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chexum: No, Hungary is not nice. I plan to suck its life juices out in the form of government-sponsored university education and then flee.
Projects (the part you care about)

murrayc asked me to port GConfmm (formerly GConf--) to GNOME 2, and I've finished most of it, so now it resides in GNOME CVS. The only job yet to do is re-adding the documentation and the example applications. I just fear I'll end up having to maintain it, which I don't really want to do, considering how little I know about GConf proper.

I'm not really happy about how adding drag & drop resizing to Guikachu required me to redesign much of the class hierarchy. And I still haven't fully implemented it. The moral of it all: next time I begin a large project, I should aim for all features for a single element (in Guikachu's case, for a single widget type) instead of a subset of features implemented for lots of elements.

Maybe I shouldn't have tried to fix POTFILES handling in Intltool: new bugs appeared due to my changes. I'm trying to fix them as they pop up, let's hope I can keep up with the pace.

The much-too-late RadioActive 1.4.0 is finally going to happen over the weekend.

Life (the part I care about)

Tomorrow marks the first Japanese lesson since more than a month -- I wonder how much I've forgotten over the course of the exams (my bet is on everything). PocketKanji is fsckin amazing. Anything that is able to recognize my handwriting (be in latin or kanji) has got to be fsckin amazing.

School's only started on Monday and I'm already tired, so I watched Vanilla Sky instead of a psychology lecture. The film started really slow, but got better -- until the horrible end. I don't remember who said it, but I read somewhere that you should never ever end a story with "well it never really happened", as it takes away all the credibility and weight from everything else. There were a lot of possibilities to end the story in a better way (the three of us could each come up with fantastic alternatives) but none was used.

27 Jan 2002 (updated 27 Jan 2002 at 17:09 UTC) »
zhaoway: We all want to create realware by using virtualware, but the result is often antiware.


Gábor, Szabi, Zoli, többiek: Ha ezt olvassátok, küldjetek egy e-mailt

The elections are coming up in April. Dad and I were discussing political preferences, and it looks like we've come to very close conclusions from different points of view: he's basically against something, and I'm more for the other.

The exams are finally over, so it's time to create a short-term TODO list for what to hack on, now that I can.

Anything I missed?

[1] Actually, this diary entry should have been written yesterday, but I bought a new phone and been playing with that. Its WAP browser has some very strange issues -- for example, if the content-type HTTP response contains encoding information, it barfs. The most difficult was to install a custom background picture, since the GIF file must be of a fixed size, fixed color depth (so far so good), and also must not be larger than about 3000 bytes. So I had to manually repaint some pixels for the GIF compressor to be able to create a smaller file...

jamesm: Is it really hacking if it's not done for hacking's sake?

John Ellis of GQradio e-mailed me, with some information regarding automated station tuning with Video4Linux devices.

Think about it for a minute. Just how cool is that? I don't even know him. He probably heard about RadioActive either here, or read the release announcement. He then went to the site, read my plans about adding automated tuning, and told me how he did it in GQradio.


So maybe she really badly wanted to get me laid, back then in the autumn. Or maybe I'm a complete moron and misunderstood it all. The point is, I'll never know now. Note to self: next time, do not take prisoners.

Woohoo! Fuckup time!

Don't ask. The panel-- release bombed (I'm just thankful someone noticed it very early), so I had to cut a new one. And it turned out RadioActive 1.3 (which must have had been out for ages) had a build-time bug. So I had to fix it. Which is pretty difficult when you forgot to tag releases in CVS.

RadioActive: it's happening, again

After what could have been possibly more than half a year, I've returned to RadioActive. It's amazing how bad its internal design was. I've restructured it to be fully MVC, with the device driver being the model. It all went well (I really like the new structure), especially when I take into account how little actual code I've rewritten. But in the end, when I was to code main(), it all crumbled again. I'm not going to rewrite it all from scratch, so I guess I'll live with the ugliness -- at least it's isolated to only one piece of code now.


The problem with microbiology is quite simple: there's an imbalance between what I ever wanted to know about bacteria (/dev/null) and what I have to learn about them (huge sections of /dev/urandom).

I just hope everything turns out like it always does in the movies: after all the hardship, the hero gets the money and the girl. Sigh. If only there were a girl to get.

Top 3 things not to do on an exam
  1. Answer "well, I don't exactly know her name, but..." when asked who the teacher is. Especially when the context is like this:
    Q: I assume you don't know the answer to this question because you didn't attend the praxis sessions, right?
    A: No no no, I was attending every session.
    Q: Really? Who's your teacher?
    A: ...

  2. Contradict yourself

  3. Complain about the book, and later realize it is written by the examiner

Guess who just did all three and still got a B.

On a completely unrelated note, I watched LotR yesterday. Since it opened on Thursday, and we bought our tickets only one hour before the showing, we got the worst possible tickets: front row, first three seats on the left. Still, the movie blew me away. It's so fine, so overwhelmingly cool that I had to realize I can't even tell if it's any good. Go watch it.

Mommy, how many days 'till LotR 2?

Got a letter from the GUAD3C organizers, asking for me to participate in the paper review process. To put this in perspective, there are only ten other people invited. So naturally, I feel honored. I've already sent my positive response.

Someone was mentioning GCC 3.0 problems with Panelmm, so I made a new release.

After nearly a year of development, Guikachu has finally gotten into the state where I get substantial code contributions! Jay Bloodworth implemented support for the special Symbol fontsets of the PalmOS, along with support for escape sequences.

Microsoft is suing the creators of MagyarOffice, a Hungarian boxed OpenOffice version. I can't really feel sorry for them, since they used a notebook with the screen divided to the four Microsoft colors for their logo.

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