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I seem to have found badvogato as a nice place to settle into, hope that does not say anything too bad about myself...

I seem to have been spreading myself so thin around the net that I am loosing track of what is happening in some places. My lack of recent diary entries here is a point but is repeated in many other places.

Am I spending too little or too much time online?

  • if too little then would more time help? Or would I just find more places to take part in?
  • if too much, then who will help me keep offline? I only trust the opinions of other netters in this regard so I need to be online to discuss my net.addiction.
What to do...

It seems that diary entries and web browsing take a serious back seat once I get really busy.

My net time is now down to just a couple of hours a day yet the number of emails I read now is up to almost a thousand a day. Majority of course get trashed straight away but the couple of percent that need attention take so much of my remaining time :(

Hello diary, long time no type...

remind me one day to put some haiku on the net somewhere, as an exercise in identifying my own thoughts I wrote them down in haiku as they happened, a disturbing but interesting process. The result was a much greater personal understanding of my self, I think many 'socially misfitted' people would find it beneficial.

As a result of having some feelings running around in side my head and a developing social conciense, I urge you all to look here I don't care how hard you think your heart or mind is, when you read of some of the suffering in the world, you will feel their pain.

My musings previously about the need for a global underground resistance in no way mean that I am involved.

but my musings in AnonymousEmoney have actually lead somewhere

Have a very mery Christmas and new year everyone.

see you in the new millenium, hope the Y2K001 bug does not bite...

From todays disinfo:

Today's Quote: ""Do you remember writing in your diary that it did not matter whether I were a friend or an enemy, since I was at least a person who understood you and could be talked to? You were right. I enjoy talking to you. Your mind appeals to me. It resembles my own mind except that you happen to be insane." ~ ~ O'Brien to Winston, George Orwell's "Nineteen Eighty- Four."

I felt that that would be an interesting diary entry of discussion of a quote of a diary entry from someone whos mind I could relate to. Of course now I am discussing in a diary the quotation of a discussion of a diary quotation and my insanity feels complete...

28 Nov 2000 (updated 28 Nov 2000 at 08:47 UTC) »

Corporate take over immement(sp?) don't like the new contract...

some serious z180 coding might start ZX-180 kicking again. If your into that sort of thing join up and help out!

Have aproached the ATO (Aussie tax office) about AnonymousEmoney, will be curious as to their response. --Update-- Their e-commerce address bounced...

Have tried to get in touch with my feelings by carrying a notebook around and jotting down Haiku, discovered I am a dangerously depressed psychopath; hopefully just a phase...

It seems I don't learn. I am still flat out, email load has been heavy lately and will be spending another weekend off the net, hopefully my quota will not blow out too severly.

latest thoughts salvaged from my wiki pageAndrewMcMeikan.

My daughter mentioned that her school project is doing research on famous people. She mentioned her disapointment that Galileo was not considered famous, but people like George Washington are. I asked her why and she said that it was because America is the most important country (note: This is an Australian private school, I thought I was buying better education than this!) When I asked why America is the most important it seemed the only justification is 'because it is', I asked about China or India, and they seem not to be considered important at all. This led me to think about what the real state of the world is without any media distortions: conclusion so far, its a very different world out there...

Anarchy -> distrust -> paranoia -> extreme peer review -> conservative -> stability -> trusting -> vulnurable -> exploited -> chaotic -> anarchy

made a big mistake, of course it seemed like a great idea at the time.

I went the whole weekend off the net, very relaxing and had a great time.

Total number of emails deleted without reading over 600 (subjects scanned of course, est 100+ spam, 200 interesting but not usefull, 300 just the normal fluff)

several interesting emails that were read, O'Rielly, Chineese diving and rabbits.

More on those subjects when time permits.

So little time for diary entries lately.

I did get a story up on K5 on anon e-money got some thoughts stirring.

I found it an odd experience as with the time shift (GMT+8) I found that I suggested the story, then next time I'm on the net its been moded up discussed and passed on. Maybe I should get a night job, just so I can be awake during the nets more active hours.

Plenty of support along my street for the pettition many signitures and much aching of feet...

10 Oct 2000 (updated 10 Oct 2000 at 09:25 UTC) »

Following a slashdot article and some general net-wide reminising about the good old computers, my ZX-180 project is getting kicked up the prioity list again.

Did the ICANN vote thing, no ideal candidates of course because I didn't make it through the nominations, hopefully the lesser of the evils will get in.

Still seems to be a total lack of any decent underground around, I got half excited over Mojonation but is not exactly decentralized is it? PGP (or GPG depending on how you look at it) is pretty decent for web-of-trust situations that can be indepentdant of any central co- ordinator, yet still the Global Resistance of Underground Networked Technologists languishes...

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