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15 Aug 2007 (updated 22 Aug 2007 at 13:09 UTC) »

WebRunner Vs Adobe AIR shootout : My views

I have been keeping a causal watch of what Mark Finkle has been upto with WebRunner. And this post is in reference to the the debate between the warring camps, mark finkle from mozilla,working on WebRunner and Ryan Stewart with Adobe, talking about Adobe AIR. They have been exchanging some thoughts, I thought i would as well.

Here it is ...

webrunner adobe air

  • having site specific browsers seemed like a gud idea.

  • I dont want to open stuff in new tabs . How about having a different desktop Firefox Instance (FYI:i dint say 'process') for every SSB.

  • no "virtual machine"ish sort of setup, but simply is Firefox-tweaked and called WebRunner as the run-time for apps

  • target users: people who like a seperate webrunner for each site

  • upside : (yet to find any !)

  • downside & what i would have liked to see : why on earth would i want something that gives absolutely no value to me as a developer !!! if webrunner concentrated on building a class library with decent system access documentation(sorry to say,i still dont find the mozilla docs on these half as useful or readable compared to say flex docs). forget even building your own, atleast i shud have interfaces in webrunner for all possible classes and then plug'n'play with js libraries like jquery /dojo or hell make a new project on mozilla just to create just the plug'n'play interfaces for webrunner first,and maybe a decent js api for creating,accessing SVG. It really pisses me off every time webrunner is compared to adobe air. its beyond comparison, mozilla and webrunner cannot be sit back on the laurels of firefox for the success of webrunner. instead it shud actually code a class library that can be shipped with webrunners or ssb's or whatever 'schemes' Mark Finkle has on his mind. Coz personally webrunner does'nt even seem like an app worth talking just because it's stripping off the firefox browser. The first Webrunner was prototyped in 06, and not one new feature that was'nt courtesy of firefox! That's sad even compared to the progress made by silverlight - a late entrant! Webrunner, needs to innovate as well, and quick - if it wants to really play with in the big league !

  • having flash apps work for the desktop seems like a gud idea.

  • I don't want to open a browser for every flash app. How about having a single desktop run-time for all adobe air apps

  • "Virtual Machine"ish Adobe AIR is the run-time for my apps

  • target users: people who like a seperate webrunner for each site

  • downside: another process clobbering with my cpu memory if it becomes popular !

  • upside : adobe has effectively solved a major porting problem by allowing flash developers to write in a language they prefer, and access the beautiful and growing class libraries for everything from system ,to math,to vector graphics.

  • what i would have liked to see : just keep it going ... and don't bloat the runtime size too quickly!

By the way,i'm not biased towards any one side (or the third - silverlight 8 ) ), but have always respected both mozilla, firefox and everyone involved ; as well as the phenomenal innovation shown by adobe with flex and apollo.

Keep Clicking,
Bhasker V Kode
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16 Jul 2007 (updated 21 Aug 2007 at 14:12 UTC) »

Export excel sheet data to wiki's and html - Introducing ExcelKoder

The Evening of Junly 16th,2007

Guess ,i could'nt wait for the hackernight/compilers & interpreters collective at barcamp Bangalore happening in a few weeks

Here's a small utility i wrote one evening,while figuring out how to share plans for scheduling of barcamp bangalore. Geeky part, is that everything from css,to js and html written in this demo was done in good ol' notepad 8 )

Here's the link to the ExcelKoder demo . Might even host it up as a google project .hmmm.

Keep Clicking,
Bhasker V Kode

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8 Jul 2007 (updated 21 Aug 2007 at 14:12 UTC) »

Indian Independent music is ALIVE and kicking !!

When i first saw sites like radioverve and gigpad for indian independent music spring up , I wondered who would be creating this kind of music from india . Well, today as a music lover and self-taught guitarist , i'm more than convinced at the amazing changes and advances happening in the indian independent music scene.

Take for instance - my good friend ,Prakash Hariharan has been playing the mandolin for 10 odd years. Sometime in college few years back, he got himself a new acoustic guitar ,and an electric one . And started playing amazing leads on both that led to him drifting towards fusion and little jazz. He and other friends from college like Raghu (Bass,vocals, composition) ,Karthik(vocals,guitar)& Deepak (drums) all from SVCE , have been making demos and jingles and performing at a semi-professional level for some time now .My gf was judged best singer at an inter-college event,and sings for the college band , and i know how she really enjoyed every practice session they had, and admits - its all hard work and patience. She should know - she's been learning classical indian music for the past 15 years ,Prakash for 10 odd years on the mandolin started off classical himself. Some like the pianist junior ,have even made it big in the band called Oxygen. Great to see them win gigs ,be it a fusion at iit,iim or the other events in south india. Hey ,incidently I had a great time myself playing the guitar for while in the western music band. I still do enjoy each minute i spend everyday with my custom made spanish guitar 8 )

Whats new though , is that unlike anyone else i know or anytime before ... Prakash has put away a nice job at a software company to pursue his dream . He joined a radio station to learn production , while spinning his own compositions in his home studio . recording and jamming with other buddies . He's been showing his demo's to people ,even to Guitar Prasanna and hopes to one day join the Berkely school of music . Really awesome to see people passionate and pursuing what they love 8 )

On the same lines, I was really stunned when i heard the awesome potential in indian inde music 8 ) ( songs from red cube, indus creed especially ) .Lot of indian independent music happening ....

Check out

  1. http://www.split-magazine.com/downloads
  2. http://split-magazine.com/radio
  3. radioverve
  4. gigPad
Prakash puts some of his music over at his blog and runs his own podcasts with his music , and I'll ask him to update news on his new band in bangalore .

Here's a demo of Red Cube's single called "some where in the corner".

Cheers to the music,guitars and the free world ! 8 )

Update : Also on similiar lines, is tempostand.com . And here's cheers to Oritus, for their awesome song and now my personal fav indian inde ballad - 'Many a Mile' - by Oriitus.
Keep Clicking,

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8 Jul 2007 (updated 21 Aug 2007 at 14:12 UTC) »

Top 5 MUST READ Javascript Resources

Some MUST READ javascript links that I thought i'd share.

Excellent Code style tutorial , with easily undertandable code snippets ( Bad Vs Ok examples)
=>From Mozilla, http://wiki.mozilla.org/JavaScript:SpiderMonkey:Coding_Style

Best example of well documented code
=> The YUI Javascript library, start off with reading http://developer.yahoo.com/yui/docs/YAHOO.js.html

Excellent Javascript beginner tutorials
=> from Javascript Guru- Douglas Crockford's stable
===> http://javascript.crockford.com/survey.html
===> http://javascript.crockford.com/code.html

Best ever Advanced javascript & Optimization tutorial
=> from Opera, and probably the most understated article on javascript to date. http://dev.opera.com/articles/view/efficient-javascript/?page=all

Excellent Advanced javascript tutorials
=> http://www.quirksmode.org/js/contents.html

Keep Clicking,
Bhasker V Kode

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8 Jul 2007 (updated 21 Aug 2007 at 14:12 UTC) »

Introducing toXmlString : Javascript XML DOM to String Conversion

I was surprised to find no function to convert a javascript xml dom object to a string. I did find an upcoming feature added in Javascript 1.6 by the cool folks at Mozilla, but it really did not cater to xml dom objects already created /accessable by javascript.

I've seen PHP's PEAR ,and XML_Parser classes and often like to take part of the xml to resend/reuse later in my application. So since I could'nt find one , I wrote one 8 ) !

toXmlString(xmlObj) : string

* @author Bhasker V Kode
* @name toXmlString
* @description Functional Style Method to Generate XML String from any xml DOMobject .
* @param s (String ) [optional for usage]
* @language Javascript
* @date 25th May ,2007

  1. function toXmlString(xy,s){
  2. var str = (s==undefined)?'' : s;
  3. if(xy.nodeValue==undefined){
  4. //ur a big moma
  5. var multiStr=[],temp='';
  6. for(var i=0;i
  7. // each repeasted node
  8. if(xy.childNodes[i].nodeName.toString().indexOf('#')
  9. var nodeNameStart ='
  10. var nodeNameEnd ='';
  11. var attsStr=' ',atts = xy.childNodes[i].attributes;
  12. if(atts!=undefined){
  13. for(var j=0;j
  14. attsStr+=atts[j].nodeName+'="'+ atts[j].firstChild.nodeValue+'"';
  15. }
  16. }
  17. temp = nodeNameStart + ((attsStr==' ')?'':attsStr ) +'>'+toXmlString(xy.childNodes[i],str) + nodeNameEnd;
  18. multiStr.push(temp);
  19. str = temp;
  20. }else{
  21. //node Value
  22. str = toXmlString(xy.childNodes[i],str);
  23. multiStr.push(str);
  24. }
  25. }
  26. //end of for loop,time to untangle our results in order of appearance
  27. str = multiStr.join('');
  28. }else{
  29. return xy.nodeValue;
  30. }
  31. return str;
  32. }


var str = toXmlString(xmlDomObj) ;

Demo - http://bhaskervk.com/libraries/reusable/demos/xml.php



Let us assume that you dynamically add an event to an object . Now with Reusable.DeferredEvent , it throws a similiar api , gives you an option to specify your existing addEvent code -.Popular version of which are :
So basically what i have is a plug'n play support for handling idempotent events , using your existing javascript toolkits corresponding dynamic event handling capabilities . In the demo page , I have shown how to integrate with these frameworks by uncommenting the suitable line of code as needed.

Which means for configure listenEvent event for every listenTill seconds , for any listenObj object .

In the demos , you will find two scenarios :
  • Only unique button click's on Button1 in the range of 1 seconds will be recognised !
  • Only unique mouseouts on Button2 in the range of 3 second will be be recognised.

//@param name of instance
//instantName = new Reusable.IdempotentEvent(instantName);
// Step 1 : Instantiation
responsive = new Reusable.IdempotentEvent('responsive');

//@param listenObj - DOM listenTillelement or element id
//@param listenEvent string - Event name (as per your toolkit nomenclature )
//@param listenTill int / string - how frequency to accept event triggers
//@param callBack string - What function to callback eventually

// Step 2 : Exeuction
//responsive.register( listenObj , listenEvent , listenTill , callBack );
responsive.register( btn1, 'click' , btn1.getAttribute('onclickwhen'), 'clicked' );
responsive.register( btn1, 'mouseout' , 1000, 'hovered' );

Demo and Code here .

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