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What is it like to use a digital camera?

Over on chipx86's domain, he talks about transporting pictures that he took with his digital camera onto his computer.

My fiance and I are thinking about getting a digital camera. I know that right now, it is a real pain in the butt to scan photos, rename them to something recognizable and edit them in Photoshop so that both a thumbnail image can be clicked on and a full sized photo can be viewed.

Maybe someone can write up an article on this?

Raph :: stick it where the sun doesn't shine

You remind me of that rebellious, argumentative worker I had to fire yesterday. Some people just can't resist adding broken branches to the fire, you should know something about that. If you fail to see that I have spent more time defending myself from assholes like chipx86 and tk, then there really is nothing I can do to help your sorry excuse of an ass.

Yeah, you go ahead and design the "trust metric", you can't even design your website to handle more than three or so client requests at a time. Um, yeah, sure it is somebody continuously pinging your site. You're incompetent.

Go f*ck yourself.


gotta' wonder about this one. let's just say there is good reason that BSPIE has a low cert. i don't care what mine is. it isn't important what my cert is :)

you just never know

when sickness can hit your beloved pet. i took Daisy to the vet tonight, and she has a very large fatty tumor inside her back left leg. funny how i never noticed it before, but if you turn her over onto her back, there is the gigantic lump. the vet says the tumor it needs to be removed before it causes problems with urination, damages the sciatic nerve that runs down the back of her leg, or just becomes so bad that she has to have her leg amputated. now, i don't know how many other pet owners would put their dog through the pain, suffering and partial loss of independance that comes from the amputation of a limb, but i would never do that to Daisy. i hate to play God, but i prefer to remember her as "my little girl". sure changes the perspective of things, considering the idiocy from this minor nuisance off the Internet. The nuisance isn't really worth talking about. I'll let you decide :)

man, is this fun or what?

it gets more interesting by the minute. i could have sworn that SOME of us actually do have things to do in terms of contributing to open source (refer to the thread that i started on the main page as my own way of encouraging the open source movement), but lately i guess that the ones that continue to add fuel to this whole saga between me and one other person, just don't have anything further to contribute. looking at the accounts of those unsung heroes of the "feed the brushfire gang", that just about sums it up.

anyway, i don't look at all this as a way of people having fun with bytesplit's name, i look at it as just a select group of idiots who can't help but to show that THEY don't know what they are talking about. dobey, please explain to the rest of us what you mean by "...starts making a complete mockery of everything that he knows nothing about...". either you're short on morals or just can't see the truth even if it has dropshadowing and the color red added to it. wow, a wacky sense of humor, eh? i trust that you can gather that.

Ishamael , a valuable lesson for ya: perhaps you might want to look at a dictionary or directory of slang terms to learn what 'nosh' means. wait, you are 12 years old, right? you seem like it, anyway. I mean, Ishamael, if you can't provide the rest of us with some contribution to the open source community << OR >> the full truth to what you say (and that is with the assumption that you did your homework), then save us the bandwidth. m'kay? refer to the front page for a thread that i started, and the fact that i actually participated in the conversation...even if my knowledge on the particular subject at hand was meek at best. then again, that is why i started the thread, to get that knowledge. what have you done? no, no, no, i don't hate you Ishamael. i don't hate anyone. unlike you, i wouldn't dream of trying to destroy someone and start brushfires because i don't like them. i try to reason with people that i don't understand. unfortunately, all too often, it turns out that some can't be reasoned with on a an adult level. now, i'm speaking in generality here, you'll have to decide if that applies to you, Ishamael. you will know that better than i. take care.

on to ... Perrier!!! yo, man, wuz'zup? glad to see that you are an expert writer :) keep up the good work. but, seriously, that isn't why you are here, is it?

Hmm, do I see someone talking about himself in the third person?

No, tk, you see someone who originally came to advogato.org to respond to someone else's childish games of slander. in the midst of protecting one's own name (that would be me), some other childish fellows ("tk" is the first example i can think of) saw it fit to try and polish his own tarnished name by adding his own fuel to the fire. i won't argue with you any further on this, tk, i expect you to react similarly.

Ishamael, YOU nosh the hell off

before you go ranting about me telling newcomers not to listen to certain folks, how about taking it upon yourself to do some investigating first?

if you want to believe the illogic and unbelievable, then you are most certainly not better than i am. perhaps i can help you out a bit here by referring you to tk site where he first put up a something, telling others to ignore me.

i am known as a very fair person, by both people on this site and off. who they are is not important to you, their opinion is. and, i like to keep it that way. you treat me like shit, you'll get it right back!

some people on this site seem more interested in starting brushfires than contributing to the open source community. that is all that i will say about it. unless, of course, someone else wishes to act like a baby, too. then, i will point out that person, too.

people i work with are kinda' like

some of the kiddies here. after finding out from someone else on here that LotR thought it would be adult-like to poke fun at my site and lilo's site, i got to thinking about the 30-50 year old children that i work with at work. they spend more time playing political games and harassing others than taking care of the customers. you know, like LotR does. he's the expert, he can tell you all about it :)

annoyances in life :

hmm... where do i start? the teacher who can't find a way to dial my number and explain why the grade I was supposed to get, wasn't? or this useless drivel of a diary entry : http://advogato .org/person/badvogato/? amazing, how one can just check the diary entries of one or two folks, and lo and behold some feels compelled to poke fun at you.

Well, if this hasn't been a busy night.

We just watched a great movie on television, called "The Crow". Now, I don't proclaim to be a Gothic fan or anything, but that was some movie. The storyline is great, the action rivals that of Jean Claude Van Damme and Clint Eastwood, and the potrayal of the Gothic movement is second to none.

I learned a valuable lesson today. That lesson is this: there will always be idiots in your life, both in everyday life and on the Internet. Yeah, go ahead and sue for libel. If you do, I'll lay down the hammer by suing for copyright infringement, slander and libel. Looks like another talk with my attourney is in order. Anyway, all those annoyances of life aside, some people will just never admit their wrongdoings. Not to save their soul.

So, I'll do the admirable thing: ignore the trolls and the liars and let them wallow in their own misery. I'm just going to use this site for what it was meant to be used for, unlike some others who like to start public battles on here. You know who you are.

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