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What a week...

I began to seriously hack on ORBit/C++ on Monday. By Wednesday, it looked like I made the breakthrough, but I quickly realized my approach would lead to more problems than what it solves. I think I have an idea now that will work -- unfortunately, I won't have time to implement it till next week.

It's funny how a Hungarian magazine (I don't want to disclose its name yet) asked me if I'd like to be in a special on hackers -- and then they promised anonymity. WTF? I thought this "Hackers are evil dudes who break systems" meme was soo 2000. Well, why would the media be any smarter than the dumb peons of this rotting country?

I had the worst mid-term ever, the subject was pharmacology. I knew most of the theoretical stuff, but nearly zero drug names. Answers like 'the... hmmm... cyclo-somethings' quickly made this last point obvious. The teacher finally decided to allow me to pass -- with the promise of giving me a hard-as-hell time at the next mid-term, on antibiotics.

The next week's free -- let's hope for some non-sucky partying this weekend, for a change.

And thus continued our seemingly endless quest to visit every place in Budapest that sucks ass.

This is my life. And it's ending one minute at a time.

Bad week in school: had two mid-terms this week, one of them because I failed the first Microbiology exam. By Wednesday I got so tired I decided to take the day off.

gary contacted me about the testacct entries, which gave me a good opportunity to write down some of my ideas about the Python diary application. I'll put the text online over the weekend.

murrayc seems to have brought up ORBit/C++ to the point where it's actually usable. I hope it'll finally enable me to return to Bonobomm.

Some of my friends surrounding me have a hard time realizing that karma won't pay your bills.

I'm slowly but surely drowning. How far is rock bottom?

Project idea

There has been some discussion here on using the Advogato diary entries on private home pages, by using XSLT to create HTML from Advogato's XML format. But I have a better idea: a client-side GUI application that stores all your private and non-private diary entries in one central XML file. Using our own XML format instead of straigt HTML will make it possible to include more complicated constructs, like footnotes.

There are several motivations behind this project: first, I want to use an application like that myself. Second, it is to be designed with the user experience in mind -- a user-oriented process, like nerdgir1's iRecipe project. Third, I'd like to learn Python and this looks like a small and light application for that.

I'll write detailed design documents and put them up on my website shortly. As for a timeframe on the implementation, "sometime this century" sounds the most accurate.


tk: Czechoslovakia? This makes me believe all those stories about the ignorance of Americans are true.


Hacking on Pangomm (part of gtkmm). It was a lot of fun, once I got the hang of the gtkmm type system. Our end-developers will have no idea of the huge infrastructure behind the elegant and simple API. Of course, this is a good thing.

Watched High Fidelity on TV. I liked it, but it's nothing like John Cusack's other best-known movie, the mind-fuck that is Being John Malkovich.


I'm ill: I think it's the flu. As always, the first night with fever was hell itself. In the first few hours, as you lay awake, you hope that this time there will be no semi-awake nightmares. But of course there are, and the next time you're fully conscious is when your mind races at 4am in a desperate attempt to make sense of the visions, while your body is soaked in poisonous sweat.

So naturally I've spent today in bed. I really miss a notebook: scribing this diary entry into a Palm is really tedious.


Faux[1] traditional Chinese music. I hope it has some magical healing effect.

Speaking of music, it turned out that I've missed out on two good parties in the weekend.

[1] Not that I could tell

On Tuesday I went to see Andres Serrano's exhibition. I thought, with all the media craze surrounding it, there'd be a huge crown, but there were hardly 10 visitors or so. About the pictures themselves, most of them seem to be blatant devices to get attention, but there are some photos that capture real beauty in the most unexpected places. Did that sound too American Beauty-ish?

A little something for the ongoing thread about religion and rationality: I was really surprised to find one of my ("otherwise normal" -- now here's an un-PC statement for you) friends from University telling me that he's not coming with me to the Serrano exhibition because he's Christian. He's never seen any photo from him, yet he firmly believes that he doesn't want to. Religion closes your mind, kids! Don't do that.

dyork: I've looked at your Advogato-to-HTML XSLT and I'd like to extend it, for those who want to use something like this. I'd restructure it a bit but that's not the point. The useful addition is this:

<xsl:template match="person">
  <a href="http://advogato.org/person/{text()}">

This also demonstrates why you don't want to use <xsl:copy-of>, since then you can't apply any special templates for inline, non-HTML tags like <person>

17 Feb 2002 (updated 17 Feb 2002 at 19:20 UTC) »

Slight hangover. Yesterday evening with a former classmate and friends was fun.

tk: You don't have to automatically allow newer versions of (L)GPL to apply to your code. In my important projects (that I would feel bad about if something happened to them) I'm always using specific (L)GPL versions in the copyright notice. This is not paranoia: it only makes sense.

"What are we doing tomorrow, Brain?"
"The same thing we do every day, Pinky: redesigning the class hierarchy of Guikachu"

It sounds funny, but it's not. Implementation-MI is a bitch.

My fucking valentine.

julian: Yes, I'd very much like to play Chrono Cross. It all depends on whether P©SX is any good, since I don't have a Playstation. And even if I had, I wouldn't want to play games like this on a console -- I'd miss the instant-save ability.

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