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Well I heard back from Matt. Sounds like he's not actively maintaining tcpreplay anymore and it doesn't look like NFR purchased the copyright or other intellectual property surrounding the nidsbench research.

I've decided to ask Matt if he's interested in taking an active maintainership role in the app, before I do anything. If Matt decides he's not interested, then I'll take over and merge my patches into the "new official tree".

In the corporate world, things changed rather quickly for me. Last friday I was told it would take weeks or even a month before I moved over to engineering. Today, as I was walking out to my car, my boss informed me that they've decided to accelerate the transition, and I'll be out of marketing by the end of the week. All I can say is _wow_. Of course saying a week and it actually taking a week are two different things, but things are looking pretty good.

Right now I'm trying to track down Matt Undy of Anzen Computing (recently bought by NFR) to see about my patches to tcpreplay. His email isn't bouncing, but I'm not getting a reply from him either. Not really sure what to make of it. Hopefully I'll hear from him on monday.

Also, looks like there's a good chance that a lot of code and documentation that I wrote for my company will be released to the public under the GPL or simular license. Not sure yet of how I'm going to release it yet... some of it is extremely complicated and prolly really isn't fully ready for public release, but honestly I don't see any chance of me continuing any work on it in the future since the company has dramatically changed directions. However, there is some good docs on hardening Linux and Solaris that is pretty comprehensive.

And speaking of work, I've finally gotten so sick of the horrible sludge they call coffee at work that I picked up a grinder, french press, and a pound of Pete's French Roast for the office. Yes, I'm a freak, but by god, I need good java in the morning and the crap we've got just doesn't cut it.

On a personal note, I ended up getting the PS2 on Friday. Yet another way for me to waste time I really don't have, but at least I'm having fun doing it.

Ended up getting GT3 (PS2 combo pack), SpyHunter (ok, could have better gfx, and what is up with the 2 player mode??), Tekken Tag Tourney (nice gfx, really smooth, and just plain fun), Grand Theft Auto 3 (great game, really unique, good gfx considering, and just plain fun), Metal Gear Solid 2 (again, great gfx, and fun), and Devil May Cry (good gfx, and lots of fun). Yes, I spent a LOT of $$$, but I'm worth it. :)

One thing that did suck rocks was the Topmax Diablos controller I picked up for $10. Feels cheap in my hands, and the buttons are horrible. Should've known. I'll pick up a Sony controller when I return this one.

Well it looks like there's a good chance that I'll be moving out of the marketing (yes, I said the M-word) department and into engineering. Thank god. I'm tired of writing whitepapers that are so full of marketing that they're grey. To actually be allowed to hack Perl and C on the company dime would be like mana from heaven.

Of course, working for a small company, one might think changing departments is a relatively easy thing to do, but nooooo.... got to deal with departmental head counts and stuff like that. I guess nobody told them that my pay check comes out of the same place regardless of what deparment I'm in.

On a lighter note, I didn't get the PS2 last night. I wasn't going to have time to play on it last night anyways, so what was the point of spending $500 for the console and a few games if all I have time for is looking at the pretty box? Of course today is a different story....

Started playing with C again... Working on hacking tcpreplay to get it to do some cool things... hopefully I can get Matt Undy to include them in the offical distribution (whenever that get's back up).

Also trying to figure out wether I should get a PS2 or not. The XBox looks cool, but it's a M$ product and I don't buy M$. (even if they don't really do anything other than marketing) Part of me just wants to get a PS2 today just to spite M$ and the XBox launch, but the more I think about it, the more it starts seeming like a good idea.

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