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I'm the ultimate loser among losers.

So, finally found the bug in ORBit that made my C++ test apps crash when using arrays of fixed-length types as output arguments. I don't understand why ORBit worked in the first place -- instead of checking for the fixed-ness of the array, for some reason, the fixed-ness of the method definition itself was checked, which of course always returned false.

If that doesn't make any sense to you, consider yourself lucky.

thomasvs: I had this "hearing stuff in people's voices while reading" thing too. There's nothing like reading libxml comments, and hearing DV's French accent in your head:)

As for your stories related to the GStreamer team, I really envy free software hackers who are part of a team. Sometimes I felt a bit lost and alone at GUADEC.

I loved gman's list of random "you had to be there" moments, so here are my additions:

  • "And none of them are properly documented" - maddog. "Except Emacs" - someone (maybe docpi) from the audience

  • Owen raising his hand, when murrayc asked who's used GTK+ before

  • "Spain is in Europe" - someone "helping" jdub

  • "Stand up like a man. I mean, man, stand up" - miguel, when DV made his first (but certainly not last:)) correction in someone's speech.

  • Emese's (from the Hungarian translation team) three-layered diagram of Seth's GNOME vision: GNOME - HAL - Linux

  • "I think it's Meta-city: Meta as in beyond, and sitty as in shitty. Thus: beyond shitty." - Ankh's ultimate argument in the MEtaCIty vs meTAcity debate

  • "The GNOME 2.0 roadmap basically is: 2.0.1: we're fucked. 2.0.2: we're fucked." - I can't remember if this was Havoc, or Owen
The trip

Oh man... worst trips ever. Budapest to Paris. 2+ hours of boredom. Transferring at Paris. 30 minutes of rushing. Paris to Madrid. 2+ hours of boredom. You get the idea.

Highlights include arriving late for the train to Seville and missing the second plane on the way home, which meant having to spend a night in Paris (since it was the last plane flying to Budapest yesterday). At least the evening was well-spent, tracking the Hungarian elections live via SMS and drinking all-you-can-drink French wine.

The conference

I enjoyed last year's GUADEC a lot more: it was more organized and the talks were more interesting and exciting. I think this is partly due to the fact that for the most part of the last year, everyone was busy with GNOME 2, thus no new stuff was created.

Of course, the best parts were the informal discussions during breaks, lunches, walks, etc. One thing that delighted me particularly was when I was talking to DV and he said "So I see you're playing with XSLT?". He reads my diary and even remembers it!

murrayc had a talk on gtkmm, which looked quite bad at the beginning when it turned out that 90% of the audience had never used GTKmm before and most of them wasn't even particularly experienced in C++. However, later during the day lots of people were expressing their sorrow over missing it because of the Ximian party the night before -- having your talk scheduled against sleeping sure sucks. Also related to the C++ bindings: the Meekster mentioned it in his talk when speaking about the future of Bonobo -- so I guess now we're "canon".

The interview is coming up tomorrow. I wonder what it'll turn up to be like.

Madly hacking away on ORBit/C++. I really breath ORBit/C++ -- no, I've become one with it. Hacking on IDL attributes at the moment.

Bought the BĂ«lga record that's finally been released last week. It's funny but not in a parody or a jokes way -- it's just smart and entertaining.

XML-RPC: Bah, you youngsters have it so easy! Back in my day, we had to do it by hand and we were happy about it!

What a week...

I began to seriously hack on ORBit/C++ on Monday. By Wednesday, it looked like I made the breakthrough, but I quickly realized my approach would lead to more problems than what it solves. I think I have an idea now that will work -- unfortunately, I won't have time to implement it till next week.

It's funny how a Hungarian magazine (I don't want to disclose its name yet) asked me if I'd like to be in a special on hackers -- and then they promised anonymity. WTF? I thought this "Hackers are evil dudes who break systems" meme was soo 2000. Well, why would the media be any smarter than the dumb peons of this rotting country?

I had the worst mid-term ever, the subject was pharmacology. I knew most of the theoretical stuff, but nearly zero drug names. Answers like 'the... hmmm... cyclo-somethings' quickly made this last point obvious. The teacher finally decided to allow me to pass -- with the promise of giving me a hard-as-hell time at the next mid-term, on antibiotics.

The next week's free -- let's hope for some non-sucky partying this weekend, for a change.

And thus continued our seemingly endless quest to visit every place in Budapest that sucks ass.

This is my life. And it's ending one minute at a time.

Bad week in school: had two mid-terms this week, one of them because I failed the first Microbiology exam. By Wednesday I got so tired I decided to take the day off.

gary contacted me about the testacct entries, which gave me a good opportunity to write down some of my ideas about the Python diary application. I'll put the text online over the weekend.

murrayc seems to have brought up ORBit/C++ to the point where it's actually usable. I hope it'll finally enable me to return to Bonobomm.

Some of my friends surrounding me have a hard time realizing that karma won't pay your bills.

I'm slowly but surely drowning. How far is rock bottom?

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