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annoyances in life :

hmm... where do i start? the teacher who can't find a way to dial my number and explain why the grade I was supposed to get, wasn't? or this useless drivel of a diary entry : http://advogato .org/person/badvogato/? amazing, how one can just check the diary entries of one or two folks, and lo and behold some feels compelled to poke fun at you.

Well, if this hasn't been a busy night.

We just watched a great movie on television, called "The Crow". Now, I don't proclaim to be a Gothic fan or anything, but that was some movie. The storyline is great, the action rivals that of Jean Claude Van Damme and Clint Eastwood, and the potrayal of the Gothic movement is second to none.

I learned a valuable lesson today. That lesson is this: there will always be idiots in your life, both in everyday life and on the Internet. Yeah, go ahead and sue for libel. If you do, I'll lay down the hammer by suing for copyright infringement, slander and libel. Looks like another talk with my attourney is in order. Anyway, all those annoyances of life aside, some people will just never admit their wrongdoings. Not to save their soul.

So, I'll do the admirable thing: ignore the trolls and the liars and let them wallow in their own misery. I'm just going to use this site for what it was meant to be used for, unlike some others who like to start public battles on here. You know who you are.

jcv: sure that will get the response you want from Mr. Bill Gates, or was that to bait him? :) I'm definitely no operating system officiando myself, but i do know that there is much space wasted on machines now. all for what? so we can have longer file names?
Designing web applications

I have been asking around on the Internet about this. What is the better way to design a server-side web application? Page-to-Page or have all the pages embedded in one page? This has been an obstacle for me. Any input on this would be greatly appreciated.

ChipX86, I am asking for a genuine apology...

not some "I am sorry but I do not understand what I did wrong" cop-out. You very clearly know what you did that was malicious. Care to have me spell it out, again?

Why is it that you feel compelled to continue this shenanigan of "all you have to do is ask an OP politely" when you know very clearly that I did ask politely, but none of the OP's felt there was a need to respond to my request of being allowed to both sit in the channel AND participate in the conversation? Please explain.

Again, two of the deals to this agreement were that (a) you remove your past articles that mentioned my name or were about me; and (b) you apologize.

I have seen neither of those done, therefore I can only assume that you don't know the difference between right and wrong, treating people fairly and unfairly. Furthermore, I must assume that you know clearly that what you did was wrong.

Please explain to the rest of us how you translated a statment of protecting my rights "do not steal my photos again or I will take you to court" into a so-called threat. Are you telling me that if a police officer tells you "if I catch you speeding again, I will give you a ticket instead of a warning", that you feel the police officer were a troll or a threat to society? It's called the law ... and respect ... Christian. And, I pity you for your feeling that you have everything to lose by apologizing for what you did, and that instead you must try to sound like you are sorry while in the same breath telling yourself that you will never apologize.

Until I hear an apology from you this won't go away. Make it easy for all of us, Christian. Do the right thing. Apologize like you know what you are apologizing for. It isn't that difficult.

7 Jun 2002 (updated 15 Jun 2002 at 17:08 UTC) »
My apology to ChipX86

Until ChipX86 can learn to be a big boy and apologize for his actions, then I will not apologize for scolding him.


7 Jun 2002 (updated 15 Jun 2002 at 20:04 UTC) »
ChipX86, Let's Strike a Deal...Shall We?

Here's the deal:

+++ ChipX86
---apologize on advogato.org for your actions directed toward bytesplit
---delete all of your articles that were in reference to bytesplit on advogato.org ---permanently take my photo out of your possession and the possession of others (if you haven't already done so)

This will remove any of my anger and resentment held toward you. I have asked you to do some of this before, I am a very fair guy. This will enable us to wipe our slates clean with each other, and even if we don't care to cross each other's path again, will allow us to interact in the future as if nothing astray happened in the past. Okay?

perrier: then the only way i can respond to you at the moment is that you don't know Christian very well. i pity the fool who falls for the good reference given by a man speaking out of ignorance. if you don't believe me, then you can not be helped. furthermore, all sugar coating of yours aside, Christian has NOT handled this so-called saga with maturity. he never publicly apologized for his actions. that, my friend, is acting like a grown man. if you don't get the gist of what i just said there, then i have reason to question not only Christian's integrity, but yours too. perhaps you could take heed to what i just said. at some point here i will quit arguing with these rebels who love to hide behind the smoke and mirrors of the Internet.
ebizo: why don't you, for the mean time, just accept ANY job so that you are bringing in some income. while you are holding the job you can be out looking for something you really want and need. let go of your pride for your own sake.
Is defending the law and person's rights grounds for being called a troll?

LSchiere: So you think that a person who is obviously talking about legal issues is lying? Do you think that most people would call you a troll or be less likely to believe you if someone had infringed upon your privacy and personal property, and you decided to tell about it? I think not.

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