VNC server and a client called vnc2swf that records the session in the Flash SWF format to people can see it in their own browser, quickly, fastly, easy. If you wanna know more of this, check my page with examples and more details. Sorry, the page haven't a english version, yet. Bought to you by me, for the Mozilla/Brasil project ;)


Yes, yes, yes! I got finally a ADSL! Goodbye my sweet and brave US Robotics ISA 56k.

Creative Commons

Next month will be simply amazing. I'm going to Porto Alegre (Brazil south) to participate of FISL (Internation Free Software Forum) and there will be the folks from and Creative Commons Brasil (the first public release of the local project). Lawrence Lessig and Ronaldo Lemos (interviewed by me some weeks ago, in portuguese). Also, I almost finished reading the Lessig's Free Culture book (need to do that before FISL) but you can check out a portuguese review of it wrote by me here - or a Google translation of this and the direct link for the HTML version of his marvelous and unique book. When I come back from there I'll post the link for some photos and a diary entry about the event.

9 Mar 2004 (updated 25 Apr 2005 at 19:30 UTC) »
Creative Commons

Ha! I was so fucking right! About eight months ago I told to all my friends how fantastic the Creative Commons project is and the probability of its populatity growing a lot. So we have right now a nice CC-GPL licence thanks a brazilian initiative. Also, check out this amazing commercial, winner of the CC's Moving Image Contest: [Creativity Always] Building on the Past (.mov, 8mb). To see the others featured movies, go to the contest page. So, did you notice that when I have no news to write about, I always put a lotta links here?

Mozilla Brasil

Pretty obvious, uh? [...] Actually I'm helping out the Mozilla Brasil team to organize the project and you can browse my personal directory through the home page link in top. In the last weeks I've spent some time playing with POT files (type man gettext inside your terminal emulator baby) because I knew that anyone can convert Mozilla's DTD files to the POT format so you can easily translate the T-rex :) while testing it with the Translate kit, the descendant of mozpotools, originally created by a couple of guys from a south african translation group I wanted to write a localized manual of Translate (this version in english). I strongly recomend you to try it! Lets retire the Mozilla Translator ;)


Yes, scalable vector graphics rules. I made some convertions from bitmap images to the SVG format and the theme is basically about... hmm, Mozilla! My Mozilla's SVG images.

Femtologger & Designing

Femtologger is almost finished, yay! I just need to clean up the code and make finally the CLI using Dialog. Now it exports RSS feeds, XBEL bookmarks, have a nice text version of the page for accessibility purposes and a lot of CSS themes for colorblind folks. The page built by Femtologger now is compliant with Bobby/US 508 guideline but hmm 80% against W3C WAI. I used to try to validate it against the W4 Dogma (W4D) group, but it's a little hard to do so, because there isn't a validator for that. Anyway, I think it's fine unless for the part about font sizes... I really like to use px instead of % or even pt :P ...and yes, Femtologger is based on Bowie Poag's MicroBlogger, specifically on 1.9 release and it is a very simple, easy-to-use and standards compliant web log system (or just blogger) that runs with no need of any kind of dependencies; no CGI, no PHP, no SQL. Femto is 100% made using Bash script and a menu-driven system. Another good reason to use Femto is because it builds a valid XHTML 1.1 page plus valid CSS 2.1 to style the elements. Also, you can use to-be-converted tags for bold, italic, blockquote, links etc and boy, it's so awesome to hear the Festival system speeching my Femtologger page!

Well, it is time for some links and URL :D like my study about Tantek's hive menu, some others works about it and Mozilla's proprietary CSS properties. And if I remember something more else I'll post here soon, I promise.

13 Oct 2003 (updated 25 Apr 2005 at 19:22 UTC) »
Die, PC, Die

Marvelous! My computer has just died. My hard disk where my Linux system was installed give to me a lot of I/O errors plus possible badblocks in the /etc area. Because it I can't boot and... my DIMM memory seems to be unusable. I really don't know what to do nor what to say. I'm right now typing it in a LAN house and for now on you can call me Murphy.

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