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i'm back in seattle at my parents house for a few weeks cause i don't have any place to live in san francisco atm. once i get back i'll start art school and move into a dorm of some kind.

i've been feeling very boring lately, at least writing wise, i think i prob have the worlds most boring diary for certain ;-) don't quite know why i still post here, i don't really care anymore. i just wish i was excited about something in my life, i was in san francisco but now that i'm at home i feel horrible. why does going home always make me feel bad? i wish i could blame my family but i really don't think it's there fault.

the whole diary thing isn't what it once was, at one point when gnome felt like a community advogato was great cause it gave you an even better idea of what people you "knew" were up to. now that gnome feels more like a prison than a community advogato feels like a chore.

i got tickets to see mogwai today! ;-) this is great, especially cause robey had told me that they were sold out and now i am going, just need to convince sharon to come ;-).

saw chick corea with sharon, was amazing. not really what i expected, it was straight jazz not fusion but it was still one of the best concerts i've been to. live jazz kicks butt.

new cd's: wish you were here by pink floyd, millions now living will never die by tortoise, and black on both sides by mos def.

kids come across as solemn and lost, i know old men evoke last wars and holocausts, german kids, croatian kids, just like amercian kids we know.

movie night: saw freddie got fingered, sharon hated it, i thought it was funny though very disturbing.

so i don't think i'll be going back to antioch in 2.5 weeks like i am supposed to. instead i am planning on staying in san francisco and doing school here for awhile.

finally got cvs access for mozilla. very very hard thing to do these days. you need a voucher, 3 reviews, a form turned in and a history of good patches. took me almost 1 month or so to get it. celebrated by beginning the mass checkins of everything i have been working on since i got to netscape.

my sister came and went, she has chosen a college and what not now, i think she made the right choice.

bought a dreamcast. yeehah! ;-)

new cd's: come on die young by mogwai and stephen malkmus' new album.

the mermaids teach us, how to breathe beneath, the line that now divides, actions and apathy.

been forever between posts yet again. i guess that is a good thing, it means i have been living as opposed to writing about not living.

still working hard at netscape, unnamed people in the community (*cough* macricht *cough*) keep saying arik@aol.com and laughing hysterically ;-)

movie night: sharon and i went to see all access, an incredibly dumb psuedo-documentary/advert.

we've got tv/cable and dsl at home now, didn't really change my life much either way, reminded me how much i generally loathe tv though.

saw hot water music at bottom of the hill. very very good show, even met some cool people at the club and what not.

my sister arrives in about a half-hour to visit for the weekend, she is deciding on which college to go to, should be fun and it brings the total number of people at my apartment to 6 for the next few days.

went to my cousins house for passover, was good to see them again.

we're all here digging knives from our backs we've all been betrayed because it's business not people it's always take and it is never give and that's not the way i want to live cause that's nothing but dying and we're nothing if we sell ourselves.

i started my first day at netscape today. i think it's gonna be an interesting place to work. i'll be working on xptoolkit stuff and linux specific issues. spent the whole day in orientation, very tired.

bought a laptop, sony vaio pcg-sr17, pretty nice and it's great to finally own my own machine.

been meeting some new people in the city, hopefully i will get to spend time with them all a bunch before i go back to school.

new cd's: tone soul evolution by the apples in stereo, f#a#infinity by godspeed you black emperor!, maiden voyage by herbie hancock, young team by mogwai, progress by pedro the lion, and cobra and phases group play voltage in the milky night by stereolab.


i'm now unemployed. eazel has layed off a bunch of people and all the interns are included. so if anyone knows someone who needs an intern for 2.5 months let me know.

it's sad.

i think i will go to a movie tonight and/or get very very drunk.

new cds: live from a shark cage by papa m. the whole e.p. by pedro the lion, 30° everywhere by the promise ring, songs to fan the flames of discontent by refused, and broken by whispers by trembling blue stars.


we branched today, so now if i finish up the last bug that i stole from ramiro i get to work on non 1.0 stuff.

went to the cafe du nord on saturday with dan to see a local band he really likes called persephone's bees.

went to ghiradelli square with mike and ian to have sundaes and walked around fishermans wharf for awhile. in the process ran into some antioch kids i knew and was invited to a party at their place on saturday.

i miss the food in boston and i don't even really care about food.

john, ian, and eskil moved in. now we have stuff like couches and chairs. it's nice to have people around again.

new cd's: no division by hot water music, if you're feeling sinister (vinyl) by belle and sebastian, and mars audiac quintet by stereolab

what frequency are you getting? is it noise or sweet sweet music? on what frequency will liberation be? on what frequency will liberation be?

on the road to 1.0. bugs bugs bugs, more bugs, then for a change of pace, bugs.

went to the bottom of the hill last night with ian, mike, and dan to see a couple local bands and 764-HERO! lots of fun and actually got into one of the local bands called the stratford 4. was going to go see pedro the lion tonight but don asked us to stay at work instead. sigh.

moved in to the new apartment. at least, i did. eskil, ian, and john are moving in on saturday.

new cds: will you find me by ida, blue train (vinyl) by john coltrane, and the revolt against tired noises by the stratford 4

god forgive us for the hatred, for the risks that we take, boys forget promises, on both coasts, but what would it take, to get out now.

life. need i say more?

been working on nautilus a bunch and hyping cracked out vaporware fantasy projects. need to learn not to talk about things before they are done, or at least started in any meaningful way.

not homeless anymore ;-) me, eskil, yakk, mfleming, and jsh found a place in sf that rocks. now we just need to get everything setup so we can move in.

somehow i have become co-maintainer of gnome-utils with vicious, not quite sure how that happened. speaking of which, gnome-utils 1.3.1 is out so go forth and gw'th, tell em havoc sent you. ;-)

new cd's: m is ... by aerial m, october by aerial m, this is just a modern rock song by belle and sebastian, mirror repair by gastr del sol, relationship of command by at the drive-in, empires by vnv nation, who stole the i walkman? by isotope 217, nothing feels good by the promise ring, american don by don caballero, the first of the microbe hunters by stereolab, it's hard to find a friend by pedro the lion, and in place of real insight by karate.

they pervert the words of godly men, for their own selfish gain, i took their wrong and i took their lies, and i made them right, i made them right .

once again up late at work. we really need to start going to bed earlier. why does it feel like i said this at helix code? either way i am happier then i was then. maybe i am sleeping better hours or something.

movie night: saw the gnome-mobile with mjs and stephane, very very funny ;-) an old american man pretending to be scotish but only when he sings, the kids from mary poppins, a rolls-royce, and a bunch of short female gnomes in skimpy clothing attacking some gnome guy. what more can you ask for?

refactored the cache code in librsvg but not before causing a rather interesting visual bug. think people could get used to that? ;-)

finally got some head phones that don't suck, sounds so much better now.

new cds: sun ship by john coltrane and speak no evil by wayne shorter.

i want something, i want everything, i want nothing, nothing else, i want someone, not just anyone, be my hero .

at eazel, where i have been since mjs, yakk, and i were awakened by a phone call from don saying we need to be at work. that was 12 hours ago. we had gotten 5 hours of sleep. fun.

went out to a goth club called shrine of lilith in sf last night with mjs, yakk, and stephane. no man ray but it's a start. and maciej says that sf has a really good goth scene so i am excited about that.

been working on the preferences code in nautilus. managed to get the dialog geometery problems fixed so that it is always the right size and what not.

new cd: the world that summer by death in june

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