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I mostly hack on random things related to Common Lisp, including SBCL. I am trying to get an effort off the ground to build a native OS X IDE for Lisp development. You really want to be looking at my homepage where my publications are listed.


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One more note while I work on my own blog: MORE EXPLODING PASTE! (note the top hit.)

Found in the refer logs of Lisppaste.

Yay. Advogato is back up, just as I'm about to finish my own blog engine in CL. Oh well. I suppose I should give some recap of what I'm working on lately, but I don't feel like it right now. Besides, it'll be a perfect first post for my new blog. Anyway, if you've used Lisppaste recently, you'll notice that a lot of things have changed, including a new URL. That's pretty much the most of what I've done recently. More stuff later.

As a follow-on to yesterday's blog:

I've released an interim version of CL-IRC, containing OpenMCL compatibility and a few small fixes. It's hosted on my server for now, while is dead.

I've released the new version of chavatar. It really is quite nice to have a persistent IRC client with a web interface that I can use from multiple computers (and my cell phone). Unlike other web IRC clients, it maintains a persistent connection and is password-protected.

chavatar requires the newest Araneida and CL-IRC versions, so be sure to update those before installing. If you don't already have those installed, or have the latest versions already, you should just be able to asdf-install chavatar on SBCL. If you download Araneida CVS, it should also work on OpenMCL.

The demo server for chavatar is still up and running; username "demotar", password "demotar".

Since is dead, lisppaste is now running on an OpenDarwin server, this time under OpenMCL. It's a good test case for the OpenMCL Araneida port. The new url is XML-RPC is running on port 8185, as before.

I suppose I should advodiarize what I've already announced to lispweb and the #lisp Yabos: Araneida (at least Araneida CVS) is now "Portable Araneida", meaning it runs on SBCL, OpenMCL, and Allegro, and a very particular version of ABCL. Araneida is a very nice web server that powers CLiki and lisppaste, and it's significantly easier to understand in my experience than portable allegroserve. It also doesn't depend on a compatibility library for most of the API of another lisp, making it somewhat easier to port.

I'm planning on releasing the latest version of chavatar web-based IRC client later tonight, when I'm in front of my PGP key. But, for now, there's a demo instance up and running - use username and password "demotar". It can't /join or /part channels, or change its password, due to being in demo mode, but it's enough to get a feel for it. It's running in #demotar on, if you want to see it talk.

Aha, advogato is back up, as evidenced by Christophe-blogging. I started the summer grindstone^Wjob on Monday, and hopefully at some point I'll get the after-work free time I have been expecting. Once I do, I'd like to hack on a few things:

  • Fix the accumulated bug reports in lisppaste and release
  • Determine whether Sven van Caekenberghe is still maintaining his XML-RPC implementation; if not, offer to run a for it and his XML parser (and give them ASDF-INSTALLable names too)
  • Fix a few bugs in the chavatar source, and possibly make a new project for this too. Then release the current version. (I'm thinking about making a tarball with all the dependent libraries as well, so that people with no Lisp experience can just edit a configuration file and run a shell script to run their own chavatar, provided they have SBCL installed.)
  • Sometime before this happens, get Dan to release a new araneida.
  • Help Taylor Campbell to get the T linker to output a Solaris/ELF binary and not a cruddy ancient SunOS/a.out binary.

Well, that's the plan at least. Who knows how far I'll get on any of these things? Not me, not yet.

Work has me doing JSP, which only serves to remind me of how nice it is to work with araneida. On the other hand, JDBC is a pretty nice way of talking to multiple databases. This gives rise to thoughts of JNI for SBCL or OpenMCL. Hm....

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