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In his book "Computability and complexity - From a Programming Perspective" Neil D. Jones proves the following theorem (theorem 23.5.1 on page 346):
LOGSPACE \subseteq NLOGSPACE \subseteq PTIME \subseteq NPTIME \subseteq \PSPACE = NPSPACE and NLOGSPACE \neq PSPACE

pseudonym: Have you any references proving PTIME \subset EXPSPACE? Neil Jones doesn't even mentioning EXPTIME in his book.

Finally wrote the first of a promissed serie of perl articles in danish. Soon we will have a set of danish perl tutorials not beginning with:


print "Content-Type: text/html\n\n"

print "Hello World\n"

I just hate people equalizing perl and CGI.
I changed from using mwm (real mwm) to using sawfish as my windowmanager.
sab39: Wether Debian will include KDE in the future depends on some developer to package it. Debian only contains free software which is interesting enough to spend time on packaging. But with 500+ different intepretations of "interesting enough" this does seem to approximate everything and the kitchen sink (twice).

But if I understands the talk on debian-devel correctly it's just a matter of time before things from the unofficially KDE stageing area flows into the main archive.

6 Sep 2000 (updated 6 Sep 2000 at 17:19 UTC) »

Wow, I really misunderstood Ureaus. I've actually met KDE-people meaning something like his first statement so I didn't get the sarcasm and then my eyes turned red...
Read it and enjoy
Uraeus wrote ranting about KDE being hunted for no reason:

On the distribution level: Corel and Caldera bundle only KDE, which is a good thing since it proves that KDE is the standard. Sun, IBM and HP decides to support GNOME, which is a bad thing since it removes user choice.

What!?! Do you really say that it is OK only to ship with KDE while it's not ok to support Gnome?

What have you been smoking, and do you have more of it?

ralsina wrote (excusing for seing to many black helicopters):

Joey, if Debian includes KDE now, I will be happy to apologize. [...] Go ahead, MAKE ME APOLOGIZE, that's what I want most than anything.

I don't think it's about you should apologize or not. It's about people yells "black helicopters" whenever something more or less strange happens. It destructive and a waste of the readers time.

I don't think I have seen any negative thoughts about the licesing of Qt or KDE since the GPLization on any of the debia lists. So please stop yelling until you're sure that there is black helicopters in the sky.

  • Still alive
  • Thinks everything is boring
  • Starting my philosophy studies tomorow
  • Life sucks
Anyone wants to cheer me up?

Well, somehow I missed the announcement of Potato. That can only mean that I work to much, so I don't have time for keeping up with Debian stuff.

Slash'Em has moved to SourceForge. A nice idea - Thanks Warren - Now I have marked it monitored subscribed all lists and what-else.

Used a lot of time looking at OSKit yesterday. It seems like it would make a funny toy for me. I wonder if I should buy a LIAB-card just for playing with OSKit. I assume OSKit runs on a 386EX but I think I must check before I buy one.

Spends a lot of time (re)reading the dragon-book. I think I've should have read it better when I followed the course in basic compiler techniques.

ask: Somewhere I've mentioned that there wasn't any Danes on Advogato, which clearly was wrong. It may have been in another forum. And then I was just trying to make excuses as I discovered Danes on the list of persons.

hexmode: Like you idea about a AdressBook-class for perl. AdressBook::BBDB and AdressBook::Palm would be nice to have.

A new version of Nethack is out. Let's hope this is more bugfree than 3.3.0. But I guess .0 always means "very buggy".

The usual stuff. Scheme is generally nice but types would remove a lot of my errors. I hate that Similix is mono-variant. fold and map is nice functions.

Have no time.

Sillyness: Yesterday during some boring discussion in a danish localization meeting I began wondering. Significant Other <-> SO <-> .so <-> Shared Object. Coincident?

Hacking: Began reverse engeneering "Svenska Akademiens ordlista över svenska språket". Danes doing swedish things -- what a wonderful world. I hope we could check SSLUGS swedish ispell dictionary against it in a few weeks.

I need a scm linked with readline. As a hacker I hate self-applicable interpretes needing themself for building. As an academic I see the nice perspective in it. If only I had the time....

Communiting:First meeting in Copenhagen.pm, 1600 hours, Globe (where ever it is, gotta find out).

I suddenly realize I forgot to read slashdot yesterday -- I don't miss it.

Work: Made to little the last days. I spend to much time reading and writing advogato diaries.

Misc: I don't really understands why people think the hounerable Bishop Berkley's philosophy. I simply don't get a kick out of all this minimalistic nonsense about perception and existance of the world. Life to short for that kind of thinking.

Nothing done.

One more evening spend on debugging Slash'EM. I kind of found the problem. One of the ncurses function messes with a boolean value it shouldn't mess with. I think it's either a ncurses bug or something broken in my build environment. A strict typechecker would proberlly find the bug in no time. But this is C - There is no such thing as decent typechecks.

A couple of people wrote on the danish net-abuse newsgroup about a danish spammer saying that public email addreses is an open invitation for spam. Spend some time educating the spammers. the danish laws is wonderful. It says specific that comercial emails is opt-in and not opt-out. Practicalli makes UCE illegal.

But spam of the type "Jesus Loves you" and maybe the multi-level-marketing "Make money fast" is still not illegal. And then there is all the foreign spam. We're not winning alone but we can do our share of the battle.

It's still fun coding Scheme


I could say that not counting ask as a dane was intentionel.

Not counting phk is clearly a mistake.

And jes is from Jylland I pressume.

Did I forget other danish long-time Advogators?

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