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I am applying for Ethics Analyst ( $23.11/hr) at OAG. deadline Dec 3, 2014
wish me luck!

The Office of Attorney Ethics is seeking an individual to perform legal research, and draft briefs and memoranda
for complex, financially-oriented attorney disciplinary cases. The selected individual will also prepare investigative
reports and pleadings for pending ethics cases and will assist ethics counsel in preparing for oral argument before
the Supreme Court of New Jersey and the Supreme Court’s
Disciplinary Review Board.

14 Nov 2014 (updated 15 Nov 2014 at 19:09 UTC) »

i'm having a bad headache, thinking too hard about things long past.

To ease restless mind, I decided to publish " Out of the house of Burgess " - a book review written by ME!

just finished reading Joan Biskupic's book 'Breaking In: The Rise of Sonia Sotomayor and the Politics of Justice'.

below is a conversation I came across that is worth recording for my own sake.

From Andre V.
To Susan Y.
Date Jun 11, 2013
Just remember that God is in control and if you or anybody like her try to hurt Israel they all loss and if we let someone like her to hurt God's people they will and always loss also. Just look at WWII and the German people.

On June 7, 2013, Susan wrote:
hi Andre,

I do believe that you are sent by holy spirit for peace in our troubled time and troubled world. Sergio didn't want to take part in your prayer to save his life before the Almighty , he must have his reason. That reason won't die with him., I'm afraid.

There is so much killing going around, witnessing all the tragedy is hard enough for any man to bear, let alone women and children. How can we discern what is our true calling to act or not to act in the name of serving humanity instead of serving existing power struggle?

President Obama just nominated Samantha Power to be Ambassador to U.N. ? Do you think she is the right person?

Below is a very negative report.

Do you believe in its conclusion?

My apology for giving you such heady news and opinion.

Warm Regards


29 Aug 2014 (updated 29 Aug 2014 at 13:58 UTC) »

back from a weekend of camping and hiking, rafting fun...

finished this book 'music lesson' by Victor Wooten, incredible story about spirit of music/life.

reflect on American life thru TV series 'mad man'. that's all for now.

岳飞 《满江红》

"However, James T.C. Liu, a history professor from Princeton University, states that Yue Fei's version was actually written by a different person in the early 16th century.[1] The poem was not included in the collected works of Yue Fei compiled by Yue's grandson, Yue Ke (岳柯; 1183–post 1234), and neither was it mentioned in any major works written before the Ming Dynasty. The section that states the author's wish "to stamp down Helan Pass" is what led scholars to this conclusion. Helan Pass was in Western Xia, which was not a military target of Yue Fei's armies. Liu suggests the "real author of the poem was probably Chao K'uan who engraved it on a tablet at Yueh Fei's tomb in 1502, in order to express the patriotic sentiments which were running high at that time, about four years after General Wang Yueh had scored a victory over the Oirats near the Ho-lan Pass in Inner Mongolia."[1]"

to read about 'internet gambling'

almost finished reading two wonderful books:

A. Carl Schmitt's HAMLET or HECUBA: the intrusion of the time into the play' translated by David Pan & Jennifer Rust.

B. 'Professional Correctness' by Stanley Fish 1995
Clarendon Lectures delivered at Oxford in the middle two weeks of May, 1993.

This book is dedicated to L. Glenn Black, Christopher and Gillian Butler, Andrew Lockett, Helen Nicolaou, Joseph Raz, Vicki Reeve, Kim Scott Walwyn, and the many others who showed such kindness to two strangers in Oxford.

26 Jun 2014 (updated 26 Jun 2014 at 05:16 UTC) »
updating the best laid plan of mice and men. Close this chapter, girl and get on trucking as the saga advises you.

Congressman Rep Rush Holt adds $2 million for IC whistleblowing

When Benjamin Franklin was the British postmaster general of the colonies, he had to visit the major cities of all the thirteen Colonies to set up post offices.

A weary Franklin used to arrive at an inn after a long day's horseback ride to find all the chairs by the warming hearth taken.

So one day when he pulled into Hartford at seven in the evening, Franklin announced to the innkeeper, "A bucket of oysters for my horse."

When the host expressed astonishment, Franklin repeated hi instructions, and all the inn's guests vacatged their seats close to the fire to witness this extraordinary equine who ate oysters. Franklin then took a choice seat by the fireplace.

Minutes later, the innkeeper, with a throng of guests, rushed back into the inn.

"Franklin," they exclaimed, "your hrse won't eat the oysters!"

"In that case," replied Franklin from his seat by the fire, "give me the oysters and give my horse some hay!".

And here's 'wife after death'

In 1740s Franklin was among a group boarding a ship from PHiladelphia to New York. To get to the boat, passengers - twelve at a time - would take a canoe. The canoe overturned in the Delaware River. All were picked up safely. When they arrived in New York, Franklin treated his fellow canoe riders to a round of drinks at a New York tavern.

One of his former ferrymates bragged of helping save the life of the famous Franklin. Franklin, who was a superb swimmer, genially let the boast pass unchallenged.

But in the years that followed, the self-annointed savior milked this claim to dun Franklin for some 'loans." Franklin, against his better judgement, would give something , and over the years it mounted to a considerable sum.

The old cadger eventually died. Yet to Franklin's consternation he received a letter from the widow asking for more financial aid.

Franklin explained to his wife, 'He seems to have left me his wife as part of her dowry."

writing an 'Op-Ed' for Good Friday post. Here's the 'Preamble'..

'DON'T they consult the 'Victims,' though?"

I said, "They should, by rights,

Give them a chance - because, you know,

The tastes of people differ so,

Especially in Sprites."

The Phantom shook his head and smiled.

"Consult them? Not a bit!

'Twould be a job to drive one wild,

To satisfy one single child

There'd be no end to it! "

"Of course you can't leave children free,"

Said I, "to pick and choose:

But, in the case of men like me,

I think 'Mine Host' might fairly be

Allowed to state his views."
He said "It really wouldn't pay --

Folk are so full of fancies.

We visit for a single day,

And whether then we go, or stay,

Depends on circumstances.

"And, though we don't consult ' Mine Host'

Before the thing's arranged,

Still, if he often quits his post,

Or is not a well-manner Ghost,

Then you can have him changed.

"But if the host's a man like you --

I mean a man of sense;

And if the house is not too new --"

"Why, what has that ," said I, "to do

With Ghost's convenience ? "

"A new house does not suit, you know --

It's such a job to trim it:

But, after twenty years or so,

The wainscotings begin to go,

So twenty is the limit."

"To trim" was not a phrase I could

Remember having heard:

"perhaps," I said, "you'll be so good

As tell me what is understood

Exactly by that word?"

"It means the loosening all the doors,"

The Ghost replied, and laughed:

"It means the drilling holes by scores

In all the skirting-boards and floors,

To make a thorough draught.

"You'll sometimes find that one or two

Are all you really need

To let the wind come whistling through --

But here there'll be a lot to do!"

I faintly gasped "Indeed!

"If I'd been rather later, I'll

Be bound," I added, trying

(Most unsuccessfully) to smile,

"You'd have been busy all this while,

Trimming and beautifying?"

"Why, no," said he; "perhaps I should

Have stayed another minute --

But still no Ghost, that's any good,

Without an introduction would

Have ventured to begin it.

"The proper thing, as you were late,

Was certainly to go:

But, with the roads in such a state,

I got the Knight-Mayor's leave to wait

For half an hour or so."

"Who's the Knight-Mayor?" I cried. Instead

Of answering my question,

"Well, if you don't know that ," he said,

"Either you never go to bed,

Or you've a grand digestion !

"He goes about and sits on folk

That eat too much at night:

His duties are to pinch, and poke,

And squeeze them till they nearly choke."

( I said "It serves them right! )

"And folk who sup on things like these -- "

He muttered, "eggs and bacon --

Lobster -- and duck -- and toasted cheese --

If they don't get an awful squeeze,

I'm very much mistaken!

"He is immensely fat, and so

Well suits the occupation:

In point of fact, if you must know,

We used to call him years ago,

The Mayor and Corporation!

"The day he was elected Mayor

I know that every Sprite meant

To vote for me, but did not dare --

He was so frantic with despair

And furious with excitement.

"When it was over, for a whim,

He ran to tell the King;

And being the reverse of slim,

A two-mile trot was not for him

A very easy thing.

"So, to reward him for his run

(As it was baking hot,

And he was over twenty stone),

The King proceeded, half in fun,

To knight him on the spot."

"'Twas a great liberty to take! "

( I fired up like a rocket.)

"He did it just for punning's sake:

' The man," says Johnson, 'that would make

A pun, would pick a pocket! '"

"A man," said he, "is not a King."

I argued for a while,

And did my best to prove the thing --

The Phantom merely listening

With a contemptuous smile.

At last, when, breath and patience spent,

I had recourse to smoking --

"Your aim," he said, "is excellent:

But - when you call it argument --

Of course you're only joking?"

Stung by his cold and snaky eye,

I roused myself at length

To say, "At least I do defy

The veriest sceptic to deny

That union is strength!"

"That's true enough," said he, "yet stay --"

I listened in all meekness --

" Union is strength, I'm bound to say;

In fact, the thing's as clear as day;

But onions are a weakness."

3 Apr 2014 (updated 4 Apr 2014 at 00:19 UTC) »

the day My article went on Front Page, the day that site went offline AGAIN. Is that good or bad omen?

From help Thu Apr 3 02:33:21 2014

A story that you submitted titled "Jerry Jeff Walker 'LET OUR MIKE GO'" on has been posted.

If you would like to view the story, it is available at the following URL:

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