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21 May 2004 (updated 24 May 2004 at 00:39 UTC) »
Viola/violin concerts that I'm dying to go to
    I just found out that on August 17-18 my favorite violist in the world, Tabea Zimmermann, is playing Mozart Sinfonia Concertante with Christian Tetzlaff on violin, with the Mostly Mozart Festival Orchestra and Bernard Labadie conducting. Then on the 18th at Lincoln Center she and Tetzlaff are playing Mozart Duos in G and B-flat, and she's doing a Hindemith solo sonata (not sure which one).

    I am so dying to go to these two concerts. This would be like the coolest thing ever.

    Plus I've never been to New York, somehow. This seems like a fantastic excuse for going. :)

Piano quartet recitals
    On Sunday we played for the Dallas Peace Society, and then a recital at UT Arlington in the evening. At the Peace Society concert there was a Mozart wind quintet, then our piano quartet played Brahms g minor quartet. At UTA Dr Solomons and Amirosh played Brahms clarinet trio with a clarinetist whose name I can't think of now, and then Amela and I joined to do the Brahms g minor quartet again, then a piece by Amirosh called Legends. It was really cool. But damn, we were tired by then.
Getting some work
    So I'm now about to begin working on some 3d graphics stuff for a commercial project and getting paid for it. This is pretty cool, since so far I've been pretty much doing open source stuff for free and for fun, except for the small amount I got for porting code to MacOSX. Although there isn't any sort of NDA (or none that I've been told about yet), I think I probably shouldn't reveal any juicy secrets about the project. But I think it'll be a lot of fun.
9 May 2004 (updated 22 May 2004 at 04:53 UTC) »
ATI's Linux guys are pretty cool
    So I talked to one of the Linux driver developers at ATI, and he was really cool. He's extremely interested in making the ATI drivers not suck on Linux, which is great for everyone of course. Apparently ATI is devoting more funding to this now than they have in the past so I think eventually they'll get there. It's just unfortunate that right now the drivers still suck all kinds of ass. But he gave me a list of things that he wants us to add to NeoEngine in order to make it a useful tool for debugging the drivers. He asked for binaries, but I'm on AMD64 so I couldn't give him x86 binaries (I'm using gcc 3.4.0, and multilib is currently not available there).

    Edited 2004-05-21 for a typo

Fear my malformed polygons!
Chamber music stuff
    Amirosh scheduled our piano quartet to perform some concert for the Dallas Peace Society or something, and also for something similar that's going on in Arlington. We're playing Brahms g minor piano quartet, something that he wrote, Mozart Divertimento (minus all the repeats probably, otherwise it would take up an hour by itself), and supposedly Brahms clarinet trio, with me playing the clarinet part on viola.

    This sounds like it'll be pretty cool, except for a couple things: I don't know the Brahms trio very well, and I don't have the music yet.. and the Mozart is freaking hard for viola. Oh, and the fact that this would be the longest chamber music recital ever, even with the Mozart cut down some. So I think that Brahms trio has to go.


    I was driving with Oksana to a concert today and she was saying she would like to get some people together to try to play a Bartok string quartet. I don't know how that's going to work since Amirosh claims he doesn't like Bartok string quartets (Dr. Solomons and I both think that's totally crazy.. we think he must have never heard them in order to say something so dumb), and also since Amela doesn't seem to get along well with other violinists.

    I think I'm doomed to play trios and piano quartets for the rest of my life.

ATI really does suck
    They make the shittiest drivers ever. Ever. Especially on Linux.

    We got bug reports about NeoEngine crashing in the vertex buffer code. Whenever glGenBuffersARB() was called, *boom*!

    At first it seemed like somehow the pointers were getting mixed up. But that seemed totally whacked. I didn't think that was it.

    The same code ran just fine on NVIDIA hardware (Windows, Linux, FreeBSD.. it didn't matter) and it ran fine on ATI hardware under Windows. So the crash seemed to be specific to ATI on Linux.

    But no, it wasn't that simple either. We discovered certain combinations of glibc versions and features that would selectively fuck up the ATI drivers.

    But we didn't stop there, oh no!

    Wait.. yeah we did. Fuck it, ATI drivers suck ass. We should just cease to support ATI hardware (especially on Linux).

gcc 3.4
    I'm totally in love with this compiler. It's so great. C++ code compiles quite a bit faster than it did in gcc 3.3.3, and the runtime speeds are amazingly faster.

    I know the runtime speeds are faster on x86, but I'm not sure by how much. But on AMD64 platform the runtime speeds are an incredible increase in speed over what they were in the last compiler. They added -march=k8 to 3.4, and apparently that improves a lot of stuff.

Der Ring des Nibelungen
    I finally bought a complete set recently. It just came in the mail yesterday. 14 CDs. I got it for $60. This seems like a good deal, since most complete sets are over $200.

    This is the 1966/67 Böhm recording with Bayreuth, published by Philips. It's a live performance, so you can sometimes hear a couple ambient sounds of coughing or whatever. At least I noticed it when I was listening to the opening of Das Rheingold in the car yesterday.

    I was having a few problems with the new NeoEngine widget, but murrayc gave me a little help to get the resizing working this morning and now the widget appears to be working exactly as expected.

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