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On the 29/30th October there was a network related comference @ my university. Subjects like QoS or CORBA related projects have been talked along with some new ideas for e-schools and API's. Me and my 6 colleagues from University of Evora where the only kids around so, when I started making questions, we were "seen" in a good way and we got talked to by some of the University of Coimbra teachers there, which was pretty kewl. We got to chat about our projects and learn some stuff that we hadn't understand about Diffserv's with them.

The NINF has a new news page here and a new server is coming soon. I have took my full services and started managing the system' security. As the server runs RedHat Linux, and i haven't got (yet) the chance to change it to Debian GNU/Linux, I compiled the new Mandrake Firewall Solution, which we will see how it stands. Some new info soon on this.

I updated my personal page @ http://buckley.evora.org.

I now am the sysadmin for the server of NINF (the core of Computer studying @ ubi. OK, the website is rubbish, but will be soon completely updated, as the OS running. I'm getting some kewl acceptance at my new University, as I have currently 2 big "jobs" there, with only one month of classes. I will be also at the project UBICAR 2ky1, the project for Shell Eco Marathon.


Lately I've just been coding C. It can get most of your time and steal your social life, you know? :) Anyway... there's this comference @ University of Beira Interior next 29, 20th November. The page can be found here. If anyone wants to appear here in Portugal :)

I've been listening mostly to Mr Bungle and Graham Coxon and currently reading Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert Heinlein, as I finished the Ender's 5 pack by Orson Scott Card.
Farewell and be happy


As we're learning to code C and webdesign in the University, I have some more time to dedicate do Perl learning, and so I did in this 4day weekend, along with setting up Debian Linux on my Laptop, along with Window Maker + Themes + Dock Apps. It's really pretty this window manager, as fast and stable. And that's it.

I've transfered to UBI (another university) just yesterday. A few good friends were left behind, but, all in all, I guess it's the best thing for me, and for my future, as I have a new start and I know *exactly* what I have to do to be successful. It's bloody weird as I hated Evora when I got there and I love it when I leave. Programming lessons are based on advanced C language + unix. The rest is basically the same, except for the last 2 years of the degree that have 2 ways to go, one of them network orientated, which is the one I want for me. Bye

19 Oct 2001 (updated 19 Oct 2001 at 16:01 UTC) »

Well. I wasn't expecting but I did succeed at the Programming examination with the grade of 14. Congz to me :)

I finished reading Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card. It's one of the kewlest books I have ever read, exploring both the sci-fi and the emotional parts on the story of a child... it's worth to read.

Spent today's morning on the new Championship Manager, go figure. No coding or anything interesting has been done for the latter days, except for class revising and class going. We also managed to put together a Pentium 133 from the spares of other computers, in order to help a friend who's computer as gone dead. I'm such a nice guy :P

Miguel Azevedo

First week of univ of the current year. Little work done, mostly dinners and stuff.

I am both redesigning my web page to a fully dinamic web and studying perl at the same time. Coding has been resuced to a little alteration in the linux init scripts, in order to have random motd's and initial pictures... nothing much. Resources for ascii pics h ere and here.

I've been reading Pedro Paixão's Amor Portátil (in portuguese) and have both Ender's Game and 2001: Space Odissey in the reading stack as prla's advice.

Been listening to The Cure's Greatest Hits and Mercury Rev's All in dream.

20 Sep 2001 (updated 20 Sep 2001 at 21:22 UTC) »

I've been talking for a while about my Programming exam. After three nights without sleeping @ it's cost, and a lot of hard worked I must have failed roundly, yesterday. It was f*cking equal to the others, and yet, I've screwed it. When I left, the teacherasked which programming language would I like to see for next year. Does that mean a change? I hope so...

As a Baggio's advice, I went to see the page of this technomancer for it's kewl self coded page and the perl scripts. It's really kewl and I downloaded now the scripts for checking l8r.

On kahlage, well, it goes like this:
I have relatives who are Iranian and people are throwing crap at his house because of his ethnicity.

I hope i'm not beeing an USA groupie, but, I'd ratter be crap throwen than dead by a "strange" airplane. And the fault may be of one single person, but, it may be more than that. It may be on a way of thinking, but I hated the way this freaks celebrated the happening. If I could, I'd do *exactly* what Bush is doing now. Maybe a little bit earlier and with a little bit less of talking crap. IMHO.

Also checked and it's kcd project. Tx for the certification.

I've been listening just My Bloody Valentine and Radiohead. Call me dumb! :)

Have been writing on bethedeathofme (in Portuguese). </a>

As I've been living in my shell, only today I knew the whole true about what happened @ USA. What a whole bunch of freaks!?!? but the think that freaks me up is those stupid assholes having a great party after those tragic happenings. What a freak world we live in!

I've been coding Haskell day and night, and not getting anything of it. Been living in my bedroom only, and just listening to intimistic stuff like Velvet Underground and Radiohead, reading Chantes de Maldoror (yesterday I almost felt like ripping the book to pieces, after Chante I. It takes a great amount of force of will to get through it... but it's neat!) and coding that (pardon me) nonsense prog language. I respect the ones who like it but I just can't get the hang of it.

Be kewl

I've been on coding vacation... the only cpr action I've been hading is the LAN in my house and little more. Alot of studio recordings have been consuming all my time, along with some "quality time" with a couple of friends.

I've been reading "Chantes de Maldoror", writen by Isidore Ducassé, and listening to Skylab, Mogwai and Bettie Serveent.

Tomorrow I'll be heading to the Univ for some intensive study'ng.
be seeing ya

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