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5 Jan 2002 (updated 5 Jan 2002 at 20:41 UTC) »
:: Hacking ::

None! although I have prog test monday. I'll give it a look tomorrow :)

:: Oddities ::

Dedicated the day on continuing to learn the Elvish language, along with pronunciation.You can know more on this subject with the resources I provide on my page.

:: Music ::

Pixies - Doolittle
Flaming Lips - Zaireeka
:: Hacking ::

I've been awake for two days learning stuff. I'm so happy I got together with the right people, and I'm learning more stuff in a couple of days than I ever learnt in my life. The topics of learnt/searched for the last two days were:

- shadow passwords: manually creating and decrypting
- SSHd security related stuff
- Network programming (Doc: Beej's Network Programming)
- protocols with things, other than computers, via C programming

:: eBeatrix ::

The system can already look for another gateway, in case the one predefined is down. It can go through a list of gateways stated on a file.

The script to decode the emails to real actions is being recoded using C code. It's almost done :)

The project is now "co-sponsored" also by another "company", and will be released by two different sides, with two different codes, as I'm now developing it for two differente purposes. Details soon.

:: Casual Life Causes ::

There is a group of people that will start to get together frequently for computer investigation, at my house. It will start next sunday. As so, the network in my house is being re-thought and now there is an independent server/firewall, which is not used by noone. Port forwarding is one of the next things to study. I already got the pdf's and the apps :)

:: Music ::

Pink Floyd - The Wall
Velvet Underground & Nico - The Banana Album
2 Jan 2002 (updated 2 Jan 2002 at 15:39 UTC) »
-={ e-Beatrix }=-

The project is now hosted by SourceForge, here. We received and commented some suggestions. Tx to ppl who sent them :)

-={ Culture }=-

Top 10 álbums of 2001
1 - A Northern Chorus - Before we all go to pieces
2 - Low - Things we lost in the fire
3 - Radiohead - Amnesiac
4 - Spiritualized - Let it come down
5 - Björk - Vespertine
6 - Stereolab - Sound Dust
7 - Microphones - The Glow
8 - Mercury Rev - All is dream
9 - Matthew Shipp - New Orbit
10- Death Cab for Cutie - The photo album
-={ e-Beatrix }=-

Me and Sara Afonso have released the first presentations of our project, as ppt, html, zipped or tar.gzipped html . The ChangeLog is also available. The code isn't yet.

-={ 2002 }=-

Happy 2002 for everyone.

-={ Culture }=-

Reading: John Grisham - The Partner
Listening: Sakamoto and Byrne's The Last Emperor Soundtrack
New Blog: here - Check there for my brand new tLotR posters :)
28 Dec 2001 (updated 28 Dec 2001 at 14:14 UTC) »
-={ Hacking }=-

I've been pretty busy with my project, but I can say little is left to be done. The crontab is set on the server, the shell for getting the messages from the email is done. Another for interpreting them is also done. I found a way of sending and receiving sms' and mails, through a "women only" server :) I've been also starting to do an easy security program to fit my needs, only based in C, netstat, syslogs and iptables. As is, I've been reading about iptables (and ipchains).

-={ Oddities }=-

I've been learning the Elvish language through a book that I bought and a couple of documents I found on the web. I already can say a couple of senseful sentences :)

-={ Music }=-

Bach's Requiem, Explosions in the sky and Godspeed you black emperor (I already got the ticket for their concert here, @Portugal, next 29th January.)
-={ Hacking }=-

I've been continuing studying for my project. I managed to find a way selfcoded to send and receive data from my computer on my cellular phone. I was lucky to meet someone I wasn't expecting, and I had an extra help for being nice. I've been studying criptography as he went helping me and giving me some hints, and also aiding on some doubts I had for my project. He introduced me to alot of interesting person, including an American guy called Justin that is a security responsible for one of the major companies and with whom I enjoyed talking a lot. I learnt alot. I'm so pleased... I am learning and sense I will learn so much with this guys than I was learning before. For the first time, I feel with the right company for aiding me in my long way ahead... people that do know what they are talking about, and are not into "hype" subjects. I already learnt about Steam Ciphers and alot more about pgp.

-={ Movies }=-

Yesterday I went to see the film version of the first book of Tolkien's The Lord of the Ring. It was simply amazing! Some screenshots are *exactly* like the pictures I had already seen by. The scenes that differed from the original book were fantastic. A continuous error: the first two arrows that are thrown to Boromir, hit him in the exact same place, although then it shows that was as near the heart and the other right above the belt. But, without a single doubt, one of the most kewl movies I have ever seen.

-={ Holiday }=-

Far away. I will be off for the next week. I'm leaving my telephone @ home and am taking no way for someone to reach me.

-={ Music }=-

The Clash - London Calling && Anita Lane - Dirty Pearl.

-={ Social Engineering :) }=-

Because of some bizarre sort of stuff, or just because I had shown some talent at programming classes (I'm so modest :)), my prof came talk to me about the new server that is going to replace all the current student-based servers. It's going to run all the student accounts and it's gonna be called "citrinix". After some talking about my new project (more about this ahead), he proposed me to sysadmin it, once it's ready. I made him see how little I knew and how unsecure things could get if the bofh of that machine wasn't an experienced one, but he replied saying that the experience had to come from somewhere. I got pretty excited with it, but it's going to mean alot more hard work and alot of hours spent studying security related topics, but I think it's worth the shot.

-={ Hacking }=-

So... about my new project. It was kinda described in my precious post, but I'll list all the steps that I can see know to achieve success:

  • Find a sms server that can send messages to mail
  • Study crons, to know how to check the mail
  • Code the Shell Script to check and parse the interesting part on the "mailbox"
  • Code the Shell Script to interpretate the parsed "code"
  • Find the syslogs that may report when the server is being "changed without permission"
  • Code a Shell Script to parse the info that matters and send to a cellular phone
  • Find a way to send a mail to a cellular phone

    Along with cron coding, today, I compiled kernel 2.4.16 and got kernel 2.4.17-rc2 to patch it... but not until tomorrow

    -={ Music }=-

    Van Der Graaf Generator (still life) and Nico (Chelsea Girl).
  • 20 Dec 2001 (updated 20 Dec 2001 at 04:51 UTC) »

    -={ Coding }=-

    Two days have been spent on the following subjects:
    - Bash Shell Scripting
    - Interacting Bash Shell Scripting with C Coding
    - Interacting Bash Shell Scripting with Python Coding
    - Coding sockets using C
    - SysAdmin'ing FAQS - Mail servers, for a project

    -={ The Project }=-
    After reading some project files on some different ppl, I started reading to develop my sms bases server system, that will consist on a parsing of the root mails. The "frequency" will be cron based, although I don't know much about it. Oh... but I will. I'm sure I will!

    -={ Music }=-

    I found a small record store next to my school, inside a library. The guy is really kewl, and he only has good stuff in it, including Velvet Underground, Tom Waits, Brian Eno, Cowboy Junkies, Pixies, etc at really great prices. There went my savings of the week to the following cds:
    - The Clash - London Calling
    - Van Der Graaf Generator - Still Life
    - Anita Lane - Dirty Peal

    As Tatiana sent me a gift (a teddy bear. CUUTEEE :)) and Inês is going to buy me a book, I'm gonna buy cds for everyone there.

    -={ Oddities }=-
    I have my page done at http://buckley.evora.org. I'm kinda happy now... I'm spending some quality time with my girlfriend and still managing to code and read stuff at night and attend to the classes during the day. Oh... My Math Analysis Professor sent me a mail saying that my Web Page was awesome and that I had some kewl taste in books and cds, and blackmailing about me borrowing him some cds. Otherwise, I would get less than 10. :) </a>

    14 Dec 2001 (updated 21 Dec 2001 at 03:38 UTC) »

    -={ Working }=-

    Still teaching MS Access to little kids :). Corporate programs still suck...

    -={ Coding }=-

    Magdalen Hsu Li and SnowPony.

    -={ Sleeping }=-


    13 Dec 2001 (updated 13 Dec 2001 at 06:35 UTC) »
    -={ Coding }=-

    Not much as been done for school programming lessons, as they continue to go well. Background C studying did meant something afterall. I've been reading alot about cpp aka c++, and am learning data structures under thsi environment. More coding has been done concerning to Raw Sockets in C. I'm making a mailer in c, which can get pretty useful as a Mailing List manager or something, as soon as we give it a "shape". I spent some time this night upgrading a shell script by prla which consists on adding to a tar.gz the pages of the diary of a specified Advogato user. Using "diff -f file1 file2 >> exists" and [ -f exists ] I tried to implement a funcionality which determined which was the last page of one's diary. Didn't work as I expected. The original code can be seen here and my trying to correct it can be seen here. Some other stuff concerns to sysadmin'ing theories and books and reading about the CORBA project.

    -={ Listening }=-

    Basically SoundTracks. I've been listening to the *awesome* XFiles Soundtrack and *yet more awesome* High Fidelity Soundtrack, as to Joseph Arthur (Come where you belong) and dEUS (No more loud music). Randomly have been playing too Mr Bungle's and Tool's Bootlegs.

    -={ Reading }=-

    Willian Gibson's Neuromancer and Franz Kafka's Amerika.
    Technical Reading: Networking Standards by William Stallings, Unix Network Programming, C in a NutShell and C The programming language by Dennis Ritchie and Brian Kernighan.

    -={ Oddities }=-

    I've been sleeping very little, and feeling little or no necessity to do it. The truth is that the extra hours are really needed for me to improve my skills. Is this wrong? After all, I'm just 18... it shouldn't happen anything wrong to me. Eating is also out of schedule, as my hungerstriked happen aroung 3 pm and 4:30 am. I'm gonna get myself killed one of this days. I've been reading Marcello's interview on SlashDot, which I found pretty hillarious as he answered everything *really* briefly. The replies are yet more hillarious. A must.

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