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Looking for projects to be a part of
not sure how I can correlate extracurrilcular coding and get "advogato" credit for it. I really don't want to be just an observer, but I guess if the majority says so... eh, this site has been good for getting me off my programming butt, and busy making some some kewl things, and for that I'm thankful.

--binaryfoo out
more to it, just keep playin

added yet more content to the perl section. of course it's all basic stuff, but that's what i'm good at right now. :)

anyway, added a section on file i/o. should be helpful for those of us that forget which means append, and which means write over the file. :)

good nite!

--binaryfoo out

new booty for me perl section! Arr!

made some changes to my perl section. trying to create an online reference for myself, maybe others :)
so far it's just basic info. hopefully i will just keep adding to it.

well back to work

--binaryfoo out

may is almost here

It's friday nite, working on some JavaScript code. People say it's really easy. But that's really only if you do easy things with it. The tricky stuff is still tricky and it's still fun. I don't know.

learning cold fusion at work. inherited a box from a company that used it so i guess i get to learn how to keep it alive.

lots of asp code, writing an email subscription form for the web stats reports in perl (cgi-based). lots to do and then provide info for a CRM architectural implementation. good thing is it will be hard to get bored with so many things going on. :)

and she can go ahead and leave. only means more time I can spend with people that want to be around me, and I them.

--binaryfoo out
new site

completely revamped my site in the space of 5 hours. doesn't say much for my site, but it downloads a heck of a lot faster. actually added content. not sure of the quality, (well I'm pretty sure of it), but there's stuff out there now. code snippets, a start of an image gallery, basic stuff, thoughts section.

well i'm tired now. haven't gotten used to sleeping by myself yet. 7 years we've been together...
well, it gives me time to learn new things i guess.

word of caution:
don't ever spend more time on the computer than your woman, 
no matter how much that code means to you, your woman will 
mean more, especially when all you have left is your code
(and in my case I'll have plenty of time to improve it)

well it worked. I had a log file with multiple values, a converted datestamp in the first column and a need to sort. Sort::Fields to the rescue. I admit, it saved me a lot of time in trying to build my own sort routine. Sort::Fields

here's what I did:
     print SOME_NEW_FILE fieldsort [ '1n' ], @unsorted_array;

life and love,
work and death,
food and air,
fire and breath,

take you here, take you there, hold your mind, hold your cares.

these won't bite, these won't sting, these are ideas, these won't cling,

toil toil, boil and bubble, how much is it worth to you? these times of trouble?


--binaryfoo out
Holy Transformation Sheets Batman!

That's right. I've finally broken thru a dumbass barrier. I now know at least one thing I can do with XML! Yes, sad to say, I knew this stuff was cool, but I just didn't see how or why. Holy Blinders On! I'm already going to start work on a few documents I've been meaning to create. And now, I'll be able to do it in style ;)

-binaryfoo out
new day

hope all is going well with everyone

learning xml

learning javaScript

meditating on perl,

why am I writing this out?

back to work!

Happy Easter!

Life is going well. My dad kicked my butt skiing. I was snowboarding and he was telemarking. He can literally fly down the hill with those crazy skiis. Of course, I was using my younger brother's snowboard, which was designed for tricks and not speed, but still, I should have whooped that old man! ;)

Training is going well, I think I'm learning a lot. Working a lot with perl. I've been working with creating/sorting a dynamic hash-array. Sorting a log file by date-stamp, which was sewn together from a series of eight other log files, it's almost working. Just a few more tweeks and it should be cookin with gas :)

Peace ya'll

-binaryfoo out

Ah HA!

Slow sunday. Getting ready to attend a two-week long course in CRM. Should prove interesting. I'll be writing perl in my spare time, and researching Load Testing for Akamai. Anyone ever load-tested an Akamaized site before? And if your site is Akamaized, are you sure it can withstand 30 million pageviews in a single day? Well I'm about to find out if our's can. Not sure exactly where to start, but I figure Keynote's a good place to start.

As for web play, I remembered how to load a link with form info. The site I was helping out used predominantly the POST method and I was trying to figure out how to get a link to also call up the same page and supply the same info as the rest of the page was with an input image. I wrapped the link with a new form tag, this time using the GET method. And as for the link URL, I used the info gleaned from using a test send from the POST method, and simply cut and pasted the long URL into the link. This was only the first step as the target page needed a conditional statement for each piece of info that was being presented on the page. There I basically said if the Query string wasn't empty, use the querystring, otherwise use the posted form method. And it seems to work. You can see this in action by viewing InDepthArts Check out the gallery section. I guess they put the favorite images in the Hall of Fame section. But there's good images in the open gallery as well.

-binaryfoo out

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