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perrier: then the only way i can respond to you at the moment is that you don't know Christian very well. i pity the fool who falls for the good reference given by a man speaking out of ignorance. if you don't believe me, then you can not be helped. furthermore, all sugar coating of yours aside, Christian has NOT handled this so-called saga with maturity. he never publicly apologized for his actions. that, my friend, is acting like a grown man. if you don't get the gist of what i just said there, then i have reason to question not only Christian's integrity, but yours too. perhaps you could take heed to what i just said. at some point here i will quit arguing with these rebels who love to hide behind the smoke and mirrors of the Internet.
ebizo: why don't you, for the mean time, just accept ANY job so that you are bringing in some income. while you are holding the job you can be out looking for something you really want and need. let go of your pride for your own sake.
Is defending the law and person's rights grounds for being called a troll?

LSchiere: So you think that a person who is obviously talking about legal issues is lying? Do you think that most people would call you a troll or be less likely to believe you if someone had infringed upon your privacy and personal property, and you decided to tell about it? I think not.

7 Jun 2002 (updated 7 Jun 2002 at 02:05 UTC) »
Petty personal fighting

raph: it becomes personal when an idiot gets caught saying stuff about me in advogato.org, then doesn't have the maturity or honesty to apologize for his actions. so, i find it lacking that you would place me in the category of "petty personal fighting", when ChipX86 is the one that started this stuff over here, and because he likes to tell people that i am a troll when all i am doing is protecting my own name and stating my case. i won't begin to call you names or call you immature, because i believe you are doing a very good job with the stance you are taking. however, i think that if you look at what i have pointed out about chipx86 and look at what he is refusing to admit, then you will see this is a case of someone being caught in a lie and disobedience of the law. that's all.

7 Jun 2002 (updated 7 Jun 2002 at 02:07 UTC) »
Some people just don't know when to quit

Well, I've had it up to here with folks who insist on being assholes in public and deliberately trying to slander others. Just refer to my previous entries about this chipx86 guy who sees no problem in acting like a non-civilized human being, then crying wolf at the slightest alert of his actions.

Against my better judgement I have tried and tried to get this guy to give a public apology. Well, I didn't come right out and ask him to apologize, because I figured he would be humane enough to know that he should. This whole mess started with his little gang over on OPN, on the #webdesign channel.

Because he has refused to act like a man and admit his wrongdoing, instead of playing the "woe is me" crap he likes to play with everyone, I will just have to let him wallow in his own misery and let him be the unhappy individual that he obviously is.

Christian Hammond, I am telling you for the last time. If I ever catch you stealing one of my photos again, or pulling off anything remotely close to what you did to me in the recent past, I will take your little butt to court. I was this close(holding first finger very closely to thumb) to taking legal action on behalf of your ISP. So be warned. And, don't bother saying anything else about me. Understand? And, yes, you are indeed a troll and a stalker. Even my aunt, an attourney, who has followed your actions, says that you are. And, rarely is she wrong about this kind of stuff :) Have a nice day.

ChipX86, you are a liar, why won't you admit it?

I am sick of your antics over the Internet. You do not know how to treat people in the IRC channels. It's been said by more folks than just I, rest assured at that. The company you keep, and the way they have acted toward me and my friends in the channels, is proof.

It seems you have a habit of intentionally skewing the facts. If you will remember, and I know that you do because I placed a phone call to your home (which I did not want to have to do), I took down access to my site AFTER you stole my photo and put it on your site. So, in other words, you already had my photo before I took down access to my site. And, no, you very clearly did not take down the photo when I asked you to. It took days for you to do so, and luckily for you, I didn't have to drag you through the legal system. Obeying the law is something you should have done from the very beginning.

Want to talk about destroying public images? Why the efforts to put up my photo in the first place? No, it wasn't because people wanted to see my photo. I'm quite a bit older than you, Christian, have been around the block quite a few times. So, I'll step in and say that you put up my photo to support your childish claims that there was a stalker on the loose.

I've seen folks like you before on the Internet, and they all act the same way: scold them for mistreating others and acting like rebels, and they run and tell lies to everyone and twist the truth in order to garner support for their immaturity. I have also seen these folks in real life, too. And, let me tell you, they are very unhappy people. They tend to get into mischief on a regular basis, stab folks in the back, and show utter disregard for others. Judging by the photo of you on your site, I would say that you're a rather unhappy person. My photo showed me as one who has a sense of humour and is a family man. Not meaning anything more than the fact that our photos show two stark differences between us.

So, to sum it up Christian, you attempted to ruin my image on the Internet, and now you can't stand the taste of your own medicine. In fact, I also asked that you be removed from this site. I like to think of myself as treating others fairly, and I very often do so. If you treat me unfairly first, then rest assured that I have no problem with coming into your kitchen and cooking up my own recipes.

So far so good...

on the wedding invitation responses :) Anytime you have a wedding where the roots of the relationship between the bride and groom started out long distance-like, one of them will have circumstances where the majority of the family can't make it because of the long travel. That happens to be my case, oh well.

The important thing is this is the woman I have been searching for my whole life, and the one I will spend the rest of my life with.

Today we were looking at some other wedding sites, some rather different wedding traditions out there. And beautiful ones at that, I might add. Afterwards, she checked her email and a rather famous wedding apparel company had the galls to send her an email solicitation, asking her to provide every stinking detail of her wedding (good and bad), with the *chance* she might get free tickets for an exotic cruise for the honeymoon. When will these SPAM masters learn that it's getting really old, that people are tired of the popup ads and corny solicitations in almost every email and all over the entire face of the internet? Jeez.

Made the Dean's List!

Just got an envelope the other day, and lo and behold it was a congratulations from the college on my making the Dean's List. Furthermore, they congratulated me for having one of the highest GPA's for transfer students :)

5 Jun 2002 (updated 6 Jun 2002 at 04:00 UTC) »
Trolls everywhere, aaaahhhhh!!!

For reasons I don't care to explain, this http://advogato.org/person/chipx86/ guy really, really annoys me. I find it very difficult to believe that he received funds from www.linuxfunds.org, or that he is this wizkid he likes to put himself out to be.

The kid just needs to grow up. Even more than a week after ChipX86 decided to grow up by following the law (refer to my previous article about him stealing a photo off my site and publishing the photo on his site without my permission), I still find it hard to swallow. Why do such people exist? What are his parents like?

My parents did not raise me to be disrespectful toward others, to tell lies about others, to try and slander others. On the same token, they did teach me that one must deal with the consequences for his or her actions.

So, what provoked my latest anger toward the childish ChipX86? When he posted a link to lilo's site, in reference for the supposed "trolls" that are a part of OPN. Little wonder that OPN has the problems it does, because folks like ChipX86 infest the place. That's all I will say about this for the moment.

UPDATE: his resume shows that he has attended Butte College from 2000-2002, but a look at his http://advogato.org/person/chipx86 shows that he just graduated from high school. Which is it, Christian?

30 May 2002 (updated 30 May 2002 at 21:00 UTC) »
just received a letter of

congratulations for demonstrating success as a transfer student at Springfield Technical Community College, located in Springfield, Massachusetss :) considering my academic record has for most of my life been OK, i'm elated that i might get a scholarship to another college!

it hasn't been an easy year for me, moving halfway across the nation to be with my loved one, sorta taking a few steps back in terms of obtaining a college degree. but, it has been very well worth it, especially for the one that i love with all of my heart :)

as i always say at the beginning of every semester, i will spend more time on my studies, less time mucking around with programming lanuguages and operating systems.

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