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i don't care whether you hear this, i don't care if I'm alone here singing songs to myself.

i am writing this from belgium, which is very difficult because they don't have qwerty keyboards here.

so godspeed you black emperor! is playing here in february and karate is playing in march, so of course i am here in december.

belgium is very cool, even though i don't know any french.

so far the most interesting thing i think has been the comic museum and the general acceptedness of comics here. also the ammount of jazz clubs.

new cd's: swansong for you by the gentle waves, goodbye enemy airship the landlord is dead by do make say think, and musicality by salako

and if you think you see with just your eyes you're mad.

3 hours till i leave for belgium. fun fun fun. ;-)

new cd: music for egon schiele by rachel's.


bored. bored. bored. very very bored.

i have come to the conclusion that my life is just not interesting right now. shocker i know ;-).

saw my grandfather tonight. it is always hard to see him cause i don't know when the last time will be, especially cause i am gone so much.

i leave for belgium in 28 hours. sleeeeeeeeeeep.

and you can't understand why all the other boys are going for the new, tall, elegant rich kids, i'll admit it is a bitch, kid

home again. nice but boring, as usual. still it is neet to have food around and to get some sleep without people shouting around you.

it does feel quite nice to be done with my term.

have discovered the impossibility of finding most of the music i want at stores around here. very frustrating.

still no co-op. the interesting bit about the vagueness has worn off.

i leave for belgium on monday. as always i am half excited to go and half feeling like i can't be bothered. i should enjoy it though.

new cd's: five leaves left by nick drake, oxygene by jean- michel jarre, legal man (on vinyl) by belle and sebastian, giant steps by john coltrane, and live at the village vanguard by john coltrane

la, la lune est libre je crois, qui rayonne au-dessus, rayonne au-d'sus des toits.

been busy finishing up the term which ends on wednesday and preparing to move all my stuff again.

fixed an interesting bug in nautilus, it is very nice to be coding again. ;-)

been listening to massive amounts of the new godspeed you black emperor! album, need to get the fly pan am album when i get home to seattle.

i go home to seattle for break on thursday, i leave for belgium a week later for a family vacation, i get back and two days later i am supposed to leave for co-op but i still don't know where i am going. life remains interestingly vague.

i have sort of been avoiding everyone and everything lately, i think i just needed a break from social stuff and some time to just read and code and sleep a lot.

new cd's: levez vos skinny fists comme antennas to heaven by godspeed you black emperor! and agaetis byrjum by sigur ros.

23 Nov 2000 (updated 23 Nov 2000 at 06:55 UTC) »

claim it quick 'cause sorrow wants it, snatch the breath before it sings

it is now 1:40 am. i am leaving for home (seattle) at 8 am. i should by all rights be asleep right now. why am i still up? a combination of bad planning and poor decision making. all i have to say are three little words: laundry, packing, shower.

we left for the concert at around 6:30pm last night. arrived in louisville at 9:15pm and managed to get lost about ten feet into the city. we asked a nice kentuckian with a strong accent and naked girl pictures in his truck for directions and he drove us to the place the show was, which was probably not findable given the directions we had.

the show was incredible. maybe the best show i have seen this year. broadcast were unbelievable. as good as they are on cd they are 10 times better live.

we expected the show to end around 12am or so. it actually ended at 1:40am. it took us till 5am to get back to campus. i had to wake up this morning at 8:30am to say goodbye to marla who was leaving for st. louis. ouch.

new stuff: broadcast t-shirt, the sea and cake t-shirt, and extended play two by broadcast.

she was into S&M and bible studies, not everyone's cup of tea she would admit to me.

going home for the weekend on thursday which i am very happy about. i really need some time away from antioch right now.

so it started snowing last night and now the ground outside is lightly covered in snow. it begins again i fear.

been hacking again finally. wrote surf, a simple wave player that i may release at some point and am working on all sorts of neet things that should either surface soon or be abandoned to the void like so many other projects i have started and never finished.

going to see the sea and cake with broadcast tomorrow in louisville. very excited as i really really like the sea and cake and i have heard broadcast are exceptional live.

still no idea where i will be next term. i am doing another co-op but i don't know where yet. oh well, keeps life exciting.

new cd: free jazz by ornette coleman


went to west virginia this weekend. much fun. hopefully i will make a habit of getting off campus for a weekend, much saner that way.

saw karate. wanted to see them for 5 months or so and finally did. very much worth the wait. they kicked major ass.

very much iching to code. now that my regular life seems to be under control i am gonna try to start working on various things again.

new dvd: american beauty

new cd's: unsolved by karate, straight, no chaser by thelonious monk, he has left us alone but sometimes shafts of light grace the corner of our rooms by a silver mt. zion, pangaea by miles davis, panthalassa by miles davis, agharta by miles davis, the lonesome crowded west by modest mouse, and spine and sensory by tristeza

somebody that just loves to learn.

i'm not dead. just in case anyone was wondering ;-)

still not coding much. got burned out for awhile and now need to figure out where to jump back in.

school sucks right now. actually school has sucked for a long time now. not sure if i want to stay here or not.

new cd's: slowriot for new zero kanada by godspeed you black emperor, false cathedrals by elliott, the halifax pier, the for carnation, and nassau by the sea and cake.

to conquer death, you only have to die...

school school school...

starting to plan my next co-op, still don't know where i am going yet but it should be fun either way...

more 'peaks action...

fixed gnome-ihop so that it works again, now i can once again find that there are no ihop's in ohio...

can't really think of anything...

saw mulgrew miller, a very cool jazz pianist, play here at school... he also stopped by our jazz class and let us question him, it was really neet to be that close to such an amazing musician...

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