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Hrm, what's been going on since the last time that I updated this thing? It's been ten days or so.

Just got back from the first Mozilla Developers Conference. It was a blast. There's some horrible writeup at slashdot about it. It's written like copied their handwritten notes and called it an "article." The best part of the conference was to meet some of the people that I work with on a day to day basis and put faces with the names.

From the technical side I got to see some of the more interesting things that people have been doing with Mozilla. One was xmlterm. It's a terminal emulator written using Mozilla as the layout engine. It's neat because you can interpret resources from your command line interfaces as links. This means you can include inline images, links, icons, everything. It can interpret anything that uses XML. And the terminal emulation is good enough to run emacs.

Also, Ramiro wrote a glue code to use my Mozilla embedding widget as a view in Nautilus. We sat down and worked out out a couple of problems with the widget and started to figure out what he needed to get it running with all the functionality that you would expect in an intergrated browser. We were able to load web pages and browse around a bit without any problems. It's pretty cool to see that "just work".

More checkins for the embedding widget last night. There's still stuff missing from the underlying nsIWebBrowser object so clicking on links still doesn't work properly.

Apparently, Netcenter has decided that they want to merge the Netcenter and the AOL Instant Messenger username databases. This means that if you have a Existing Netscape Netcenter account that happens to conflict with an existing AIM screen name that you have to "change your username."

So, if you had the address foo@netscape.net and someone else has the screen name "foo" on AIM that the AIM user will all of a sudden have access to your email account. They assume that you can tell everyone that you know about your "new" email address. You can't tell everyone. What if someone sends you email after 6 months of not talking to you?

Aside from the technical issues, it's just plain rude. There are people out there who use that site as their primary email address. My wife did until just recently. According to their press releases Netcenter membership is around 25 million or so. It's a pretty shitty thing to do to a whole lot of people.

It's the kind of thing that makes me want to stop working with that company.

I've been continuing work on the embedding widget. It's starting to come together. The code that actually loads that looks like this:

moz_embed = gtk_moz_embed_new(); gtk_moz_embed_load_url(moz_embed, "http://localhost");

Minus the usual packing into a container and showing the widget and stuff. You still can't click on links but that's not a problem with my embedding widget.

By the way, you can do <pre> on advogato with this:

<div style="whitespace: pre; font-family: fixed">Foo</div>

Or, if you're really nice you can leave out the font-family: fixed ( like I did above ) since it doesn't fit with the motif here.

I've been working on the new embedding widget for Mozilla. After it's done it should be really easy to embed Mozilla into any gtk application. Alex did the original widget but it's been suffering from some bitrot and it uses old, depreciated interfaces.

Yesterday I went out and got 100 feet of ethernet cable so that I can hack from other rooms of the house. Looking back, I think it was a bad idea since now I can't escape.

The mozilla.org party is right around the corner. It's in San Fransisco. You going to be there? Let me know.

I think that I made Phil go blind with by exposing him to a couple of patches. Anyone who knows gtk should be afraid.

I've been working on a couple of bugs over the last couple of days. I sat down and rewrote the gdk event filter for mozilla since it was broken and causing some problems with grabbed windows. It now has copious comments so that some other poor soul can come along and support it. I've got some other code to check in, too but someone broke windows so I can't check in.

My wife and I finally got a couch at Ikea which should arrive at the house tomorrow. This means that we can have other people over and they don't have to lie on the floor to watch a movie.

I now know the meaning of the word Fear. What the hell?

I'm still digesting food from last night. We had good indian food on the new dinner table, courtesy of my wife. We managed to squeeze eight people around it. I was impressed.

Here's a great little column about patents and what they mean for the internet and business and your favorite search engine. It's funny, too. Read it.

I've been in Syracuse the last couple of days, visiting with friends and family. I've been using the chance to try and catch up on all the email lists that I'm on and haven't been reading.

1300 Messages in the xfree folder.
200 Messages in bugtraq.
500 Messages in SOAP.
20 folders later...

Great, now I'm behind on my Inbox.

LinuxPower ran my interview today. Then slashdot picked up on it and the site was unavailable for a while. It's a reasonable interview. The questions were well clued.

There was at one question at the bottom of the article that someone posted:

More and more pages can be read only if you have Internet Explorer, Netscape won't read them, because the page uses proprietary Microsoft technology. Will Mozilla read these pages?

The people building Mozilla are attempting to build a 100% standards complaint browser. If you build pages that are standards complaint then Mozilla should be able to read them. I don't think that there are any plans to add compatibility for those technologies. I think that it only encourages people to use them and that's what we want to get away from.

I'm pretty sure we would accept those compatibility layers if people felt like writing them, though.

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