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mentifex : your theory doesn't require any debunking. there is nothing to debunk, and the onus is on you to provide evidence for it (if you want to convince others that is).

On hypervisors

grey recently noted an article about cpu virtualization and wondering if it had already been done.

hypervisors have been around for quite sometime. the reason they have been difficult for x86 platforms is that you have to go through some contortions to make it work because the instruction set isn't designed to be virtualizable.

the best available example of one that is is the Power and PPC families. get a copy of mol and have at it (just make it run under linux rather than over, but the concept is the same). that said virtualization doesn't really address ISA/architecture emulation. basically it just does for the cpu what virtual memory does for ram.

17 Mar 2004 (updated 17 Mar 2004 at 06:42 UTC) »
letting slip the doggies...

regarding this,

my vote would be for a language neutral system with as thin of a runtime as is possible to give you GC and cross-language access (hopefully all running as native code).

gcj would appear to fit into this for the most part; perhaps using a native object system.

currently we have a component system based on CORBA. it's actually very nice to use from python. you can even call python code from C in-process.

one reason this object system never caught on (or at least it never caught on with me) was that you had to go to a lot of extra trouble to expose the interfaces via the object system. (oh and using CORBA in C is awful...10000x worse than g_object's OOP-in-C).

i think whatever the choices made, one property that is important is: any object/interface that a person may create should be automatically available via the component system with as little intervention (by the programmer) as possible.

Akira writes:
Just receive the AI4U book ... I will read it for christmas ... and try to understand why this work is so disparaged.

from scanning the content, i would guess it would be because of the hand-waving, the neologisms, the lack of references to (any) literature, the lack of explanations or justifications, the naive approach to the subject matter, failure to address obvious issues with the approach, ummm, the lack of coherence or focus in the writing, lack of testing, proof by assertion, the wishful thinking, etc, etc.

sure, cog-sci and philosophy are expected to be a bit fluffy, but this is on the level of second grade doodlings of day-dreams of 50 foot tall robots with lasers shooting from its eyes or supercars with rocket launchers (eg. from the fantastic comic WIGU).

P.S. when i grow up i'm going to invent a gun that shoots knives.

hey kids,

i remember someone here who worked on audacity, but don't recall who. i couldn't find a mailing list archive that worked. but i wanted to know:

what's the deal with mac os X support and audio unit support? it currently seems a bit ragged...is it being actively developed? or does it need some love? what needs to be done?

i'd like an audio editor, but i'd rather not spring for bias peak or whatever.

SOC1B00 Block Diagram. Wonder about the Boot Initialization source Code for the board. And what's this CPLD ? (using CPLD for change to memory map at testing program...?)

what do you wonder about it? cpld stands for complex programmable logic device. it's a chip that you can program to act like some set of individual logic gates.

it looks like they use it for buffering the CF slot and decoding the chip selects on the memory; hence the bit about changing memory maps.

i have drunk the C++ CORBA fruit flavoured drink and it is bitter, yet goes down easier than the C CORBA drink.

the upside is that you don't have to do all the corba stuff in C; the downside is you have to do it in C++.

the proper way to do it of course is to do it in python. unfortunately it is not the appropriate tool for all jobs.

nonetheless, i am glad for the kids that do orbit, orbit-cpp, and pyorbit.

Dear elduderino, 

it's called polyamory. deal.

yours, rob

PS. :D.

PPS. wu-ftpd? i *hope* you were drunk. PPPS. :D

ladypine :

Thanks for the link to the essay by Hofstadter. It is an exceptional piece of satire.

Fixing OS X's GUI:
i have cured all my cmd-tab annoyances in mac OS X! it was easy: all it took was installing VNC. now the OS X desktop runs in an 800x600 window-of-goodness on my X desktop (a second box). the music applications seem to work alright over VNC, although i probably should change the hub from the 10baseT to the 100baseT one i have sitting in my desk drawer.

ahhh peace at last.

BitTorrent & RHN:
i started to pull the ISO's (430kB/s and 20 minutes left thank you very much) for redhat 9 via bittorrent (hooray). and i figured i'd go ahead and buy it from rh too.

i started off getting a boxed set, but then figured i could sign-up for the rh network, since i didn't really want the box or paper manuals, etc. it seemed nice until i read the TOS which said basically, RH can terminate the agreement whenever they feel like, but i have to submit in writing 60days before the next billing cycle (yearly) in order to make them stop charging me.

this seems designed only to take advantage of people by making it hard for them to unsubscribe and easy for them to just forget for another year. it would be nice if they had 2 options, one for reoccuring charges yearly and another for a single year with no renewal. they should also make it as convenient to unscubscribe as subscribe.

i'm sure reoccuring charges and snail-mail only unsubscription make their accounting easier and their renewal rate higher, but they should act with respect towards their customers and without the appearance of trying to screw you over. it's good for business as well as the soul.

so a box set it is.

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