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21 Jan 2003 (updated 21 Jan 2003 at 12:10 UTC) »
chalst: Ooh! Ooh! I know! I know!

We've all been given a diary rating of '1' by mglazer! (Apparently, we've all criticized him for his racist diatribes, and he's trying to get back at us.)

Proof? I got yer proof right here!

I had a half-written diary entry from right after I got back, but it's all out of date now.

Got back from Georgia on 4 January, after spending Christmas and (unexpectedly) New Year's with my mom and brother.

Had some trouble with school. Turns out that one of my schools didn't send a transcript I had requested a month before. I had to threaten legal action, but once they got the picture, they FedExed it, by God. (It's all in the tone of voice... "If the University of South Florida does not receive my transcript tomorrow, I will have no choice but to pursue legal action. Good day," in a level tone, worked wonders.)

Anyway, I'm now in two classes: Data Structures, with the same professor I had for Program Design, and English Composition 2. I was going to go to PCC to take the English class, but for some strange reason they won't let me retake a class I've already made a C in... so, I had to apply to be admitted to a closed session of Comp 2, over the web.

(Don't let anyone tell you that web-based courses are easier or have less work than 'normal' classes... the actual workload is much higher.)

No job yet. That's gonna change, real soon.

Nothing open source; I've written some crappy code for Data Structures, but I don't think this counts.
o/~ all God's children shall be free in pirates of the caribbean when we reach that magic kingdom in the sky... o/~ -- da vinci's notebook, "magic kingdom in the sky"
my new year's resolution
... is to make no new year's resolutions.

Just kidding.

Actually, I'll stick with the usual; lose weight, exercise, et cetera. I had my blood pressure read the other day; it was something like 160/100. I seriously need to get that down.

i do the 12-oz curl

29 Dec 2002 (updated 30 Dec 2002 at 19:35 UTC) »
status report
Gotta keep this short, typing from Mom's work computer...

I've been on vacation since about 18 Dec. Spending my time in the glorious mountains of northern Georgia and fighting this godawful illness that has me in its grasp. (Fever, headache, sore throat... I'd suspect strep throat but I haven't been vomiting [knock on wood].) Actually, I'm beginning to think the sore throat is due to the kerosene heat that we have to use up here; I'm not used to it.

Got my mom and brother a DVD player for Christmas (just one, not one each). They watch a ridiculous number of movies, and I figured it was time to get them into the 21st century. Besides, many of their VHS movies were wearing out. (I tried to find Forrest Gump (theirs is wearing out fast) (are movie titles italicized, underlined, or quoted?) on DVD, but I couldn't, so Beauty and the Beast is a good second choice.

Well, more later, probably once I get back.

As you can probably guess, none.
God, I hope things work out; I'm really racing against the clock to get registered and into classes. If I can't get into classes, I'll come back up here to Georgia and have some words with one of my former schools. (Some of those words will probably be, "you'll be hearing from my lawyer.")
by the way
If you want to respond to this, please send a copy to me via email; I can't keep up with the recentlog, since I only have access to a computer once every couple of days.


responses - much later
jfleck: Feeling a bit "booty-licious", eh? ;-)

mglazer: Go away. You and your racist speech are not welcome here.

only adults have trouble with childproof caps

11 Dec 2002 (updated 11 Dec 2002 at 13:58 UTC) »
abg: I like the idea. However, the biggest problem that I've seen is the one you list as #1: the words aren't ideal for speaking.

I, personally, speak with somewhat of a drawl. "and" and "ant" aren't going to be very distinguishable. I agree somewhat with jbucata, in that the number of letters seems less important than the speakability of the resulting words.

Also, what happens when IPv6 takes over? I really don't want to rattle off sixteen words...

mglazer: Jimmy Carter is highly respected. He may not have been an effective President (and I don't think anyone disputes that, even him) but he's been one of the most effective former Presidents we've ever had.

(Am I the only one who finds it strange that the same people lambast Carter for 'lusting in his heart' but support Clinton, who acted on it? (Don't get me wrong, Clinton was a great President, and what he did with Ms. Lewinsky was his business, but geez, get rid of the double standards already...))

When will I ever learn to stop feeding trolls?

OK... in the last week I've turned in the three assignments that have weighed the most on my mind. (UI Design website and paper, and Communications for Engineers group directions assignment)

Got the UI design paper back on Monday, got a 95. I'm happy.

One more final and I'll be done with this term.

However, registration for next term's classes has been a problem. Since I haven't been able to get my transcript from North Georgia Tech, USF won't let me register.

I just hope the courses are still open when all is said and done.

Just got a CD binder. It holds 208 CDs. I have every CD-ROM I have in it. They come up to 160 CDs.

Audio CDs aren't in the binder, because I'd prefer to be able to keep them in my car, or in my bookbag, or wherever else they're needed.

I'm heading up to visit my mom and brother in Georgia again. I'll probably be leaving around 18 Dec.

screw your courage to the sticking-place

(edit: it's ngtcollege.org, not .com)

4 Dec 2002 (updated 5 Dec 2002 at 02:54 UTC) »
It's done!

It's a 21-page monstrosity. (Title page, 15 pages of body text, 3 pages of 'sites referenced', 2 pages of endnotes.) It's full of BS. But it's done.

I like what I see so far, but I'm having trouble getting the winblows binary to work right.
Going up to visit my mom and brother later this month. I'm definitely looking forward to the trip.
People who drive really slowly, especially when it's impossible to pass.

Correction [10PM local, 4 Dec]: people who come to a complete stop to turn.

caution: i drive as bad as you do

robocoder: You put way too much thought into this.

But I agree completely.

Yesterday, a friend of mine returned a joystick I had loaned him and subsequently forgotten. I had a second when I loaned him that one. In the meantime, I bought yet another. This means I have three joysticks, and one gamepad.

Why do joystick manufacturers put the grip so far from the axis? My Gravis Blackhawk analog stick (the one I got for $4 at the Goodwill store) is the only one that even makes an attempt to keep it close. For that reason, my arm fatigues less when using it, and my reactions are a bit quicker. It doesn't have rudder control, though, so it has a major strike against it.

turkey day
... but no turkey.

Instead, my dad and I cooked a small chicken each. Not only were they cheaper than a turkey, but they took less time to prepare, and left fewer leftovers (although this can hardly be considered a major benefit). As a small side benefit, we could function that evening, instead of fading into a tryptophan coma.

My ten page paper has turned into a fifteen-page monstrosity with no end in sight. I still have to discuss the actual development of the user interface (nominally the topic of the paper) with respect to PCs.

Also for UI Design class, I'm half-done with my pseudo-website. Designing "shopping cart" systems is such a pain (and I have to write it myself, I can't use an open-source shopping cart system). I'm tempted just to have a static "coming soon" page. (Hey, it fits... the site is "Useless Junk By Mail"... that page is as useless as it gets...)

Why is ` (backtick) rarely, if ever, a mirror image of ' (apostrophe) ? This isn't a problem, except for when I'm writing LaTeX documents, and quotes don't visually seem to match.
nullum magnum ingenium sine mixtura dementiae fuit (there is no great genius without madness) -- seneca
criswell: Uh huh.

While at the mall the other day, Electronics Boutique had a sign outside saying: "Get an XBox and two games! (when you trade in a PS2 and 3 games)" So, basically, when you trade in a superior system and three games, you get back an inferior system with only two? Riiiiiight.

The only console game that really intrigues me is Steel Batallion, but that's mainly due to its sweet control system. Does anyone know if it's possible to get an XBox controller to work with a PC, especially one that complicated?

Now I remember why I haven't bought a console since the N64. (Only one game for that, even.)

I'm nine pages into a ten page paper on the evolution of typesetting and word processing. I haven't even reached word processors yet. In fact, I'm just now getting around to mentioning the PC.

In addition, I'm also working on a (very) rudimentary website for the same class. Instead of having a single HTML file and a handful of images, like most in the class, I'm making mine with PHP and PostgreSQL.

We have to have five JavaScript features that supposedly improve the user interface. I can't think of more than maybe two (rollover image buttons and form verification).

pet peeves
I think this will become a common entry.

Here's my pet peeve for this time: "The proof is in the pudding." The proof is not in the pudding. The proof of the pudding is in the eating. Get it right.

o/~ i would give everything to be your everything o/~ -- stereo fuse, "everything"
more internet woes
The second DSL order barfed too. I can't get a straight answer out of Verizon (the phone company, not Verizon Online), so I told them both off.

More news on the wireless ISP idea: I called Pure Connection again. After confirming that they don't have service in my area yet, the receptionist (who, considering the small size of the company, might be a technician, or even a manager, I don't know) said she'd bring the idea up with her boss, since this area (meaning, basically, me) is in desperate need of broadband and has no other option.

I figure the least I can do, for their trouble, is give them a tiny bit of free exposure. If you're in the Orlando area and have no other means of broadband access (or, like me, you want to tell Verizon where they can stick it), check them out.

I backed up the hard drive on my firewall (not hard, since it's 250MB out of a 1GB drive). I still haven't reinstalled OpenBSD, but that's mainly because I'm not looking forward to setting up pppd again (it was a major hassle last time).
I'm four pages into a minimum-ten page paper about the evolution of computerized editing and typesetting, and I still haven't reached the ENIAC yet. This might end up being a 20-page paper.

My tools: XEmacs and LaTeX. My adversary: M$ Word.

Sigh. Nothing yet. :-(
o/~ what do i have to do to make you want me? o/~ -- stabbing westward, "what do i have to do?"
15 Nov 2002 (updated 16 Nov 2002 at 03:52 UTC) »
internet woes
My ISP is selling its dialup operations to EarthLink. I thought I would take this time to flee.

But it was not to be.

Verizon's database has my phone line listed as being capable of ADSL speeds up to and including 7.1M down / 768k up. However, once I signed up, they turned around and said, "sorry, your line is shit." Time Warner also told me to piss off, saying they have no plan to implement RoadRunner in this area.

There is a wireless ISP in Orlando, but I'm not within range for that, either. The only broadband solution available in this area seems to be satellite-based, and the latency on that is a killer (I can't even ssh over it!).

So, I guess I'm stuck with EarthLink for the time being. This royally sucks.

Postscript: After another call to Verizon, the DSL order is back on, or so I hope. Supposedly it was an old order in the system that caused the new order to barf. I'm not getting my hopes up too much, though, and I'm not cancelling my dialup account yet either.
I downloaded OpenBSD 3.2 and was getting ready to install it to my firewall (which right now is running 2.9), so I could rest assured that it was capable of handling the inevitable flood of cracking attempts that supposedly come with any broadband connection. Even though the DSL installation fell flat (see above), I think I'll upgrade anyway... I need to clean things up and install snort.
The sword of Damocles is hanging dangerously low over my head, and the horsehair is beginning to show signs of weakening.
I would wait until the end of the earth for her. She may take me up on that.
responses (post script)
cmiller: Ooof. Sorry, man.

I was on ithink.net. Too bad... they were only the second decent ISP I've been with (after Young Harris College, back when they offered service to non-college people...)

kgb: I actually went last Saturday. It was fairly crowded, but someone from our group (from the International Circle) was chosen^Wdragged up front by the bellydancer...

Not only that, but I also got to try escargot in France. It actually wasn't bad... it sorta tasted like chicken, but I could barely tell through the sauce.

o/~ it's been awhile since i've gone and fucked things up just like i always do o/~ -- staind, "it's been awhile"
10 Nov 2002 (updated 10 Nov 2002 at 23:10 UTC) »
micro response
jds: Amen.

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