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Fiuu!! What a change. I've got 'adjusted' in the Conectiva's process of cutting costs.

Well, I'm postponing that GeForce2 that I was planning to buy. If by any chance You know some position for a PHP developer, please send me a note about that. My resume (in Portuguese) is @http://sergio.bruder.net/curriculum.html.

11 Sep 2001 (updated 11 Sep 2001 at 04:45 UTC) »

*cool*. My new CPU-mobo combo arrived, I just installed my new home box, a Duron 750 with a KT133A/VIA686B motherboard. yeah, a little crappy system for today standards, but my old system was a K6II-300/ASUS Tx97E !! :)) I'm just *happy* with that new box. (@work I'm still using the backup box. Oh well)

software-side-of-things: post-COMDEX I finally managed to hack a little WildWEB. *cool*. Now I'm planning to integrate output buffering with compressing in our style engine (it's a brain dead mod. I have to setup some bench tests to validate if it have some worth), some new field types to smartform / tablemanager and a large bunch of fixes. I have to publish a new version, too. Oh, PCPA discovered the last bug in our DGN->GRASS converter. Now if ECOSCONSULT people just use the same format/features in the next .DGN submitted as the last one...

hardware-side-of-things: My work box just stopped working, I'm with the backup system. Hey! What half the memory I was used to teach us! Just use a plain black background and turn off all transparencies, voila, a usable desktop again :))

The new hardware to my home box doesnt arrived, shortage on motherboard suplies, postponed to tuesday. Oh well. :/

Well. From my last post to now:

work-side-of-things: So much changes, nothing changes. :-(

PCPA is making progress in our new PostgreSQL interface to GRASS. We are already querying the database, some GUI is already written. Cool, probably we can show something about that @COMDEX. We have an e-learning project been cooked, too. It'll be a good test-bed to WildWEB :))

Oh, talking about COMDEX: Yesterday I was told that I'll give a talk @COMDEX.

home-side-of-things: claudio matsuoka is talking about upgrades, I'm upgrading too: I'll jump 2 or 3 generations of hardware: I'm jumping from a K6II-300 to a Athlon Duron 800MHZ but in the process I'll loose 64MB and 5G of HD, keeping 128MB of RAM and 10G of HD. My next hardware-shopping-section probably will be a new video board and a new HD.

8 Aug 2001 (updated 8 Aug 2001 at 03:20 UTC) »

I dont have the time I want to continue Wildweb and .br.. In the meantime, I have some rough edges to trim out in my work, I'm worried.

FENASOFT: so much contacts with countie gov reps, cool. My speech (and Roxo and Andreas, too) was crowded, good aceptance. COMDEX will be interesting this year :)The bad side is that I broke my Palm IIIxe :-<

I almost lost my primary HD (fiuuu!!), and I dont know why. I suspect that was overheat (I have 4 IDE devices on my small box: 2 HD's, a old cdrom drive and a ZIP 100 internal IDE). My machine simply was 'stunned', and when rebooted wasnt founding my primary HD (a Quantum 10G one). I just found it early morning. Just switched off my box and went to work. @night I removed my case cover (amazing! it was in place after all this years) and my machine booted without any problems running for hours now. It's in 'observation mode' now.

So much to do! PCPA already got the .DGN input filter to work. We are now defining how much from the DGN DB-linkage we will implement in GRASS. I suggested a light-weigth version with a tupple of words for each poligon representing (table_id,row), with 2 simple tables grass_tables(table_id,table_name,table_collumn) and grass_queries() with 'complex_queries' stored with user-friendly names. Our GIS partners have other plans in mind.. :/ I have to convince them that we dont have time for more complex mods.

Finally I published our PHP library to application development for WEB/PHP environments. Take a look at http://bazar.conectiva.com.br/~bruder/wildweb for more info.

Speech at Fenasoft
I have to send my presentation slides for my "palestra" (how is that in english?) to the FENASOFT organization. ARGH. I'm late on that.

Boring Work
My work now has so much boring no-coding work. And so much meetings. :/

Heeh. Imagine that: finally I've got my external CNC account working, only to find out my phone line dead. Without phone and aDSL :/ Now I have to wait for Telepar to fix my phone-line. Bleargh. murphy is alive and free. To complete the chaos, my work box is now booting randomly, wasting half of my time waiting for fsck's (and dont tell me about ReiserFS: I already lost 1 partition with Reiser without recovery).

finance-side-of-things: Oh. The annual insurance of my car is over (it's the right way in English?), I have to pay for another year. $Ugh$.

heavenlabs is up and operational.. Heh. Finally putting a decent configured box online. Only 2 problems still to resolve: How I'll configure my mail accounts to permit me read everything @home and @CNC, and I still cant login from outside to CNC :/, time to bug a little more sup-int people about my external account.

kernel 2.4 is plainly broken. My machine is up 1 day with it and stratus.heavenlabs have 15MB of RAM really occupied (from 196MB) and 101MB of SWAP allocated (I remember Tossati: 'It's not used, only allocated'). It's because he is not using my machine right now, with so much memory wasted, using so much SWAP without need, slow like a crawl.

Oh. So GWM is a nerd, like the entire rest of distro, like me, up @01:34am. I need some sleep now. Yesterday claudio got upset because we started to joke about Perl. Can you imagine that? So PERL SUX, who cares? Claudio :)

I need to use less my computer @home. Going to sleep everyday @5:00am is not normal.

home-side-of-things: My ADSL *finally* is instaled. I'll use the next couple days to configure my home machine with all the bell and whistles. heh. funny.

work-side-of-things: I have a blocker bug assigned. Man, what !@#$)&*@% damn bug!. If you load mod_php4 with imap and ldap modules on Apache, httpd just coredumps. The problem lies in the SSL use in the imap and ldap libraries and in the Apache program. I'm crazy about that bug. Damn it. Me and claudio just spended the whole night hunting that.

pontobr-side-of-things: I'm exchanging banners with RevistadoLinux, cool. I just wonder who have more traffic, .br or RdL :). Sad note: I havent received a dimme for the linuxmall banner until now :/ Besides that, I dont have more time for .br. :(

I just readed ralsina diary entry. Damn. I'm just down because of that situation. :/ I'll talk with Conectiva people about that (I don't have any power to change anything, but I'l do my part).

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