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Ok, it's two in the morning now and I am a bit tired (spent three hours touring my city on my inline skates with friends)... But I managed to do some Wine work :-) Fixed a long standing bug in the relative mouse movement handling (that plagued Fallout for example). It should now be in the same state as before I tried to be too clever and broke everything :-)

No progress though on the DDraw / XVideo integration (I doubt I will be able to send a patch before leaving for Munich next week, I have too many things planned this WE).

Hmmm, 2 diary entries in 3 days. Dunno what's happening :-)

Had a hardware related crash on my server / firewall after a 24 days uptime. Apparently, the hard drive was overheating (the temperature in the room where the PC is is about 30 °C). Thankfully I managed to save all the datas (and it's been working fine again now for the whole evening). As the drive is only a 2 GB drive (and 4 year old), I think I will buy one of the new 20 or 30 GB drives and put one of my main PC's 8 GB drive in the server... Let's hope that this one won't burn too :-/

BTW, my car has still some wires to prevent the bumper and the lights to fall on the road when driving :-) I will bring it to the garage next week (as I am in Munich again, I won't need it).

On the hacking front (yes, for those that wondered, I am still sometimes working on Wine), I am working on getting WIndows Media Player playing DivX movies in Wine. For that I plan to implement YUV Overlays in Wine's DDraw implementation using XVideo to get the rendering as fast as possible. And hopefully, I will learn how to ask the divx32.dll to extract YUV frames for me, thus enabling aviplay to use XVideo too :-)

Well, after two weeks of business trip in Germany, one week of vacation (the 'visiting the family' kind of vacations) : very resting (spent the time visiting old friends, reading outside in the garden or watching all the show I taped but never had time to watch)... No computers (well, except for the 10 minutes needed every day to check my mail :-) ).

So, I finally had a chance to finish Cryptonomicon (that is apparently required reading for all Wine programmers :-) ). I really liked it. The only problem I had with it is that Stephenson has always problems writing an end to his stories. I would have liked to have the 'modern' part of the story more fleshed out... Well, maybe in the sequel :-)

This morning, as I was getting back to work, I got involved in a car crash... Well, at least nobody was hurt (and, for the insurance, I am not in fault as it's the other guy that drove through a red light). Now I need to spend one week without a car (hopefully, I will go back to Munich during this time so it should not be too difficult).

Nothing new at all on the hacking front (no time lately).

Nothing new to tell from last week on the WINE front for this week : did too much sport this week (it's the return of sunny weather that always has this effect :-) ) and started reading Cryptonomicon. Baaaaaad for hacking :-)

Otherwise, installed my server / firewall in a closet of my appartment (so that it does not make too much noise). Now I only have to add some reconnection scripts (they disconnect the ADSL link about once a day) and finish configuring the firewall to be happy (except for the 3 ethernet cables that are lying in the middle of the room :-) ).

Anyway, it's friday night -> going to tour my city on rollerblades.

Back from Bayern... What a lousy weather :-/ But apart from that, München is a really nice place (with great bars and restaurants and even greater beers :-) ).

On the Wine front, sent my D3D patch that makes TR2 work again. Have still some work to do on one part of the patch (the one about double buffered windows).

Just came back from a rollerblading tour of my city (Toulouse, France)... Very cool :-)

On another topic, just learned yesterday that I will spend next week doing tests in München for my day work... Will have to take my German out of some deep dusty recess of my brain :-)

Nothing much done on Wine lately. And with the time I will spend on configuring my firewall / webserver, nothing will be done this WE I fear.

Well, I am still alive... Was rather busy lately ; a 4 day week-end on the Riviera (hmmm, I gotta love beaches and the sun), a wedding ..., so not much hacking to report. Still have to submit the Direct3D patch to WineDevel.

On a more personnal side, just finished 'Inversions' by Ian M. Banks. It's a really great Fantasy book for those who like low-key and character driver books. And it makes one think :-))

On the musical side, discovered 'Eels' (very good).

Finally, got ADSL installed.... And it flies ! You gotta love unmetered and fast net access !

I have reached the goal for my week-end : got Tomb Raider 2 working again in Direct3D mode on Wine. There are still some glitches remaining (as some X errors sometimes), but it definitely works. I managed to get a proof : check out this picture :-)

Now, the only work that remains is to get the patch up to shape for inclusion in the Wine tree (for the moment, it's rather ugly).

Hmmmm, it's been a long time since I last updated this log. For those that were afraid I got lost in the mountains, I made it back from my hike in one piece :-) (it was really great btw).

On the hacking front, as the weather was totally awful this week-end (it even snowed where we were hiking last week), I rewrote the OpenGL thunk generator in Wine.

Now, going to debug the crash in Baldur's Gate.

As said in my previous mail, I did not do much during this WE : finished Demon by John Varley and made the mistake to start reading Sailing to Sarantium by Guy Gavriel Kay at 11:30 pm (I was still reading a 3 am, let me tell you that I was not very fresh at work the following day).

On the Wine front, my last OpenGL patch (not comitted to the CVS tree yet) makes PSEmuPRO work with Wine (see the screenshot at this URL. I also fixed a small bug in DirectDraw that showed itself because of my 'double-buffered' desktop hack.

Spent also some time debugging a crash in NVIDIA's OpenGL drivers... Finally managed to get a small program that showed the bug and sent it to some NVIDIA's engineers.

Getting ready for a computer-less four day hike in the Pyrénées mountains (I do not know what will be the hardest : the lack of computer or the hiking :-) ).

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